I know it's been so long again, you guys must hate me. (and you're gonna hate me even more at the end of this chapter) I do apologize, life just keeps getting in the way of my fics. But I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 37

A young journalist with black hair, and big round glasses fort her way threw other reporters and cameras to the front to where Goodwin was standing. A young blonde reporter was also there "Mister Goodwin, what can you tell us about..." she was cut off by the black hair journalist, barging in front. "Mr Goodwin, what about that giant red dragon that appeared before the whole thing went haywire. And what about the glowing marks on Yusei's and Jack's arm?" She asked.

"Carly, I was in the middle of asking a question, and why are you asking something so relevant!" The blonde reporter shouted.

"Maybe it was a trick of the light, as you said, everything did go haywire." Goodwin replied calmly, after that the security guards pushed everyone to one side so Goodwin and Lazar could get by.

"What about Yusei disappearing, and Jack losing, what about the dragon mage?" Lazar asked.

"None of that matter, now that we know all the signers, we'll proceed as planned." Goodwin replied.

"But Miss Allen..." Lazar started,

"She'll be fine, she's too much like her father to die after something like this." Goodwin replied. Lazar was quiet for a moment.

"Wait you said we know all the signers, but I only count four." Lazar said.

"Don't worry I know who the fifth signer is." Goodwin replied.

"Oh." Lazar replied. "Wait you know the fifth signer!" he suddenly shouted.

Carly was driving her car on the motor way. When the communicater bleeped, she answered the call. "Carly were are you, I sent you out for coffee 2 hours ago!" Her boss shouted.

"I'm sorry Mr Pits, something important came up." Carly replied.

"What could be more important than my Caffeine fix?" Mr Pits bellowed.

"Well sir, I found a big scope." Carly said.

"Interns don't look for scopes they fetch coffee. Don't bother coming back to the office kid, you're fired." Mr Pits said angrily.

"Fired! But I'm not even payed! Just give me a chance Mr Pits, the story I'm chasing is huge." Carly stated.

"Oh yeah, well what is it?" Mr pits asked.

"A conspiracy at the fortune cup. This one might lead all the way to the top." Carly stated.

"Are you talking about Goodwin, never liked the guy, bring back some dirt on him and you might still have a job waiting for you." Mr Pits replied.

"I'm on it Mr Pits." Carly replied, and ended the call. Turned on the auto pilot of the car, and plugged her camera into the computer. "Time to see if i saw what I thought I saw." She said as she scanned through the video. "Please be there, please be there." She looked carefully at the shot of Yusei. "Yes Yusei's arm is definantly glowing. Trick of the light my backside Goodwin. He's defiantly hiding something and I'm crack Goodwin wide open." She giggled 'Once this story gets big, Mr Pits will make me a front page reporter, look out world Carly Carmine is coming at you fall speed.' She thought. Suddenly her made spluttering nosies, and stopped. 'That is once I fill up my tank.' She thought.

Goodwin walked out of Jacks hospital room when Marco came down the corridor. "How's he doing?" Marco asked.

"He'll be just fine given time." Goodwin replied.

"Good, but I got a bone to pick with you." Marco stated. "You could have told me that the Allen girl was the dragon mage aswell as Yusei's guardian."

"And what would you have been able to do about it?" Goodwin asked.

"I could have got her to a safer place for her to blow, and not risk a whole building coming down on us." Marco replied.

"I would have been surprised if you would have been able to get her out of the arena in time." Goodwin stated.

"Look, I know we're meant to save the world and all, and things can go pear shaped, but diliberatly not giving big info like this doesn't help!" Marco replied trying not to get too angry. "So stop hiding things, and give us all the info." Goodwin didn't reply.

Back outside the hospital Carly drove past the main entrance, which was still swarming with reporters. "Time for me to get ahead of these jerks." She said.

Marco stormed out of the hospital. "How's Jack?" Yusei asked.

"Still in one piece, bit bruised, but he'll be fine." Marco replied.

"So what's with the temper tantrum?" Leo asked.

"Believe me when I say this, this is not me in a temper tantrum. But I had a word or two with Goodwin." Marco replied.

"Get anything new out of him?" Yusei asked.

"No mate sorry." Marco replied.

"Don't worry we'll make him talk at some point soon one way or another." Yusei stated. They headed for blisters hid out.

Things got quiet as it got dark. On the outsikts of new domino a figure in a dark coat and hood, walked down a deserted alleyway. "The time has come, he said under his breath.

Yusei looked around the blisters hidout, everyone was asleep except him. As he walked towards the window, his arm gave a burst of pain. 'My mark's never felt like this before. It's almost like a warning.' Yusei thought. He looked out the window, and saw a lone dark figure, although Yusei could see it clearly, there was definantly a glowing mark on his arm. 'The fifth signer?' Yusei wondered.

Yusei ran out of the building, as he did the dark figure started to run away, Yusei gave chase. "Hey you, wait!"He called, but the dark figure kept running. The figure turned a corner, 'Where's he going?' Yusei wondered. As he turned the corner, the figure ran into an old multi floored car park. "Hey stop running!" Yusei said. but the figure didn't stop, so Yusei followed him into the car park. They came to the first floor, for a moment Yusei thought he'd lost him. But sensing a presence from behind, Yusei swung round. "You know, you shouldn't sneak up on people like that." He stated. The figure laughed darkly. "Who are you anyway?" Yusei asked.

"I'm a shadow droun, and if you seek the truth, my master said you must duel me for it." The figure replied.

"Why am I not surprised. Alright buddy, you got yourself a duel." Yusei replied.

Shadow Droun LP 4000

Yusei LP 4000