Hearts of dragons.


Every living human and animal has a heart. But that doesn't mean it is in the beast. Pippa was a 17 nearly 18-year-old living in the satellite. She lived the same way everyone else did in that place, anyway you can. But that was all about to change.

Lots of people wanted to escape satellite and go to new domino, people dreamed of living a better life but it very rarely became a reality. But some young brave soles were will to stake everything to get to new domino. Pippa was one of them, she dreamed of being a champion Turbo duelist. She had the duelling skills but not a runner, not yet anyway. 'Philippa Allen the first female Turbo duelist and the first to win it.' (Philippa was her real name but everyone called her Pippa) She thought as she worked on her runner. Although her runner was extremely different from any other runner, she believed it could still take her to new domino and make her number one.

Her runner was not a bike, it was a board, big wills for stability, it was light and she could easily carry it. A lot of the engine was inside the board, making it quite thick but didn't ruin the image. Her duel disk would go on her left arm, as it would normally. A computer that activated the auto ride and speed world that went in her left hand, the deck slot on the duel disk could twist 90 decrees depending what sort of duel she was in. There was a slot that would hold the cards in her hand when she was turbo duelling so she could have a free hand to keep her balance. As her dad would say, "Engineers aren't trained, they're born." There where two plates on the board where she would stand, the front plate was the accelerator, the back was the break. It was simple yet brilliant. She also had a locking system that would lock her feet to the board. She had been building this for years with her dad, but when he vanished, she had to carry it on by her self.

Else where in the satellite another young duelist was working on his runner. Yusei Fudo, had a much more normal runner, his was a bike, and too had a similar dream to Pippa, but he wanted something back from an old friend, turned enemy first, his stardust dragon. Although these two seem completely different now, their dreams will soon bring them together.