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"Why can't you just be sensitive to my feelings?!"

The furious shriek was accompanied by a slap to Ulquiorra's face, only much harder than last time; Ulquiorra's actually stumbled backwards with the force of the blow. Orihime was mad—no—she was seething. Normally, the usually-pokerfaced Espada would have either ignored whoever was mad at him (like Grimmjow), or in extreme cases, he would at the least fend off his attacker. But his aggressor was Orihime, his lover, his… well, his everything! He had been basically letting her beat the shit out of him since earlier that week. She had been very emotionally sensitive lately, more so than usual, but her temper and mood swings had reached their peak only three days ago on Monday. Even after becoming an arrancar, she had still been menstruating as she did as a human. But since she had lost the use of her reproductive organs (as all hollows and arrancar do) her period had ceased to serve a purpose. At first, it came once a month for about three months. Then once every four months and after that, twice a year. According to Szayel, her previous cycle was going to be her last. However, what he didn't mention, was that until Orihime's body adjusted to the change. Basically, that meant her hormones would be raging, waiting for her period to start—which it wouldn't—and their hyperactivity would have to die down over time. Unfortunately for Ulquiorra, that meant he would have to put up with Orihime's emotional hypersensitivity and her "bitch fits" (as Grimmjow liked to refer to them) for a while—and he had been.

"Answer me!!!" Orihime screamed, tears running down her cheeks. Ulquiorra remained silent. Just let her vent… he murmured inwardly in an effort to calm himself. He had been very patient with Orihime. He let her scream at him, pound at him, and even slap him as she had did before. It seemed that Ulquiorra had to be extremely cautious around the princess; even the slightest misstep could set her off.

And when she was set off, she just had at it.

This time, Orihime was crying for no apparent reason (more than likely another of her mood swings) and Ulquiorra had went over to her and just embraced her (He did nothing wrong, it was just the girl's damn mood swings!) and Orihime just turned around and started yelling at him. Ulquiorra had gone through the same procedure he had been using for the last four months or so to give her a chance to calm down: just be quiet and take it like a man.

His plan had been working until that day. Apparently, being quiet just made everything worse at that point.

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!" Orihime cried, emphasizing each set of those three words with a halfhearted blow to Ulquiorra's stomach.

"I hate everything about you! I hate how you kidnapped me, I hate how you fed me shit," Orihime never cursed, so Ulquiorra was especially taken aback, "and I hate how you treat me like a whore!!!"

Ulquiorra's resolve to stay calm finally shattered with that last comment (although there was absolutely no credibility to it) and with a burst of sonido, he had her shoved her against a blanched white wall, and he shoved her hard.

Orihime struggled when Ulquiorra sandwiched her between the wall and his body. "I want you to listen to me, woman," he knew she hated it when he called her that and so used that to his advantage, "I love you, I respect you, and I can tolerate much. But don't you dare say I treat you like anything akin to such a disgraceful being." Ulquiorra snarled, his eyes narrowing a tiny fraction angrily.

He knew that she was upset. He knew it was to such an extent that she had started thinking of his past actions to her (although it truly boggled his mind where the idea of him treating her like a prostitute came from). But right now, he didn't care.

Orihime opened her mouth to yell at him again, but before she could even get a syllable out, Ulquiorra crushed his lips against hers. He slid his tongue into her mouth and Orihime reciprocated the gesture. There was nothing loving or tender about the kiss; at that point, it was a matter of dominance, a matter of unleashing pure lust and raw anger unto the other. Orihime tore off Ulquiorra's jacket and yanked his obi away in one fluid motion (utilizing both of her hands, of course). and slowly ran her fingers down his abs, feeling the muscles clench in anticipation as her hand went lower and lower until it reached his half aroused member. She lightly ran a finger along its length until she reached the tip and then grasped it, pumping it and circling the head with her thumb. Ulquiorra groaned loudly into the rough kiss and he tore off her skirt in the same manner she had done with his jacket.

His ran two fingers along her dripping wet fabric-covered entrance, hearing her whine into his mouth before she finally unlatched her lips from his. There was a thin string of saliva running down her chin. She panted as he continued to touch her and pumped him harder. Ulquiorra pressed his forehead against Orihime's and—while looking ferociously into her eyes—pushed aside her panties, slamming three fingers into her in the process. Orihime's eyes glazed over for a few seconds before hardening once more.

She had to think of some way she could get him to submit to her. But what could she do? Ulquiorra could do so much to her. But what could she do that she wasn't doing already? All he had was… That's it! Orihime mentally cried in triumph. Orihime put the hand that wasn't pleasuring Ulquiorra flat against his back and slid it down until she reached his puckered entrance. Just as Ulquiorra figured out what she was doing, she slid a long finger into him. After fumbling within him for a moment—and just when Ulquiorra was starting to catch his breath—her finger brushed against his prostate, her target.

Orihime smiled at him maliciously and brushed her finger against the gland again, ripping a harsh groan from Ulquiorra's throat. Ulquiorra pumped his three fingers in and out of Orihime harder and faster than when he first started, causing her to let out a long moan. Orihime, not wanting to be outdone, touched the sensitive gland yet again and pumped his member while putting pressure on the gland. It took Ulquiorra most of his strength just to stand at that point; most of it had been sapped away the moment Orihime found his own sweet spot. He decided that he had to bring it up a notch, so he removed his fingers from her hot, weeping core and parted her folds to put pressure on her clit. She screamed in surprise and found herself practically sobbing from the intense pleasure caused by the rough, quick motions being made on the sensitive nub. Ulquiorra groaned from the ministrations being made on Orihime's behalf. "I'm ending this, now." Ulquiorra growled.

He pulled her finger from his ass and her hand from his manhood, then stopped touching Orihime. Before she could say anything, he buried himself to the hilt within her and started thrusting hard from the start. He repeated the motion, in and out, in and out. Orihime bit his shoulder in an attempt to regain at least some control, but to no avail. She only succeeded in making him thrust even harder, if that were at all possible. She could feel herself getting closer to her end. Apparently, Ulquiorra could tell as well because he stopped moving.

"I want you to beg." he hissed. Ulquiorra glared at her and Orihime met his glare head-on.

"N-no." Orihime said firmly although her voice faltered ever so slightly. Ulquiorra picked up on that.

"Beg and you'll have your sweet release." he spat malevolently, "If you don't, I don't think you'll be resting very well tonight."

Orihime really didn't want to beg. I mean she really didn't. But Ulquiorra was right. She did not sleep well when she was left high and dry and he was using that to his advantage. So, reluctantly, she begged him.

"Make me come!" she cried and Ulquiorra acquiesced. He slammed into her over and over again before she came with a scream and he groaned, releasing his seed within her shortly after. Then he collapsed onto his knees and panting, he embraced Orihime. Silence reigned for a short while.

"I'm… I'm sorry…" Orihime eventually whimpered softly, tears in her eyes—of sorrow this time.

Ulquiorra looked at her sadly, "You have no need to apologize, but I do… I apologize, Orihime… for doing that to you…"

Orihime smiled softly at him and kissed him. This time, it was full of love and affection.

"I forgive you."

Then they laid down together and rested, content in the remains of the sinful pleasure.