Title: My Rock star Boyfriend

Rating: T


Summary: Naruto leader of a famous band called 'the Kyuubi' has problems, so Jiraiya puts him into public school where he meets Sasuke. Could love bloom?

Disclaimer:I do not own Sasuke or Naruto in this story. This right belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, Because they would not sell the rights to me.

Beta:Shadow Shadowsong

(Chapter 1: New to School)

Naruto Uzumaki was not happy about his situation,Why? Because he was currently sitting in an annoyingly pale gray room. It was square and only had a few windows. Yep you got it he was in a principals office. He scowled muttering dark things, when Jiraiya smacked him on the head.

"We're doing this for your own good" Jiraiya told him.

"If you cared about my well being you'd continue home schooling me" Naruto yelled rather loudly.

"Must you yell?" the principle said walking in.

"Whatever old hag" Naruto stated. A vein appeared on The principal's forehead but she ignored it. Naruto snickered.

"I'm so sorry I'm late,my name is Tsunade and your new school guide will be here in THREE-TWO-ONE-" she said as a sound of pounding feet, before a boy ran into the room slamming the door behind him. Right in the face of the people who had been chasing him. From the way they were breathing, and what I had seen, I could only conclude that there was one thing on the other side of that door and the thought filled me with dread, Fan Girls. I watched as the boy stood up and straitened out his clothing, before he looked at me. Causing my eyes to go wide.

"Your Naruto Uzumaki from 'The Kyuubi'" he said before he looked at Tsunade, "Hey old hag why is he here?" he asked." I watched as she grabbed the book that was next to her and threw it at the boy. There was a rather large vein pounding on her forehead, as she leveled a glare as he easily dogged the book she had thrown.

" He is our newest student, and you Sasuke will show him around."

"He WHAT?" Naruto yelled jumping up and glaring at his guardian and the school principle.

"I WHAT!" Sasuke screamed doing a happy dance in his head, but of course his Uchiha pride showed distaste on his face.

"God it's bad enough that I have one riot but now I have TWO! she groaned and shook her head. "now get outta here NOW! Here is your class schedule-shoo shoo!" and she threw them out of her office.

"Thank you, for this, Tsunade" Jiraiya said.

"Don't worry about it, I want to help him with his problems too," she stated.

"I know, bye Tsunade, I have somewhere else to be".

"Bye Jiraiya" she said as he closed the door.

She sighed those two were going to be a handful she KNEW it.


"So what are your classes"? Sasuke asked looking at Naruto's schedule.

"You have all classes with me and your locker is next to mine"

"Hn" was the response given to him.

"OH MY GOD! Naruto really is here!" a girl squealed.

Naruto froze in his tracks, and turned around to see a hoard of fan-girls running up to him screaming.

"Naruto-kun! I LOVE YOU!"

"Naruto-kun Marry me!"

"SHIT! RUN!" he said grabbing Sasuke by the hand and pulling him along running away from screaming fan-girls. Sasuke finally got enough composure to run with him. "First period, History, lets go!"

They ran through the halls trying to avoid all the fan-girls. They really did try but they must have been getting smarter because they sent some ahead to cut us off. We were trapped and they started closing in causing us to be pressed up against a wall with fan-girls making a half circle around us. We were trapped, with pieces of paper being pushed at us like they were a life line. Naruto started trying to sign them as fast as he could so we could get out, but one girl demanded a piece of his hair and just before we were mobbed farther. Kakashi Appeared,

"What do you think that you are doing?" he asked. -"WHAT are you doing to them!" The girls froze.

"N-nothing Kakashi-sensei" they all said in unison.

"Oh come now...you were just about to rape the poor boys" He told the hoard of raving fan-girls, They had turned and had opened a little hole in their circle, which we used to get away, to the safety of outr history class. I new we clearly looked traumatized, but by then i did not care.

When they got into their class room, they locked the door then slid a bookshelf in front of it. Completely barricading the door. Only to find a bigger and defiantly more scary problem lay ahead.

"...SHIT...!" They said in unison.

A/N: Ahahaha a cliff hanger what will happen to Naruto and Sasuke? Well read to find out!