Title: Intertwined

Prompt: History

The time had come for them to part ways, it was the eve of Hikaru's wedding, and the last night Hikaru and Kaoru would be sharing a bedroom. Kaoru stood in the doorway, watching Hikaru stare anxiously out the bedroom window. After tonight he would be continuing on alone. Sure they'd learned to live separate lives. Starting in high school they'd moved away from two parts of one whole, to two separate entities with an unshakable bond. They explored seperate interests and learned to be individuals, but at the end of the day, it always came back down to the two of them.

Now finished with college they stood on the precipice of a new age to their lives. They were adults now, Kaoru was renting his own place in the city and Hikaru would be moving in with his wife.

Tonight was there one last night to relive their history; their bond of brotherly love than ran deeper than anything else.

Kaoru stepped behind Hikaru, to look out the window with his brother.


"A little."

"About the wedding?"

"Not really, I'm scared to leave you behind." Hikaru admitted. Kaoru grabbed his brother's hand entwining their fingers together. They both knew Hikaru would be the first to move on, to severe this bond that kept them strung together. Kaoru had given him the push years ago, but Hikaru was the one with the will to make it happen.

"You're not leaving me behind, we only live ten minutes apart," Kaoru said reassuringly, not taking his gaze from the window. He was too afraid to look his brother in the eyes and have him read the emotion there. The desperate child that still needed his older brother by his side, who still wanted them to be just the two of them wrapped up in their tiny little world. That was a thing of history now. Haruhi had helped them with that, she opened their world and broadened their horizons.

"I know, and I know we'll see each other, it's just a scary step. We are really doing it, we're really dividing up."

Kaoru smiled, he made it sound like they were property, or assets, instead of two human beings. He had to admit though he felt the same way. Who was he without Hikaru? He was his world, his constant. Yes, he'd learned to move about in society as a functioning adult and Hikaru wasn't always by his side, but he knew every night he'd come home and he'd be there, to offer the understanding and comfort only a twin could provide. However, these were selfish thoughts, and quickly dashed away, what Hikaru needed now was assurance that he was making the right choice, that things wouldn't change between them.

"We're two fruits of the same vine. We can't really be divided because our roots will never change." Kaoru turned to face his brother who smiled. "Besides it's not like we can both marry Haruhi."

Hikaru laughed, memories from their youth played back for him of two selfish boys treating Haruhi more like a toy than a person. She'd been the key that had opened them up; she was the catalyst that led to the person Hikaru was today and he couldn't think of anyone else he'd want by his side for the rest of his life.

It'd been a rocky start for the two of them, stuck somewhere between close friends and lovers. Then after they graduated the Host Club drifted apart, by chance Hikaru had run into Haruhi one day. They'd rekindled their friendship which had grown from there. A few years later they were engaged and tomorrow he would marry her. When he'd first asked her to marry her he'd been hesitant. What would Kaoru think? Haruhi had been just as important to him as she was to Hikaru. In the end his twin gave them his blessing. But standing here now, he wondered how he could start a new life without Kaoru by his side. He loved Haruhi, and she was going to be his wife, but it wasn't the same as his brother.

Kaoru smiled at his brother, "We'll just have to take this change one day at a time," he said seemingly reading his twin's mind, then again at times they seemed of one mind.

"You're right, it's getting late we should get to bed," Hikaru said, heading towards his own bed.

Before he could reach the bed however, Kaoru grabbed him by the arm.

"Since it's our last night together do you think we could sleep in the same bed for old time's sake?" Kaoru said with hardly concealed pleading eyes.

Hikaru conceded and the pair of them climbed into bed. Blankets were tussled and underneath them they slept arms intertwined legs locked, like two vines twisted onto one another. Tomorrow they may be dividing physically, but in their hearts they'd always be intertwined.