Title: Opal

Pairing: Naevia/Crixus

Rating: G (as this fandom gets)
Summary: Fluffy drabble

Notes: Not written for a prompt.

Naevia crept down the hall to the room of the Medicus where Crixus lay, bloody and dazed, but alive. The champion of Capua would not let even death defeat him. Ever since that horrid day in the arena, she had relived the fight and the blows that had fallen on him. Naevia could still hear the roars of the crowd in her nightmares. She ignored the snores of the Medicus on his cot in the corner of the room as she walked to Crixus' side. Slipping her fingers through his, Naevia smiled at her gladiator with tears in her eyes.

"I was hoping it was you," Crixus murmured as he cracked opened his eyes and brought her hand to his lips.