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April 5th, 2009

"Guys!" Lizzie Stabler yelled up to her brother and sisters. "Come here, quick!"

Maureen, Kathleen, and Dickie ran down the stairs, panicking. "What?" Maureen asked, looking around. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Lizzie said, "But I have to show you something. Come with me!" She led them out to the garage and slammed the door behind them. "Remember when we heard Mom and Dad yelling about his relationship with Olivia? How we were talking about how we would have rather had Olivia as a mother because he never fights with her, and she's just so much cooler than Mom in general?"

"Uh," Dickie began, "That was this morning, genius. Of course, we remember!"

Lizzie rolled her eyes. "Shut up, Dickhead. My point is, I think I found a way to make it happen!"

"Lizzie," Kathleen said. "We know that Dad and Liv would totally be amazing together, but if you think Mom and Dad are ever getting divorced you're…"

"No," Lizzie said, "I don't mean that I can make her our stepmother." She pointed to the station wagon and said, "If that thing works, and we do this right, she'll be our real mother!"

Maureen looked at her quizzically. "If the car works? What are you gonna do, run Kathy over and knock Dad and Liv on the head a couple times? I seriously doubt they'll believe that they're married with four kids, no matter hard we hit them."

Dickie and Kathleen laughed. Lizzie, however, simply opened the car door and pulled out a large remote with a lot of blinking buttons. "No, guys. I, uh, kind of tinkered with the station wagon. It's not just a car anymore."

"What is it, dweebette?" Dickie asked. "An airplane?"

Lizzie pushed one of the buttons and the car started, on its own. "It's a time machine."

Kathleen scoffed. "I'm sorry, Lizzie. I think you've been watching way too many Michael J. Fox movies."

"I'm serious," Lizzie said, pushing another button. All of the doors opened and the radio began to play.

Dickie's eyes widened. "Okay, so, for all intents and purposes, let's say this thing is a time machine. What's the plan, then, Einstein?"

"We go back to 1990," Lizzie said, "We find Olivia, introduce her to Dad…"

Maureen interrupted her. "Woah, Tonto! How the hell, if this even works, do you suggest we find Olivia? She's going to be a random seventeen-year-old living in New York City. And how can we be certain that she'll fall in love with Dad? What if they meet and they hate each other? And, have you even thought, for one second, that if Dad and Olivia end up together we probably won't even exist?"

"We will," Lizzie said, pulling out a book. "Look at this."

Dickie ripped the book from her hands. "Fate, Destiny, and You. What the crap, Lizzie?"

"It clearly says that the last name you have is the one you were destined to have, no matter what. Guys, we're supposed to be Stablers. We're destined to be Elliot Stabler's kids. So, if we make sure that Dad falls in love with Olivia and asks her to Prom instead of Kathy Malone..."

"Then I'll still be Maureen Stabler, but my mom will be Olivia?" Maureen asked, furrowing her brow.

"Yes," Lizzie said, sounding certain.

Maureen held up a hand. "But, we don't know if Olivia will be as pushy as Mom, we don't know if she'll force him into marriage, or if she'll even stay with him while he's in the Marines."

Dickie's eyes widened. "Mo," he said. "We don't even know if Dad will even be a Marine! He only joined the service because he couldn't afford college and take care of a family at the same time, because Mom wouldn't…"

"Hey, guys," Kathleen said. "Think about this for a second. We'd be ruining Olivia's life. She wouldn't have gone to Siena if she had a kid in high school! Then, she wouldn't have gone to the police academy, she wouldn't be Dad's partner, she wouldn't really be Olivia. If we do this, we'd end up turning Olivia into…"

"Kathy!" Dickie barked with a shudder. "Lizzie, getting Dad with Liv is a great idea, but you have to find a way to make sure we all still exist, and make sure we don't screw up their lives, either."

Lizzie opened the book, flipping through the pages rapidly. "Guys, no one said Dad has to get Liv pregnant at the prom. We just have to make sure he doesn't go with Mom. It's his destiny to have Maureen first. Whenever that may be. We'll all still exist, we'll just, uh, be a hell of a lot younger when we come back to the present."

Dickie ripped the book out of her hands, reading the chapter she'd turned to, and he gasped. "Are you serious? If this works changes will take effect immediately?"

Lizzie nodded.

"What does that mean? What changes?" Kathleen asked.

Dickie huffed. "It means, Katie, that if we do this, and it works, we'll know, immediately, because we'll start getting younger and younger, until we reach the appropriate age, or until we disappear altogether, because some of us might not even be born yet if Dad's with Olivia."

"Wonderful," Maureen said.

Just then, they heard a loud crash and violent yelling from inside the house. They heard their mother yell at their father, screaming at him to go and be with his little whore of a partner. They heard Elliot yell back, saying that Olivia was not a whore, and if Kathy ever insulted Olivia again, she'd be in serious trouble.

"Guys," Lizzie said. "I'm willing to take my chances if it means I don't have to put up with that ever again."

The other kids nodded and climbed into the station wagon. Lizzie pushed a button, turned the key, and reached into her backpack. "Here," she said, handing everyone their birth certificates. "Keep an eye on these. Look at Mom's name and pray that it changes to Olivia's, and watch for changes in the dates." Lizzie looked at the odometer, which was now whirling around and around and she said, "And hold on!" The kids clutched onto each other and their seats as the car backed out of the garage, of its own accord, and zoomed down the street and disappeared with a pop.

"No, Kathy," Elliot yelled, bolting into the garage, "I'm done! You want me to run to Liv so badly, your wish is my command, I'll be happier with her, anyway." He turned, and his face contorted in confusion. "Kathy, where the fuck is the station wagon?"

"Okay," Dickie said, as they pulled onto a road and came to a stop. "Where are we? Actually, uh, when are we?"

Lizzie looked at the odometer and said. "Um, April fifth, nineteen-ninety. It worked."

"Okay, so, what, do we find Olivia first?" Kathleen asked, rubbing her arm where Maureen had been squeezing.

They got out of the wagon and looked around, trying to figure out where they were. "I think this is Dad's old street," Maureen said. "Grandma and Grandpa lived in that house, I think. I remember coming here when I was little, before Grandpa died and Grandma went nuts."

"Hey," Kathleen said, "Don't call it 'nuts,' please."

Maureen chuckled. "Sorry."

They heard a crash, a scream, and a lot of yelling. They turned, and Dickie said, "I think we found Olivia!" He ran toward her, lying in the street, bruised and broken looking. "Her mother just threw her out the window!" he yelled.

Kathleen looked at Maureen. "Oh, my God, Mo. Go get Dad. Or, um, Elliot! You said he lives down the street!"

"Right," Maureen said, "But how is he gonna help us? He isn't a cop, yet."

"No, but Grandpa is. Um, Joe Stabler is! Go!" Kathleen ordered.

Maureen ran down the street, hoping she'd remembered coreectly, and knocked on the door, frantically. Elliot opened it, rubbing his eyes. It was three in the morning. "Oh, my God, Dad…dy-o! Um, you're Elliot Stabler, right?

"Yeah, who the fuck are you?" he grumbled.

"No one, look! You need to help us! Our friend Olivia is in trouble!" Maureen cried, pulling him out of the house.

Elliot's eye widened. "Wait, Olivia...Benson?"

Maureen pushed him down the street as she said, "Yeah! How'd you know?"

"I go to school with her. She doesn't really know I exist," he said, running toward the group down the street. "Oh, God! What happened to her?"

Kathleen, worried, said, "Her mother threw her out the window. We know you're not supposed to move someone like this; they could have a back injury or something."

"Son of a bitch," Elliot griped. He lifted her into his arms and carried her toward his house. "How do you all know Olivia?"

"She's a friend of our father's," Dickie and Lizzie said. They looked at each other and shrugged.

The kids all followed Elliot into his house and watched as he placed Olivia gently on his couch. "Olivia," he said softly, shaking her. "Hey, Olivia."

Her eyes fluttered open and she rolled her head to the side. She groaned in pain. "I didn't get the license number of that truck."

Elliot laughed. "Dad!" he yelled. "Dad, get up! Now!"

Joe Stabler padded down the stairs, grumbling and looked at his son. "What the hell, Elliot?"

"You needed an excuse to arrest Serena Benson," Elliot said, brushing Olivia's hair back. "You got one. These kids saw her throw Olivia out the window."

Joe's eyes widened. So did Olivia's. She tried to sit up as she said, "What? No, you can't arrest…ow." She collapsed back onto the couch and rolled her eyes.

"Olivia," Elliot said, shaking his head. "I know you don't me very well, but you're gonna stay right here, with me. My father's gonna take care of everything." He turned to his father and said, "Go, Dad. Please."

Joe grabbed his badge and his gun and slipped on his shoes, looked suspiciously at the strange, various-aged kids in his living room, then ran down the street to get Serena.

"Elliot," Olivia said, looking up at him, seething in pain, "I hope you know what you just did."

Elliot blinked and looked at Olivia. "You know my name?"

"Yeah," she said. "Of course, I do. I know who you are." Their eyes locked and there was a definite spark between them.

Kathleen looked at her siblings and smirked. "Guys," she said. "This just got a whole lot easier."

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