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I looked down into the eyes of my beautiful daughter and let out a contended sigh.

"Yes baby?" I picked her up and shifted over onto my hip.

"Where's Daddy?"

I smiled down at her, "He's coming he just went out hunting with your Uncle Jasper."

"Oh ok...I'm gonna go and wait for him".

She struggled down from my hold and I let her slip down, watching her as she ran over to the back window waiting for her father to come home.

So much has happened in the past year and a half.

Mine and Edward's engagement wasn't very long, I wanted to wait a little while to tell Charlie and my Mom seeing as he had only just got back home the same day that he proposed, but I didn't wait long.

It was only about a month and then I plucked up enough courage to get it over and done with.

My Mom was thrilled, knowing that I was making the right choice and Charlie...well let's just say that he nearly had a heart attack and then soon got over it when he realised that I wasn't pregnant.

The wedding was soon arranged after that little hiccup was sorted out, Alice aka my maid of honour, arranged the whole thing for me and I must say she did a perfect job of it.

The day of the wedding was spectacular.

My dress was perfect.

Where we had it was perfect. It was at the Cullen house and the reception was outside.

And I must add that the reception was perfect, Alice had set up everything with incredible timing so that when the ceremony was over and everyone moved outside the guests weren't all dazzled but the Cullen's and the Denali's, their cousins, vampire traits when the sun hit them.

The guests were perfect.

And most of all Edward was perfect.

I had never felt so much love before for one person before the wedding day. When Edward and I had said our vows and the priest named us Husband and Wife, well I thought I was going to burst out of my skin with love for him.

After the wedding reception was over Edward took me to our surprise honeymoon.

An island known as Isle Esme.

Again was absolutely perfect.

Edward had made a promise to me before we got married, that we would try to be together properly before he changed me into a vampire and he was good to his promise.

The night was magically, however there were consequences to what we had done.

I fell pregnant.

We never took precautions as we never knew that it would happen.

At the start I wanted to keep the baby, Edward didn't want me to, thinking that the baby would hurt me in some way.

We went straight home after we found out and Rosalie helped me, by supporting me in keeping the baby.

After a month the baby was born, she was growing at a great speed as she is not like any other child and was fully developed after a month.

But with the baby being delivered came my near death.

Edward had to deliver the baby himself by cutting into my stomach and then using his teeth to cut into the amniotic fluid covering the baby, as his teeth was the only thing that could penetrate it.

Once the baby was born Edward injected me with venom straight into my heart to save me from dying.

Which he did thankfully.

After three days my transformation was complete.

I awoke with a brand new life awaiting for me.

With an added addition. Mine and Edward's daughter. Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

She's part human, part vampire. So it worried me a little when I first met her as I wasn't sure if I could control myself. But my family was there to help me and I actually had no trouble at all.

The shock though for me was finding out the Renesmee has a gift as well. She could touch the palm of her hand to your face and you can see what she is thinking. It's incredible.

I now also have a gift.

I can shield myself from others gifts if they work on my mind, like Edward's.

I found this out when the Volturi came to destroy us as they thought she was an immortal child, a child that is not meant to be created as they are bitten by a vampire at a very young age.

I can also expand my shield out to bring others into it, but once they are under the shield I am the only one that is protected.

When the Volturi came a mass of the families friends came to help defend her, once she was shown to them and they had seen the truth that she was no immortal child.

The whole guard and Aro, Cauis, Marcus and their wives came to prosecute us but once they saw that she was no immortal child they could not punish us as they had brought their own witnesses and left with their tails stuck between their legs.

I walked over to the mantelpiece with all of our pictures on it and looked at the photographs, looking at my family.

Charlie was amongst them. I managed to stay in touch with Charlie after we found out that I wouldn't kill him from the smell of his blood after Jacob practically dragged him over here to prevent us from leaving.

Charlie doesn't know what we are, and he prefers it that way, but he does know that there is something "going on."

Although he is just happy that I hadn't fun off and he gets to spend as much time as he likes now with Edward, myself, Renesmee and of course the rest of the family.

Jacob has also managed to squirm his way into the family as well.

When Edward was busy saving me from dying, Rosalie took Renesmee downstairs with her in which Jacob saw her and imprinted on her. By which he told me that imprinting was like love at first sight but mush stronger, that it wasn't gravity holding you down any longer but the object of their imprinting.

He had assured Edward and I that it was not at all romantic his feelings for Renesmee, but if she wished it to be once she grew up then it could be.

Edward and I both agreed to worry about that when we got to it.

I picked up another picture of Jacob and Seth Clearwater.

Jacob had broke off from his pack, when they had decided to kill the baby that was growing in my stomach as they thought that it was a danger to the humans, so Jacob came here to warn us and protect me.

Which in tow came Seth Clearwater, a young boy that idolized Jacob.

However it also lead to the finally additions of Leah Clearwater, Seth's sister and Jacob's Beta and Quil Atera and Embry Call.

I smiled at all of our family that had grown so immensely and revelled in the strong feeling of love that I felt for every single person in the pictures.

"Momma their back!" Renesmee called over to me, in which I turned around and saw the bobbing curls of hair bounce up and down as she ran over to Edward, jumping in his arms, with Jacob and Emmett in tow.

I walked over to the open doorway and watched them walking towards me.

Renesmee had soon jumped over to her Uncle Emmett and hugging him and then flinging herself over to Jacob and snuggling it to his neck. I smiled at the pair of them.

The feelings between them may not be romantic but their bond is really strong, it made me quite happy that my daughter had someone else to protect and look after her.

I looked over to Edward and locked eyes with him.

This is the man that I get to spend the rest of eternity loving and him loving me.

How did I become so lucky?

After figuring out how to project my shield out to protect others I have now, finally, mastered pushing it fully away from me so that Edward can hear my thoughts now. But only when I choose him to.

He raised his eyebrow at my thought and ran over to my closing the gap.

He bent his head down whispered in my ear, "No love, how did I become so lucky?"

I giggled at that, I nearly always asked myself that question and every time he always replied with that answer.

But that time Emmett, Jacob and Nessie, Jacob and the others liked to nickname her, which i was still getting used to, had made it to the door.

"None of that if front of the children." Emmett wagged his finger in front of Edward's face when he turned to glare at our big brother.

"But Emmett I have to witness you and Rosalie together." Edward replied back , raising his eyebrow at him.

Emmett laughed and shook his head, "It's not my fault that you're a pervert and can't keep put of our head's."

Edward growled at him.

"Jacob what's a pervert?" Nessie asked him.

"You don't wanna know Ness," Jacob laughed and shook his head, "You just don't wanna know."

Nessie started to pout but Jacob just laughed again and walked into the living room with her, her arms still wrapped around his neck.

"Come on love, let's go to our house for a little bit," Edward whispered in my ear so that I could only hear, "Jacob's watching Renesmee and we never get alone time as much as we used to."

He grabbed my arm and slung it over his shoulder pulling me up onto his back and running out into the forest before I could answer him.

I laughed at hi playfulness as he knew full well that with my being a vampire now there was no need to carry me, but he would always say that he liked the memory of how he used to carry me on his back before.

I must admit, that even though the memory is hazy to me, I do still enjoy it.

We made it to our little house in a couple of minutes due to Edward's great speed and plopped me down in our bedroom.

The Cullens had restored this house for us as a birthday present for me, and of course Edward, as Esme thought that we would love to have our own space, but with us not too far away from the family.

I was so happy when I first saw it, I absolutely adore it, it's just perfect for us.

I still couldn't believe how much my family had down for me over the past years, but when thinking about them helping me in the years also brought up the memory of them not being there for that horrific time in my life.

That time when Edward left, taking his family with him.

I shuddered at the memory and pushed it to the back of my mind not wanting any reminders of that dark time.

Edward noticed my shudder and cupped my face in his hands, "What's wrong?"

I shook my head not wanting to bring it back up again as it hurt him to remembering it all just as much as it hurt me.

"Bella." He grumbled.

Of course he wouldn't let it go.

I sighed, "I was just thinking about how much the family has done for me over these past years, but then it also lead me to remembering...that time when you...left."

I didn't need to continue as from the look in Edward's eyes told me that he knew what I was thinking, and that same shade of pain flashed across his eyes, just like all the times before when he thought about it or it was mentioned.

I brought my hands up to his face and stroked his cheeks with my thumbs, "Don't think about it."

I reached up on my toes and kissed him lightly on the lips, "Just know that I am the happiest person alive to know that you came back for me, that you returned."

Edward smiled down at me," I can think of a happier person." He whispered against my lips and gave me a hard kiss, letting loose of any coherent thoughts.

This is my forever, right here in my arms. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

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