Title: Visions by Moonlight

Paring: Sura/Spartacus

Rating: G (as this fandom gets)

Summary: Sappy as sentimental sappy drabbles get.

Notes: Written for the inspiration post #2 prompt, Sura/Spartacus, more than a thousand miles.

Sura had traveled more than a thousand miles, over water and earth, and through more hell than any mortal should claim. Throughout it all, she had seen him in her dreams, her husband, the one they now call Spartacus. The soldiers had jeered that he was dead, but she knew the truth-- he lived and would eventually kill many of their motley legion.

It didn't matter if she was on a boat or on a farm, Sura could look up at the lady of the moon and know that he was under the same light and that they would be reunited.