Coming someday (probably not soon, at least not by your standards) to a computer near you:

Medical Homicide

A full-length story set in the Pranks universe and containing lots of House, Cuddy, Huddy, the girls, a healthy helping of Jensen, enough Wilson for spice (I think he's a fantastic supporting character and adds a lot, but I quickly lose interest in Wilson-centric stuff; just my opinion, I know), and lots of humor, romance, cuteness, angst, conflict, and problems. And problems. And did I mention problems?

Just thought I'd let you know that my muse has just today, on the weekly drive back from the nursing home to visit Mom, grabbed onto something in a full-lock bite and started quickly putting up scaffolding for another full-lengther.

However, lots of work left to be done on this one, since it just started, and real life is also insane. My recent surgery in the middle of this already-nuts summer didn't do anybody any favors. The story work can be done mostly mentally and won't require sole-task time until I start actually writing it down, but real life must be dealt with and unfortunately does take designated time and attention, and parts of it are neither stable nor under my control.

But I've had so many requests and questions about the health of the Pranks universe, I thought I'd let you know there is another one out there on the burner. Thanks for all the interest; it does help to think people want it.

Patience is a virtue and will ultimately be rewarded. :)

In the House.