On this half lit day

Caspian pulled her closer, relishing the feel of her body.

With your crown beneath your wing
Every word just echoes

"I love you" He whispered.
Even in death, they were together.

And the empty world sings

"I know"

Where have you gone my feather light heart?

Their kiss was soft, just touching lips.

I never imagined I could leave.

Susan felt that she couldn't leave even if she wanted to.

In the glistening

They tumbled down a hill, resting at the bottom with their arms around each other.

Of the lost and open sky

As the watched the clouds, Susan seemed to stray out of thought and time.

Tiny piece of you sits

She felt like she was floating.

Simple wish waits for reply

She stood at the top of Aslan's how, watching the sun rise.

Where have you gone my feather light heart?

She loved him, and they would always be together.

You mustn't forget what love can see.

"I love you"

I know that made no sense, but it does if you listen to the song and read.

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