Title: Thumb on the Scale
Author: Tiamat's Child
Fandom: A Knight's Tale
Rating: K
Characters: Jocelyn, Christiana
Summary: After all, a woman's got needs.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Written for the Impromptuthon at halfamoon at Livejournal, off of mhari's Impromptuthon prompt: "Jocelyn + Christiana = BFFs 4EVA"

Thumb on the Scale

"And then," Jocelyn said, her high dudgeon only barely muffled by the layered fabric of her gown as Christiana raised it over her head, "and then he compared me to his horse."

"Oh dear," Christiana said. "That is bad."

"It's awful!" Jocelyn said. She ducked under the folds of her dress and fell backward onto her bed.

"He seemed like such a nice boy," Christiana said.

"Flanks," said Jocelyn.

"Are you going to give him another chance?" Christiana asked, carefully shaking the gown out, twitching it so its pleats fell back into place.

"He wouldn't get so many if he didn't have such lovely thighs," Jocelyn said, draping an arm across her face.

"Well," said Christiana, "I should think that goes without saying."