100 Mistresses

by: Ashurato

- Mara : Death Bringer -

I was cursed to destroy everything I touched. Perhaps it did not start out that way, but in Wakatu, some are simply born under a more unfortunate star than others.

My lover is dead, killed by his lawful wife in a fit of jealousy. My own grief destroyed the poor child that was growing within me, never to open its eyes to see the light.

I could not think. I could not feel. When I regained my bearings, all I could see was a bloody field with twisted bodies whose faces I only faintly recognize. My hands were wet, warm and stained more crimson than the rouge that colored that woman's lips. She lay several feet away, eyes closed in what almost seemed like peaceful sleep, but her heart no longer beat. A dagger was abandoned next to her, as red as the shade on my hands.

On that unholy field in, a mystic found me.

"I thought I sensed a meal, but what do I end up seeing? Corpses and a filthy human. You smell of death."

The mystic wore black clothes of the finest cloth and his long hair, tied with two black ribbons, fell to his waist in a snowy waterfall. He was beautiful; his visage was only slightly marred by the mocking sneer that twisted his mouth and furrowed his brows.

"Are you here to kill me?"

The mystic's sneer faded into a mocking smile as a scythe materialized in his right hand. "I suppose it could be amusing for a few minutes."

I closed my eyes as the shadow of the blade blocked out the dying sun. I have no attachments left in the world. The only thing that filled my thoughts was how death could not possibly be more painful than living.

But as I counted down the long, long seconds, the weapon's unforgiving descent never came. Instead, a started cry that was not my own pierced the surrounding air. Then, all was silent.

When curiosity finally forced my eyes open once again, the white-haired mystic was nowhere to be found. Instead, I saw ivory sleeves that sparked with silver thread. Jewels I had never seen before flashed like fire against the light. When I looked up at the being's face, an assault of heady pleasure filled my veins and forced me to my knees.

My Lord stood before me, resplendent in his power. Princess Rei stood by his side, as fresh and young as the morning, and still deeply held in Fascination. A sob choked my throat as I wrapped my stained hands around my body as if to hide from their sight. I was ashamed that someone like me could remain in the presence of perfection.

"Please stay back."

"Are you afraid of us?" asked Lord Orlouge in a voice that dripped with allure.

I shook my head violently and curled even tigher as Princess Rei extended a hand in my direction. "I don't want to hurt you. If you touch me, you will die."

"Child..." laughed Lord Orlouge in a tone that betrayed his amusement. "We are mystics. We are the only beings in existence who are beyond the suppression of death. Come and you will understand."

With a single word from him, I would have taken my own life. Instead, he bid me to live forever.

In life, I was cursed with death. With my death, I was cursed with eternal life.

Now, I have until the end of time to reflect upon which truly was the lesser of two evils.

- End: Mara -

Author's Notes:

SaGa Frontier does not belong to me, but I will settle for just Ildon.

Four is translated to "shi" in Japanese, which can mean "death". Mara is a Sanskrit name for "death bringer".