First summary: She had changed almost everything about herself for this one guy. Now that she's free from his grasp she's taking a stand and literally flicking off anyone in her way. Until the new kid Sasuke Uchiha tests were limits. And Before she knew it she was in love.

Current Summary: Some people say that you can never love in High school. I disagree. I found it very easy to love Sasuke and I was only 17. He saved me, and somehow, I saved him. You'd have to hear our story to get it. "Good god! You bought me a motorcycle?"

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Quote: "We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find."

"He broke up with me." I moaned, tossing myself on top of my bed, and tucked Mr. Penny under my chin. His big orange elephant ears tickled my nose but I didn't pay attention to that.

"Good riddance." Ino tossed her arms in the air. "Good god Sakura, you should be happy. He had how many moles on his back?"

I sat up in bed, crossed my legs and glared at the bubble but blonde with everything I had. "That was just a rumor. A rumor I so proudly disproved last fall, remember?"

"Oh yeah." She sighed and fell back on my bed beside me. "But still, get over it. He's a three and a half at most. You're a seven. You deserve way more. Plus if you two ever had kids than they'd be like-"She squinted her eyes and I waited while her bleachy blondey brain calculated the math. Finally I sighed and murmured, "Negative four. They'd be a negative four. But I'd still love them more than you"

She scowled at me, "Okay forehead, stop acting so down about this."

I tucked my bangs behind my ears. "The worst part is I dyed my hair black for that jerk. He wanted a Goth girl, so I obliged." I sighed and pouted at the ceiling. "Now I'm stuck with black hair. Great." I said dryly.

"No…no you aren't!" Ino bounced up from the bed and smiled so wide I thought she might have stitched them that way. Damn she had big lips, why couldn't I have big lips like that?

"Hello, Saki? Are you even listening to me?" Ino waved a manicured hand in my face and I blinked out from my thoughts with a "Uh yeah. Something about lips?"

"What? No! Your way off!" She rested her hands on her hips, but by that excited gleam in her eye I figured I was forgiven. "It was something about hair. Your hair!"

I watched as she paced back and forth. "Umm okay…I'm not even going to pretend to understand."

"Just listen real fast!" She demanded coming to a complete stop at my feet. "Kiba wanted a Goth girl so you totally became a vampire for him, right?"

I narrowed my eyes, suddenly feeling very…suspicious. "More or less. Why?"

"Well what if I told you the perfect way to show him that you couldn't care less about him or what he wanted."

"But I do care." I whined. "A lot!"

Ino let her head drop, muttering "Just stay with me hear Saki." Then shot back up like a pop-tart fresh from the toaster oven. These mood swings of hers were starting to make me dizzy.

"Saki, real fast, the opposite color of black is…?"

I bit my lip nervously, "Uh I'd say blonde."

Ino shook her head like a wet dog, "Close but no. Now guess again, hurry this ones worth a lot of money if you get it right."

I tried to figure out just what had gotten into my friend. She was blonde sure, but now she was acting like a show case host. Her enthusiasm only made me more nervous and I twirled my hair uneasily.

"Oh come on Saki, think!" Only she wasn't looking at me as she said this. She was starring at my bed spread rather intensely. I hadn't seen her focus her attention on anything like this since the porn video we watched on the internet in the sixth grade. But what was so interesting about my covers anyway?

I glanced down at them. I had kept these covers even as I changed gothic for Kiba. They were soft and fuzzy…and a light shade of…. of pink.

Suddenly the gears clicked on in my head and my jaw dropped to the floor and then back up again. Ino danced on the tips of her feet like she needed to use the restroom, but instead of a pained expression on her face she wore an excited(and a little bit dirty) smile.

"Shit Ino." I beamed up at her. "You're a fucking genius."

Oh, did I forget to add that I cursed like a sailor when I was happy?