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Yeah I get it you're an outcast

Always under attack

Always coming in last

Bringing up the past

No one owes you anything

I think

You need a shotgun blast

A kick in the ass

So paranoid

Watch your back

Hold on

Another loose cannon gone bipolar

Slipped down

Couldn't get much lower

Quicksand's got no sense of humor

I'm still laughing like hell

You think

That by crying to me

Looking so sorry

That I'm gonna believe

You've been infected

By a social disease

Well then take your medicine

Excerpts from "Sound of Madness" by: Shinedown

Chapter Twelve: Murderous Rampage

Jasper watched in mild fascination as the water turned from clear to pink, the Downworlder's blood leaving his hands as it was washed down the hotel room's drain. Every time he saw it, he was still mildly surprised that the creatures were human enough to bleed red and not green. Unfortunately, the blood had been on his hands longer than he would have liked and just running hot water on them didn't remove all traces, as he would have liked. His hands remained stained a pink color with the faded blood, and he had to scrub harder in order to remove the blood completely.

Two more had died that morning, two vampires this time. He had felt so disgusted, so riled up from his accidental run in with the Downworlder-loving freak that he had tracked down a small coven of vampires though not the ones led by the vampire Raphael; that was a coven that would have been too large for him to approach on his own even if he wasn't outright attacking them.

It had been a smaller coven, small enough that he wouldn't have even considered it one. His sensor had led him to the abandoned factory where they had slept for the day and from there it was easy work. Obviously, they must have been less cautious than more mature vampires would have been, most likely a group of fledglings that had found each other and found safety as a group.

Finding two further apart from the rest had been easier than was expected. They hadn't had a single room that was blocked off from the sun to sleep in, but rather the group (roughly eight or so) had chosen parts of the factory for themselves and made them into makeshift bedrooms, leaving the windows boarded up to prevent any sunlight from disturbing their rest. If it had been a more experienced coven like Raphael's they would have learned that to be separated from each other while they slept could prove deadly if any of their foes chose to attack during that time.

Perhaps it was lucky for them that he had chosen to end two of their lives, making sure that they didn't suffer from any attacks that might occur in the future. Thinking like that, though, would only make him wish he had chosen different Downworlders to take out his frustrations on, though. He never wanted to do anything that would make them lucky in some way.

Besides, it wasn't like it had been a peaceful death.

Jasper knew that he could have come in and staked the two vampires through the hearts while they slept, ending their pathetic excuses of lives quickly and without prolonging the pain. But where would the fun have been in that.

He had crept into the factory like a shadow, the bringer of death, without any real need to. No sort of alarm system had been set up, another reason Jasper had suspected it wasn't a real coven, but more of a group of fledglings coming together as they adjusted to their new lives. His sensor had guided him up a set of stairs to a floor of different rooms, what had once been offices or storage that the vampires had made into their dwellings.

He had gone with the room that the sensor detected the least amount of demonic activity taking place in, knowing that with what he had planned to attack a large number could very well end up either leading to his capture or downfall; he wouldn't be forced to stop before he was ready.

What had originally started out as one had turned into two, accidentally he figured. His first target had been no more than a boy, in mortal terms Jasper wouldn't have pegged him as being much older than fourteen. Since he was a fledgling, he probably hadn't been trapped that way for long either, the Shadowhunter figured.

He had been asleep when Jasper had entered the room. It had been the type of sleep that left one under the false impression of being in a secure area, leaving them weak and defenseless to any sort of attack. He had bound the vampires mouth shut with an old strip of cloth obtained from a shirt the vampire had most likely left on the floor, gagging him. As quickly as he could, the Shadowhunter had then tied the vampire up with sturdy enough rope that even vampire strength wouldn't be able to break it, not allowing enough time to pass that the vampire might be able to make any attempt at escape.

Jasper had only just begun what would become his next stage of torture, carving into the Downworlder's flesh with his stele, even bringing out holy water to douse the cuts with after when another of the blood craving freaks had stumbled into the room. Jasper had only had a moment to act then, using the newcomers shock at the scene they had walked in as a distraction, he was able to dash across the room and slam his stele into where the vampires heart had once beat.

Before his eyes the vampire turned to dust, unable to so much as utter a sound much less alert the rest of the makeshift coven to his presence there. It wasn't as he would like it since he had in no way been able to merit out the punishment that the freak deserved, but it would have to do. Jasper wasn't dumb; he wouldn't risk shedding as much blood as possible only to be caught now.

Besides, one still remained.

Jasper knew he would have to move quickly now. They had already been walked in on once; he wouldn't dare risk it again. But he had to make sure that this time the body didn't evaporate into dust as the last had, making it so that there was no way the murders could be linked to the others, no pattern for the Clave to find and follow to the conclusion that this was the same person committing these murders, and most importantly, that this was a Shadowhunter who was committing these crimes.

That was the hard part when dealing with Downworlder scum. Most were likely to disintegrate once you killed them, leaving no trace behind except an annoying pile of dust to be swept up. But, there were runes that could be used to preserve a crime scene. And if employed correctly, they could preserve the bloodsucker's body so that while the vampire would be dead, the evidence would be obvious.

With an almost casual stride, like how you might approach a longtime friend, Jasper made his way over to the vampire. He took pleasure in the way the boy's eyes watched his every move warily, how his body became more and more tense the closer Jasper got to him. It seemed that he knew what was coming, without ever being told. If he hadn't suspected it from the beginning, he knew his death was certain after the other vampire's death. After all, a good murderer didn't leave any witnesses and the boy knew that was what he had become.

Jasper smiled, a cruel mercilessly smile, twirling the stele between his fingers with a careless air. He loved it when they feared him. It made his job that much more pleasurable. Taking it in stride, he carved the rune the Shadowhunters sometimes used to preserve a crime scene so that it could be reviewed at a later time without fear of any sort of alteration into the vampire's flesh, smirking as the bloodsucker let out a muffled moan of pain.

"This is your fault, you know." He said conversationally, as the stele bit into the immortal flesh. "Thinking you're our equal. You're not. Death didn't even want anything to do with you. That's why you didn't die but instead turned into this abomination. I'll change that though, won't I? You should be thanking me, slime."

For a moment then, Jasper stopped, almost as if he was allowing the lull in conversation to take place so that the vampire could thank him. Of course, it would have been more effective if he wasn't gagged.

He continued on as if the conversation had never stopped. "Of course you won't have to endure this world much longer. I would have liked to spend more time with you, but it's too great a risk that we'll be discovered once again, and that I won't be able to get rid of our intruder before they can sound the alarm."

The fledgling's chest rose raggedly beneath Jasper's stele, the unneeded breaths that were drawn shaky with his fear. Fruitlessly he jerked against his bonds but to no avail. He knew he was going to die, and there was nothing to be done about it. The last thing he would see, the last thought he would process, was this crazed Shadowhunter doling out punishment for some action that he had never done.

With an effortless flick of his wrist, the vampire's throat was slashed, blood pouring freely from the wound. The boy made a few gagging sounds as his life's blood flowed down his neck and then was still, nothing left to sustain his life.

Satisfied with his work, Jasper crept silently from his room, no more than a shadow that had briefly entered the residence, before he was gone once again from the abandoned factory. His presence would remain unnoticed until later that day when the other vampires had woken and took notice of the absence of one of their own and the lingering scent of blood that their sharp sense of smell would easily be able to detect.

(Line Break)

It was a bit bothersome to wipe away the lingering remains of the bloodsucker, but not something he was loathe to do. He would have peeled off the first layer of his skin to be rid of any trace of the scum he had killed earlier. The clean up afterward was an annoyance that he had to endure a waste of time that he could have used much more productively, but Jasper wouldn't trade it for the result in the long run. They would all pay and it would be because of him.

Valentine might have gone about it the wrong way, but he definitely had one thing right: Downworlders needed to die. If he hadn't acted so brazen, but had bided his time with the Mortal Cup, he could have created a world of Shadowhunters to take them all out with no one the wiser.

Jasper was more than ready to step up to the plate and take on that responsibility. He hadn't been old enough to be in Valentine's circle last time, but now he was an efficient enough Shadowhunter to start a small following of his own. He wasn't the only one who felt this way, others would follow if he was the first to make a move, to see that this was the way it should be, that the Downworlders were trying to be a part of a world that they didn't belong in.

He had been reaching for a towel to dry his now blood free hands on, when there was a loud CRACK and a singed piece of parchment appeared before him. He frowned as he unfolded it to reveal the message inside, not quite sure of what to expect this unexpected note.

As his eyes scanned the page, he immediately realized that the handwriting was familiar to him, a friend of his back in Idris, Nicolas, a fellow Shadowhunter who worked close to the Inquisitor and had volunteered to keep Jasper updated in his movements. The fact that he was writing to Jasper now, when they had agreed to maintain minimal contact so as to draw less suspicion was daunting. If Nicolas had chosen to contact him now, then Jasper knew that the deaths of the Downworlders were already being investigated.

Agitated, he read the simple message:

It's been discovered. The deaths are all any one is talking about. Representatives of each race have already shown up, accusing one of our own. We start our investigations today; you should make sure that you are present to deflect any possible blame.

I will make sure that you are expected to accompany us and have already arranged for transportation for your return. The Warlock will be paid handsomely so as to not speak of your appearance in New York and is low enough key that they won't think to ask him if he's noticed anything suspicious; he is nobody, just adept enough to create the portal for you without worry that something will go wrong.

Do not let it become know that you have been in New York; the Shadowhunters there will be investigated first. I leave it up to you to deflect the blame appropriately so as to insure success to your plans and our future as a race above all others.

Good luck my friend.

Written below that were the directions for where to meet the Warlock that Nicolas had arranged to create the portal to get Jasper back to Idris before anyone noticed that he was gone and quickly enough so that he would have enough time to join the group that would be conducting the investigation.

He was happy to note that Nicolas had enough sense to not use any form of name. That had been one worry, choosing the wrong person to put any trust in. But Jasper had realized that if he wanted this plan to succeed without the chance of it backfiring on himself then he would have to enlist help from others. Nicolas had been a lucky choice. The same age as Jasper, he too hadn't been old enough to join Valentine's circle, though that didn't mean that he didn't hold some of the same values.

The fact that he worked closely with the Inquisitor was turning out to be a gift that Jasper hadn't counted on. He was trusted in a way that few Shadowhunters were, was privy to information that others were not. Through him Jasper had become privy to that information as well and was able to use it to his advantage.

To leave no evidence of the fire message behind even though their names had been left out, Jasper drew a rune onto the parchment that made it so that the page was consumed with a controlled fire that only burned long enough so that none of the paper remained. He scooped the ashes it had left into his palm and dumped them into the toilet, pushing the lever so that even that small bit of evidence was flushed away.

He might have been growing tired, at least physically even if his mind was woefully alert from the recent activity with the bloodsuckers and the warning message he had received from Nicolas, he didn't have time to rest as he might have liked. Jasper had to hurry and pack his few belongings and make his way downtown to meet with the Warlock so that he could get back to Idris. There were runes that he could use to give him the energy he knew he would need for the day.

There was definitely no way that he was going to miss the investigation, knowing that he would be able to influence the direction it took so that the Lightwood freak would gain the blame. It didn't matter if he wouldn't be able to sleep for days as long as they all got what they deserved, the Downworlders finally realizing that the only place they belonged was either groveling under the Shadowhunters' feet or buried beneath them.

(Line Break)

Nicolas had come through on his end and sure enough Jasper was able to take part in the investigation. He had momentarily felt a flare up of fear when they were getting ready to take a portal to New York, worried that the Warlock the Clave might have employed to create the portal would be the same one that Nicolas had hired. It was a childish fear, and one he quickly banished, after all, there were dozens of Warlocks that the Clave put to use frequently and Nicolas had done well finding such a low key one that the Clave wouldn't have even considered putting him to use.

The group that the Inquisitor himself had led first went to where Jasper had left the werewolf's body; the victim that they thought was the most recent, two of the fae having been examined earlier in the week. They didn't know about the two vampires, but Jasper knew it would only end up being a matter of time before they had become aware of their existence. While he would thrill for their discovery to make it so that the Clave would want to take action and find the murderer so as to put an end to it, he hoped that it would be a longer period time before they were discovered. He wanted more of them to pay and while the Lightwood freak would be the perfect scapegoat, he needed more time in order to pass out more of the punishment they deserved.

With careful eyes, they took in every detail of the crime as was possible, all Shadowhunters there making note of the obvious way the body had been tortured, that the wounds had been caused by angel blessed weapons. Luke was there as well since it had been his pack that the girl had belonged to, but was quiet as he watched them take their careful notes and speculations, eager to know who it was that had killed one of hiJasper figured that Luke probably knew that it was a Shadowhunter who had committed the murder since he would be familiar with the wounds from his own days before he had been bitten.

There was a quiet murmuring back and forth between the collected Shadowhunters, each trying to figure out who could have done this and so soon after they had come to the agreement that each race could be presented on the council. This would be more than a minor setback, that much was certain.

Nicolas was there, though he and Jasper portrayed no more than a brief acquaintance with each other, offering polite greetings and then no other words. Both spoke to each other as little as possible and in no way acted as if they were familiar with each other; there was no need to take such a risk when the plan was finally starting to come together. The Inquisitor didn't suspect why Nicolas had thought it would be good for Jasper to be one of the Shadowhunters that accompanied them, that he would have capabilities that would prove useful for the investigation even though he had hardly been on any others and they wanted to make sure that it stayed that way.

For all the others knew, Jasper was a loyal Shadowhunter, as strong as the best and came from a family of excellent standing amongst the Clave, the Stormhollows. No one in his family had ever been suspected of any form of treachery or been a part of Valentine's circles so wouldn't suspect him of any wrongdoing. He planned to use this investigation to further back up this picture that they had of him.

Even though all gathered were thinking exactly who it was that would have created wounds like these, no one spoke of them. Looks were exchanged between the six different Shadowhunters that made up the investigation group, but nothing was said. They knew, that as soon as it was, it would become apparent that someone, one of their own would have to be called in and questioned, the possibility of their marks being stripped very apparent in the future. No one would willingly subject one of their brethren to that disgrace, not unless they were absolutely certain.

Luke stood fidgeting a short distance away from the body, the smell of death and pain still strong in the air and easy for his enhanced sense of smell to pick up. He didn't speak, though, but let them take their time with the investigation, let them record every little detail if it meant they would be able to find the murderer quicker; he doubted it would. The werewolf wasn't dumb though, there were no friends here, and if he disturbed them they might very well turn against him, stating that he would have been able to create these marks, even though he was now a Downworlder. After all, he still possessed quite the arsenal of weapons and the knowledge of how to use them.

So he let them take their time, as he had known they would when they had been called in. If it had been another Shadowhunter lying dead there, it would have been different. Being a werewolf gave it less importance. Knowing the Clave, they would expect him to be grateful that they had deemed the murder important enough to gain their attention so quickly and not to ask for much more. Of course that didn't mean that he could stand by patiently while they took their sweet time, even if it was turning into hours and it seemed that there couldn't be anything else that could be learned from the murder scene, yet there weren't willing to move on yet.

It came as quite the surprise, then, when a fire message appeared for the Inquisitor during the exam of the body. He read it, his frown deepening further, before passing it off to the other Shadowhunters that were there for the investigation.

Once it came to Jasper, he was faintly surprised to see that it contained information about the vampire attacks. Already, they had been reported, and he couldn't help but wonder if he hadn't taken as much care this time as the others.

Another team had been deployed to investigate it since the Inquisitor was busy with this one, and they had made a list of basic observations and sent it over so as to be compared with the others. They would wait there until the Inquisitor could make his own appearance and try to get as much information from the crime scene as possible until then.

When it became obvious that no one was going to say anything anytime soon and Jasper and Nicolas had managed to share a couple of meaningful looks without any of the others noticing, Jasper said the one thing that they all were thinking, "A Shadowhunter did this."

The Inquisitor sighed and then nodded. "I'm afraid so. And the marks on this one match what had been done to the vampire's body and the two fae that were found two days ago."

There were multiple groans as the gathered Shadowhunters all digested this information, though none were really that shocked seeing as they had all saw the evidence for themselves. It was out in the open now; the next step was finding who had done it and then figuring out what to do with them.

"Of course that means that the Downworlders will expect justice fitting the crimes and they will want it to be on the extreme side seeing as how anything less will make it look like we're showing favoritism to one of our own." The Inquisitor continued.

"We'd be happy if you would just find the person responsible for this and prevent any more murders from taking place." Luke spoke up quietly from where he stood watching.

Barely any of the Nephilim paid him any attention, a few rolling their eyes. It was no less a reaction than what Luke had expected, however, so didn't bother him in the slightest. He might have held a council seat and be the alpha of a wolf pack, but that didn't mean that he had any sort of say in this area.

"Each of the Nephilim that have visited the New York area in the past week or so will have to be investigated thoroughly until we gain some kind of a lead. It shouldn't take too long, not that many have been here recently." The Inquisitor told the group of Shadowhunters, though his words were mostly directed at Nicolas since he would be the one actually in charge of organizing any of the questioning that would have to take place.

Jasper spoke up then, trying to steer the suspicion in the direction that he wanted it to go. "Inquisitor, if I may. If you think about it there are really only a few Nephilim that would be here for any reason and ones that traveling around unnoticed would be exceedingly easy: The Lightwoods."

The Inquisitor frowned at him, eyes stormy with suspicion, though from what Jasper could tell it wasn't directed anywhere but at trying to figure out who it was casting the Shadowhunters into such disgrace. When he spoke finally, his voice was thoughtful, even if it was obvious he hadn't ruled the thought out completely.

"Robert and Maryse have already been banned from Idris for joining Valentine's circle, banished to run the Institute here and lucky to have escaped with such a light punishment. They were lucky the last time that the previous Inquisitor had taken pity on their young son or they would have gained a much harsher punishment, I highly doubt that they would act now of all times."

"There are others aside from Maryse and Robert that would have been capable." Jasper reminded softly, not saying anymore so as to allow them to come to the conclusion on their own.

One of the other Shadowhunters that had been included for the investigation laughed outright at this. "You think one of their children did this? Honestly, Stormhollow, talk about a far stretch to find the answer."

"And why is that?" Jasper scowled. "If the stories are true then the Herondale boy, of Jace Lightwood as I heard he's asked to be called now, has already begun to make a highly esteemed name for himself in demon hunts. And the girl seems to be able to handle herself quite competently. And the oldest boy—was it Alexander?—he is an adult now. Do you honestly believe that he is harmless? Being the parabatai of Herondale, he would have picked up quite a few skills even accidentally."

"You must admit, Jasper, it does sound a bit farfetched." The Inquisitor said, though Jasper could tell the gears were starting to turn and he might have begun to look at the situation in a new light.

"The whole situation is farfetched." Another Shadowhunter spoke up. "So why couldn't it have been one of the children? Valentine wasn't much older when he started to form his following. And maybe the oldest boy is mad that he has had to grow up here instead of Idris. That was where he was born, after all. Maybe he's taking his frustrations out."

The only female of the group finally spoke up, trying to use a reasoning voice, though Jasper could see that more of the group was starting to see the situation in the light that he wanted. "Isn't he the one that disgraced his family and kissed that Warlock in front of the whole Enclave? Why would he choose now to start killing Downworlders when he obviously is cozying up to one?"

"It's a cover!" The same Shadowhunter who had proclaimed the whole situation as farfetched cried now. "Think about it, he comes out as being in love with a Downworlder and then obviously starts to go out at night to spend time with him. He's an adult so his parents don't bother to check up on him and make sure that he actually is with the Warlock and instead he could have been out committing these crimes."

Nicolas spoke up for the first time, making a careful observation that would only help the others to start suspecting the Lightwood freak for sure. "Inquisitor, there have been no Warlocks found dead. So far two fae, a werewolf, and two vampires, though one wasn't able to be identified since it had already turned to ash."

"If it is Lightwood, he's trying to make some sort of statement." The female spoke. "Why else would he have used runes much less made sure that we would have been able to identify the bodies?"

"The disownment." The Inquisitor murmured to himself. "This might very well be his little rebellion against it. I didn't expect it; he hasn't shown any sort of anger with the decision." He fingered Alec's message proclaiming his acceptance of the disownment and decision to stay with Magnus that he had received earlier that morning for a moment, only to bring it out the next. "Even here he's perfectly cordial."

"Which is suspicious in itself." The more vocal Shadowhunter proclaimed.

Jasper hadn't made his acquaintance before now, and thought his name to be Liam though he wasn't positive about that, but he made a note to himself that he could prove useful to Jasper in the future. He obviously held Downworlders and Lightwood and low regard and would be easy to manipulate against him.

"You would think that an announcement of disownment would be met with more defiance, that he would fight to stay with his family." Liam continued and unsurprisingly the others murmured their agreement. After all, family honor was held in high esteem amongst the Nephilim, the fact that Alec was so willing to give his up for a Downworlder was the epitome of suspicious.

"I agree with Jasper." Nicolas said. "We should start with the Lightwoods, or more accurately, Alexander. Bring him in, question him. Something's obviously not right with him we just have to see how far it goes."

Luke, who had remained silent until now, finally spoke up, voice gravelly with his anger, almost a shadow of the growl that he would make in his other animal form, "You're kidding me! You're going to pin this on Alec Lightwood? The kid hadn't even killed a demon before I met him," information he was only privy to because of Clary, "and you think he's capable of the cold blooded killing that's been going on?"

"Shut your mouth dog!" Liam spat. "Who we suspect is none of your business, anymore." Luke didn't bother reminding him that the girl whose body lay before him had been part of is pack. "There's something wrong with him, something that he's shown all of us. Who's to say that he wouldn't do something like this now? There's only so many Shadowhunters that are in this area, and if you ask me it doesn't look good for him."

"No one's asking you!" Luke yelled. "Do you even know him? Have you spoke to him? Alec is a good person; this type of crime isn't something he would do. He's responsible, he looks after his siblings, follows the rules. This goes against everything that he is."

"Cause you must know him so well." Liam drawled, smirk gracing his sharp features and in that moment, Jasper was amused to see that when he tried to appear condescending he ended up looking like a weasel.

"Enough." The Inquisitor sighed. "I was supposed to make my way to the Institute hours ago before this came up. We'll head there now; the boy will be brought to Idris for questioning. So far he is the only likely candidate we have right now for a suspect and until evidence turns up that can prove otherwise I wanted him treated as such."

"You're making a mistake." Luke said, though his tone had mellowed, as if he realized that anything he said now wouldn't have any effect. "If you go after Alec you'll waste valuable time and resources that could be directed towards finding the actual killer."

"Don't tell me how to do my job, werewolf, and I won't telling you how to do yours." Was the Inquisitors reply, his gaze landing meaningfully on the body of the young girl who lay mangled at their feet, a girl who Luke had been in charge of.

"Let's go." He said to his assembled Shadowhunters. "There's nothing left for us to learn from here."

Liam offered Luke a smirk before he followed the others, knowing that they were now making their way to the Institute even if no one had said so. Luke didn't bother rising to the bait, knowing that nothing could dissuade the Shadowhunters from pursuing this pointless lead.

Instead he pulled his cell phone free of his jeans pocket, not noticing the look of triumph that flashed across Jasper's face as he scrolled through his list of contacts on his phone, finding the one that he needed now. The Shadowhunters wouldn't listen to reason, their biases about Downworlders and relationships with them clouding their judgment and making it so that Alec seemed like a likely suspect.

But Luke wasn't going to let him be taken by surprise if he could help it. Finding the number that he desired, he pressed the send button and then raised the phone to his ear, hoping that Clary would answer straight away and wasn't spending time with Jace or Simon and would ignore his call.

If he could get through to Clary then she could call Jace and perhaps he could warn his parabatai about the events that were about to unfold.


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