Chapter 3: The Principles Office


Summary:Naruto leader of a famous band called 'the Kyuubi' has problems, so Jiraiya puts him into public school where he meets Sasuke. Could love bloom?

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The Principles Office

The day after all four of the boys decided to go to the rave and skip school, Sasuke and Naruto returned, hoping they wouldn't get in trouble. Of course, fate decided it had other plans.

"Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki, please report to the principle's office immediately" came a voice from the intercom. Both boys got up from their seats sighing, seeing as they were in all of the same classes together.

"Oh were in for it now" Sasuke said as he and the blonde walked to the principle's office. Naruto looked pretty scared. "What do I do, I've never done this before!" He practically wailed.

"Just let her yell at you, say it will never happen again, and you should be fine, I mean I do it all the time" Sasuke said to the terrified blonde. At that Naruto seemed to calm down, if at least a little.

"So translation, you've been in this predicament before" Naruto said facing the Uchiha. Sasuke nodded.

"Here we are" Sasuke said as they both halted at the intimidating sign that read in big bold letters 'Principles Office' . Both visibly gulped. They walked in and sat down waiting for the secretary to tell them to go in. Many minutes later, they were showed into the principle office. "Sasuke and Naruto, as you both know we found out that you skipped school yesterday, why is that?" Tsunade said looking very pissed. "W-well we kinda-"Sasuke started but got cut off. "We went to a Rave, got drunk, and skipped school cuz we had a bitch of a hangover" Naruto said while Sasuke glared and Tsunade gaped at the both of them.

"Well Sasuke I'm sorry to say this, again, but I will have to call your brother, seeing as how you live with him, and not your parents" She said.

"He went with us" Naruto said quietly, but Tsunade heard it, and nearly fell off her chair.

When she calmed down enough Tsunade managed to say, "Sasuke I am deeply disappointed in you, I would imagine Naruto and his brother to do something like this but not you or your collage A student brother" Tsunade said shaking her head in disappointment.

Sasuke looked down guiltily. "I'm sorry Principle Tsunade, it wont happen again" the brunette vowed.

"It better not" she said fixing him with her best glare. It didn't faze him but he nodded. "You may go Sasuke, but you" Tsunade said fixing Naruto with a glare and he visibly gulped, "Will stay behind, I will be talking to you about this" Tsunade paused and when Sasuke left, she continued. "And Naruto you know this is for your own good, Jiraiya is my friend and I want you to get through this". Naruto glared at her.

When Naruto was sure Sasuke was completely gone he blew up. "That's it Tsunade, stay away from me, I will do what I damn well please when I damn well want to! I want you to stay out of my life, I am running it perfectly without your help, and I'll manage just fine from now on just as I have since the incident" Naruto said getting very quiet.

"Naruto-" She began but was cut off.

"No Naruto" the blonde said sarcastically. And with that Naruto left giving Tsunade any chance to speak again. When Naruto was gone, Tsunade let a very visible tear run down her cheek. "Naruto, hopefully Sasuke can do something to change you, seeing as how I cannot"

Naruto walked-well more like stomped- his way home, clearly pissed and hurt. 'Damn you stupid hormones!' Naruto cursed inside his head. Naruto slammed the front door, stomping all the way to his room, and pulling out his guitar, the blonde strummed it for a couple seconds, his foul mood disappearing.

Naruto sighed, and thought back to when he was with Sasuke for his first couple days of school and at the rave. He had never felt so...Naruto paused in his train of thought thinking for the word. So...mad? No that wasn't it. Happy? Yes, but most of all protected. He felt calm around Sasuke now that he thought of it, and he flushed a little.

Right when Naruto was about to put his guitar away, it hit him. Like literally Hit him. Naruto scrambled to find a pen and pencil, before his latest masterpiece left him.

Sasuke sighed as Naruto had clearly skipped school, since he had not seen him since Tsunade. Sasuke visibly shuddered and the teacher asked if he was well. Sasuke told him he was perfectly fine. Well he would have to get Naruto his homework then. Sasuke settled in for another long and boring day filled with learning stuff he already knew.

(I was sooo tempted to end it here, but since I have left you guys hanging from a cliff for far too long, I decided to be nice, just this once, and give you guys more. So eat it up!)

The bell finally rang, Sasuke rushed to get Naruto his homework, so he would at least have a parshal good grade. When Sasuke walked in he was instantly met with the sound of guitar and singing. Sasuke flushed, as he knew who's voice was, and he quickly put the homework where Naruto would see it, and fled the mansion.

*A couple hours later*

Naruto walked down the stairs feeling proud of himself when he noticed the stack of homework on one of the tables, and he mentally-no outwardly-groaned. Naruto walked over to the homework cautiously, thinking it would leap up and bite him in the ass (now that would be a sight, instead of "my dog ate my homework", its my homework ate me!) until Naruto saw a little piece of scrap paper on top of it.

To Naruto,

Here is all of your homework plus the notes I took in class. You may borrow them, DONT LOOSE THEM!


Naruto sweat-dropped. Even Sasuke's notes sounded threatening. Naruto sighed, and heaving his homework up, he went back to his room for a long night of homework, not seeing his brother standing a little ways away smiling to himself, full well knowing what would play out.

-end chapter-

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