School was agonizing. It always was but now more so then ever. My sisters were completely obsessive over their boyfriends. Rosalie couldnt go five seconds without adding Emmett's name into a sentence and even Bella, who was normally down to earth when it comes to guys, was sneaking glances at Edward.

We were all sitting at our table in the lunch room, Bella next to Edward, Rosalie next to Emmett and Jasper and I sitting opposite each other. I started picking apart my sandwich, staring down at it but not really focusing on what I was doing.

"Alice?" Rosalie's musical voice caught my attention

I blinked and looked up at her, letting the remains of the sandwich fall back onto my tray

"Are you alright?" Her violet eyes soft with concern

"I'm fine, just not hungry" I replied "I'm going to go to class"

I left the table and dumped my tray, walking to my next class I realized my books were still in my locker so I turned back.

Just as I opened my locker I sensed someone standing behind me and glanced back

"Oh, hey Mike" I continued to flip through my books

"You know, I was wondering. Do you want to the dance with me?"

"I thought it was girl's choice" I commented

"It is... so... do you want to ask me?" He finished pathetically

I turned around to face him, Mike wouldn't be my first choice... but he was better than sitting home alone

"I'm not going to ask you" I laughed as his face fell "But I would love to go with you"

His face brightened then ran off to class.

I turned back to my locker, blinking in surprise when it slammed shut. I looked up and saw Jasper standing there, his eyes blackening

"What do you want?" I asked, I know it sounded rude but he was the one who said we shouldn't have anything to do with each other

"Why are you going to the dance with Newton?" He demanded

"Why do you care?" I turned away and started walking

"I don't. I just don't think Newton is a good option for you" He started walking next to me

"Well no one else seems interested" I shrugged

"But Newton?" He laughed "Alice, he has a reputation of being a jerk"

"I know, Bella dated him once"

"So you're going to go with him anyway?" He asked

"Yes" I opened the door to my next class

"I don't think you should go with him"

"I don't think it's any of your business" I retorted, walking to my seat

"Alice, please" His now gold eyes smouldered me


"Ok class sit down" Mr Billson entered the room

The night of the dance


"Alice! Newton's here!" Emmett's voice called up the stairs

"Coming" I yelled

I took once glance at the mirror in my room, I was wearing a little black halter neck dress and black heels.

I grabbed my black bag and walked down the stairs, my sisters and the boys were waiting, eyeing Mike carefully

"Ready to go?" Mike asked

"Yeah" I smiled

"Don't compliment her then" Jasper muttered, receiving a glare from Rosalie

Mike and I were going to ride in his car as the others followed in the Volvo.

"That Jasper dude seems kind of freaky" Mike commented

"He's just a bit... quiet" I mumbled

The dance was being held in the school gym, the dance had already gone over budget. My sisters disappeared once we were inside and I went with Mike. We started off dancing and talking with Ben and Angela. After a few minutes of dancing Ben went to get drinks and Mike went with him.

"Alice, I don't mean to sound rude, but why are you here with Mike?" Angela asked

"I honestly don't know" I answered "Mike seems sweet though"

"He does but, please, be careful" Angela hugged me "We've known each other for ages and I'd hate to see you get hurt"

"I won't" I laughed, hugging her back

The boys came back then, Mike handed me a glass and smiled at me. I smiled back and sipped at the punch. I scanned the room and saw Emmett dancing with Rosalie, Edward sitting at a table with Bella but Jasper was nowhere to be seen. I shook my head. I shouldn't be worrying about him, he wasn't my date so why should I?

A slow song came on and Mike led me to the middle of the floor. Other couples were around dancing. I placed my hands on his shoulders and his hands were on my waist.

"Tonight has been fun" Mike told me as we danced

"Yeah, it has" I smiled softy

Mike leant down slowly, pressing his mouth against mine. I closed my eyes. The kiss wasn't quite what I expected from a first kiss. I didn't feel any different. It just felt... weird.

A cold hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me away. My eyes shot open as I was dragged away from Mike. I looked up and saw the back of someone's head. Someone with honey blonde curls

"Let go of me!" I hissed, trying to push his hand of mine with no luck. His grip was iron tight

Jasper dragged me into the cold night air and pushed me into the Volvo. He slammed my door and got in the driver's side

"Put your belt on" He ordered, hitting the gas and locks at the same time

"No" I glared at him as the dark forest sped past the windows "Take me back Jasper"

He took one hand off the wheel and reached around me and pulled the belt around me, clicking it in place.

"Jasper take me back" I glared harder at him

He didn't answer at first; he stayed staring at the road ahead with coal black eyes

"What is wrong with you?" I demanded

"I don't want you to see him anymore" His voice was cold and demanding

"Well I don't care. It's none of your business anyway"

"Please" His voice turned pleading as the car stopped outside the house "I don't the... emotions I was getting from him"

"Mike would never do anything" I told him "And as I said, it is none of your business"

I opened the now un-locked door and stormed into the house, slamming the door behind me.

I marched up the stairs angrily, how dare Jasper try to tell me who I can and cannot date.


"Where's Jasper going?" I asked as he marched away from us

"You'll see" Edward told me

Jasper walked straight up to where Mike and Alice were and pulled her away, towards the door.

"Why is he doing that?" I turned to face Edward

"Mike's thoughts were not exactly... appropriate"

"Oh" was all I could say

"We should get back, Rosalie and Emmett have left already" Edward took my hand and we walked outside

"How?" I asked, "We have no car"

"This way" He smiled, pulling me onto his back and running through the forest

I closed my eyes but he stopped quickly. I opened my eyes and saw we were at the house

In the hall Carlisle was waiting with Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie

"What's going on?" I asked

"Mom's trying to get Alice to unlock her door" Rose told me

Mom came down the stairs "Alice is refusing to open her door"

I closed my eyes and teleported to Alice's room. She was sitting in the middle of her bed, her arms crossed angrily over her chest and her gaze on the floor. The curtains were shut firmly.

"Alice what's wrong?" I sat next to her on the bed and wrapped my arm around her shoulders

"I hate him" She said, hugging me tightly

"Mike?" I asked gently



"He pulled me away from Mike. He doesn't like me but doesn't want me seeing anyone else. Its so confusing" she cried into my shoulder

"Well if you want to carry on seeing Mike then go ahead" I told her

I stayed with Alice for a couple of hours before I left and sat with Edward in his room

"How did it go?" Edward asked

"Ok, I think" I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder

Edward tilted my chin and kissed me softly

"Hey break it up in there" Emmett called from the door way

Edward growled and threw a cushion at him.

I giggled and wrapped my arms around him, breathing in his scent.

"Bella, I love you"

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