Well, I'll be honest…I've re-written this note because I've just finished reading the only two Sands of Destruction fanfics here on . While I was skeptical at first considering how much I dislike the Kyrie/Morte pairing, "Change" actually surprised me. While I still detest Morte, I feel as if the author captured her inner thoughts well, or at least if I were writing from her point of view, that's how I would have written it myself XD. Then there was "Two Types of Relationships", it wasn't bad and I understand the limited material used…But, I still hold firm that there's absolutely nothing romantic between the two in the anime =3=. Now if you want to talk Kyrie and Lia, well! That's a whole other story ;D…

But, that's not what this story is. I'm basing this story not after the anime, but after the manga, which I found to be A LOT better than the anime…so far. So, yeah…this story will be starting off just after the events in chapter five. You can read the manga on mangafox, just search for World Destruction.

Lastly; one, I don't own Sands of Destruction (I want the game and the anime though TwT), and two, this is a "slash" story because I'm totally awesome that way and I like stirring up the pot a little ;D.

You have been warned…call it a crack pairing but I think it's sexy! D|

Chapter One

The small boat sped across the vast sandsea, its passengers going about their own business. One in particular, a teenaged boy with mid-length dirty blonde hair stood leaning against the rail gazing almost vacantly out at the starry sky. Only hours ago he had been a part of the World Destruction Committee. A small frown tugged the corners of his lips down; no, he couldn't really say that he was a part of that. He couldn't be a part of a group that would sacrifice innocent lives, human or beastman. Then there was the power that Morte said he had, the power to destroy the world. But, why would someone like him possess such a power? The last thing he wanted was to take away someone else's precious life. Then again, that was just it, this power, if it was really his, than he could choose not to use it…yes, that was the best course of action.


Kyrie jolted from his thoughts, or was it because of the rather negative title in which his supposed captor; a half-beast known as Naja, had taken to calling him. Actually, he'd been called that once before, but it still stung none the less.

"Hm?" turning, the teen redirected his gaze onto the silver haired male who now approached. It was difficult now, to tell what the other was thinking. Before, it was very clear that Naja's intent was to either capture him or kill him. Toppi had been clever enough to figure out that the other had not been planning on killing him. Which brings to light the question, what exactly did he want him for?

When the other paused and sighed, this action made the boy quickly straighten up, had he done something wrong? Amusing? Unexpected? No, he couldn't think of anything…

"You are a curious case," Naja then stated, "Toppi-dono told me something rather interesting after our little battle, but first I have a question."

Blinking a few times, Kyrie brought his hand up so he could lightly scratch the side of his face, "Eh…o-ok, sure…what is it?" he couldn't help but feel he knew what at least the subject of the question was going to be, but what Kyrie wanted to know was what Toppi had told this man. Having lost consciousness after the battle, it was safe to say that he had missed it.

"Do you regret agreeing to come with us?"

Now that was a shot at his blind spot, the boy just stared, silent, eyes wide in bafflement. However, the look the other wore indicated tha the was being dead serious. Figuring it was best if he took his time to think of an answer, Kyrie slowly turned back out to the sandsea before heaving a sigh of his own. "I agreed, only because I knew I couldn't stay with them…the World Destruction Committee." A slightly more saddened frown had formed on the youths face now, "I suppose, the only reason I thought I was with them was because Morte and Toppi had saved me that one time. I thought I could pay them back…of course it wasn't until later that I realized they were who they were…"

"I see…" Naja's arms crossed across his chest.

"Oh, that's right, since we're now sort of…your prisoner's, what exactly where you going to do with us?" Kyrie suddenly asked, his mood had done a one eighty, or at least it seemed to have, a slightly hesitant smile gracing is features. However, this question had only earned a wayward side glance and a second sigh.

"I am presently obligated to bring you into headquarters where you will be confined." That didn't sound so bad, "After which, they will want to learn more about this power you have…either that, or they will simply deem you too dangerous to keep a live and kill you."


"You needn't worry though, I've been assigned your case so if anything is to happen, then I'll be the one to carry it out." Naja stated simply. While he wasn't about to openly admit to it, his original intent to kill the boy had all vanished. He vowed to uncover the truth behind this human's destructive power and undo it, to save the world. Killing him would be counterproductive. Then there was the fact that he was under the protection of Toppi…he may look like a cute and cuddly teddy bear, but both he and Naja were very evenly matched in strength.

"Eh…" Kyrie was now looking a good shade between unreassured and deeply discouraged. This had caught the half-beast's attention, a humored smirk graced his lips.

"You are not looking well, you should go below with the others and get some rest. We'll be reaching our destination by midmorning tomorrow."

"Oh…um…yeah…" Kyrie chuckled, though it didn't sound all that happy. However, as instructed, the boy turned and took his leave, disappearing below deck. In the mean time, Naja placed a hand on his hip and shook his head.

The more he was around this Kyrie, the more difficult it became to understand him. There was no doubt in his mind that the boy clearly has no fighting skills honed enough to be a major threat, and on top of that, he did not come across as someone who angers easily much less have some sort of reason to be violent. In fact, he looked to be the type who avoided violence…but that was just it though, despite his passiveness, Naja had witnessed on two accounts where the boy clearly demonstrated his power.

Yes, this was going to be an interesting report to file…

=To Be Continued=

Yeah, there will probably be a couple chapters to this story =3=…