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This was it Dick Grayson, you loved her. Admit it, just go over there and tell her. You love Starfire, also known as Princess Koriand'r of Tameran. I clenched my fists, which were resting on my desk, as these thoughts ran through my head. I did love her, everything about her.

I began to list the things in my head;

Her sweet and caring personality.

Her big heart, which she kept open to everyone and anyone.

She would always make sure that her friends were safe before worrying about herself.

She was completely selfless.

She had such respect for others.

She was generous.

And she would always offer help to others, being there for everyone.

'Yes' I thought, 'Star has the biggest heart in the world….and she's so innocent and naïve, but I love her.' I groaned and brought my hands to my head.

And then there were her looks….God, she….she was just so beautiful.

Her bright green eyes would sparkle in the light. The way they carried such love and compassion, and when she got angry you could see the rage burning in them. They held such emotion, and you could plainly see them in those emerald orbs.

Those long legs that went on forever. They were so lean and slender and….

'Stop it Dick, keep your thoughts PG-rated.' I mentally scolded myself.

Then there was her tan which was so exotic and out of this world. Only she could look good with that tanned skin, it was beautiful. Like she had spent hours bathing in the sun, for that one perfect tone, where as in reality it was natural.

That long luscious ruby red hair that would dance in the wind when she was flying. It was so dazzling, rich, and soft. He had felt it before, but only when she hugged him.

And her hugs, there were so many. There was the friend hug; she did those with the other team members, where she would use one arm to hug them. There was the, "I'm so glad you're okay" hug, where she would practically attack you. There was the, "comfort hug", where she would wrap her slim, yet strong arms around you in a tender hold.

And there was another that I had been getting a lot….it was a hug where she would wrap her arms around my chest and smile, I know I know what kind of hug that is….but, I don't want to get my hopes up.

I sighed and pictured the exotic beauty in my mind. From the tips of her toes all the way to the top of her head, she was amazingly divine. I took a deep breath and stood up, having made up my mind I headed out of my room and toward the said beauty's room.


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