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A/N: I hope you enjoy this story. If you haven't already, try to read Player Match-up before this. This is meant to be a stand alone but Player Match-up made a cute lead up story.

Chapter 1 – The Role

Monday morning

Kyoko was called into Sawara's office today, so she could review some new offers. She strolled in wearing her normal bright pink LoveMe overalls blinding everyone in the office. Most were working diligently around the office; however, some enjoyed the show of Sawara and Kyoko. They would stop and intently watch, though could never really hear what exactly was going on, but Kyoko's reactions were too entertaining to work through.

"Mogami-san, you've received three new offers," Sawara stated. "Please choose only one. There hasn't been anything since Box R, and you need to make sure that you stay in the public eye. They are all filmed during the same time, so it is unfortunate that you can't accept two of them." He handed her three booklets. The first two were new dramas, while the third was actually a movie.

Excited about the possibility of a movie, she quickly scanned the movie script and found that she would be playing the worse bully possible, a serial killer. Her eyes widened, and she felt herself go stiff. Yeah, no, she quickly dismissed it.

The next script was a drama with her playing a cheating lover who was fighting to get her man back from her mistake. Kyoko held a look of disgust at the though of that. She really didn't want to play such a hypocritical role even if it wasn't a bully role. Sliding that one underneath the serial killer script, she flipped through the last one. Here she would play the best friend of the main star. It focused around a girl who fell in love with someone shorter than herself. Even thought it was a main role, it sounded delightful, and Kyoko would get to play the pushy but helpful best friend trying to get them together.

All the people in the office could see the pink flowery aura growing around her as she read the synopsis of the drama. She smiled at Sawara with a gleam in her eye. Finally, she would be able to play a role that wasn't mean or cruel.

"This one," Kyoko handed the scripted, Love*Com, back to Sawara. "I would love to play this role!" She placed the other two scripts right in front of her on top of some other books. Sawara looked at the information about the drama then glanced back at her.

"Are you sure you won't play the movie?" He asked. "It would be a much bigger role, and it would be like your debut." Kyoko cringed at that and smiled weakly at him. She knew he was telling the truth. It was his job to help her reach her goals, but ultimately, it was her choice, and she would much rather play the best friend role.

"No, I want that one, please?" She pleaded with him with big puppy dog glossy eyes making him smirked and accept her request.

"Ok, this one will start in a month and is much like Dark Moon. It has a planned ending, so there will be no second season like Box R," Sawara informed her. He read the rest of data sheet and smiled. "Oh! Your friend, Fuwa, will be debuting as your boyfriend. Bet you're hap…" Sawara felt like all the air was stolen within a 5 yard radius around him. He looked up to see a black hole where Kyoko once stood. He froze as he stared into the deep dark abyss that was trying to implode in front of him. The script was snatched from his hand; it flew into the vortex and was torn into a million tiny pieces. Kyoko grabbed the top script from the stack in front of her and was shoved into Sawara's hand.

"This one, I made a mistake. I meant to give you this one," she rectified and quickly stormed out of the room taking her swarm of demons with her. Sawara gasped as the air returned into his burning lungs. After a few minutes, the other employees returned to work as they laughed at the quick half time show performed by the flashest LoveMe member. Sawara coughed and took a long drink from his water bottle. Taking a deep breath, he looked over the new script.

"Ah, well, Tsuruga-san will be happy... I think." He wrote down the information detailing that Kyoko will, in fact, play Oonishi Masami, The Rave Serial Killer.