The Great Eight.

Summary/Introduction - I've been waiting what seems like forever for the CW to resurrect Gilmore Girls and nothing has happened. Maybe, like they did with 90210 and Melrose Place, Gilmore Girls will be back sometime in the future. Until then, here's my version. The way it I think everything should be. The plan is to do 22 chapters, one chapter per episode. And if it comes out as good as I'd like it to, perhaps I'll do a season nine. I suppose it all depends on what you, the reader, thinks. So please, if you read and like it, or don't, leave a review. Even the mean one's help me out. (:

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8.01 - In the Dark that Fills My Mind

Lorelai stood at the edge of the JFK International Airport terminal in New York City for forty five minutes after Rory's plane departed. Tears welled in her eyes every time a plane took off, and she stared blankly at the tarmac, hoping that by some strange occurrence, Rory would have changed her mind and come back. After an hour of waiting, she came to terms with the fact that she wouldn't see her little girl for a long time. She would have to drive the hour and a half back to Stars Hollow alone, go back into the Crap Shack, alone and continue on with her life. Alone.

Her thoughts wandered, then, to Luke. They hadn't exactly talked since their kiss at Rory's going away party the night before. Though she saw him earlier that morning and it wasn't weird, it wasn't awkward… it just was. Maybe she wouldn't be as alone as she initially thought. But did she want to take the chance with Luke again? Risk getting hurt, again? That was a silly question. Luke is the only man that Lorelai Victoria Gilmore has ever loved. She still did, and she always would. It was time to start their middle.

With that decided, she finally stood up, straightened her clothes, wiped the stray tear from her cheek and walked toward the exit, to her car, and started the long drive back to Stars Hollow.


When Rory boarded the plane, it took her a full ten minutes to fasten her seatbelt. For the simple reason that she just wasn't sure that she wanted to go. She would be on the road following presidential hopeful Barack Obama for an indefinite amount of time. Should he win the preliminaries and be the official candidate for the Democratic Party, she'd be gone longer. (Secretly though, she still hoped Hilary would win it.). Other than the summer she spent in Washington D.C before her senior year, she'd never been away from her mother for an extended length of time. She worried about Lorelai, more than she knew she should. Lorelai was strong, and she would be fine. She has Sookie, and Jackson, and Michel and she had Luke again. That was what mattered most. Just as the plane's engines roared to a start, Rory fastened her seatbelt, leaned back, closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. It was going to be a long flight, and a long journey.


The bell above the old door at Luke's diner rang aloud, and Luke looked up from the paperwork he was fiddling with at the counter. "Hey, you've been gone a while. You get lost?" He asked, Lorelai jokingly.

"Nah, I just didn't want to believe she was actually gone. You know?"

"You watch the planes for a little while?"

"Yup. She's really gone Luke. Our little girl has moved on to bigger and better things. Left the small town life behind her. She's off chasing presidential hopefuls, and writing and…" Lorelai choked back tears. By now, Luke had abandoned his work and walked around the counter to take Lorelai in his arms. The entire diner was mesmerized by the display and yet no body said anything.

"Do you want to go upstairs?" Luke suggested. "Everyone's sort of…"

"Yeah," She cut him off. "If that's okay?"

"Absolutely. You want me to come with you?"

"If you don't mind." He nodded, wordlessly and followed her up the familiar stairs to his apartment above the diner.


Dragonfly Inn

"Sookie," Michel called. "Where is Lorelai?" He asked, stepping into the kitchen.

Sookie stood in front of the stove stirring some sort of white sauce. "She had to take Rory to the airport this morning. She said she'd be in, but she's probably not feeling up to it. You may be on your own today, Michel."

"I did not know that Rory was leaving so soon."

"Mhm, she caught her flight early this morning."

"Oh how sad." He said sarcastically, and exited the kitchen.


Gilmore House, Hartford

"Richard, did Lorelai call you this morning?" Emily asked, before taking a sip of her coffee.

"No, Rory called before she boarded the plane though, she said everything was on time, she was excited and that Lorelai would be here Friday night for dinner as usual."

"Very good. Will Christopher be coming with her?"

"Emily, please. Haven't you given up on him yet? They've gotten a divorce, everything is done, final, legal and official. Don't press her on it."

"Well can you blame me Richard? The girl can't commit to a damn thing. Ideally I would like for her and Christopher to reconcile and be a family again, like they're supposed to be."

"Do not be silly, Emily. You know as well as I do that it will never happen. It's not even a slight possibility. There is no way. Drop it now, and do not bring it up again."

"You want her to get back with Luke, don't you Richard?" Emily asked, shocked.

"I'm not saying that it would be the best thing for her, she could clearly do much better but Luke is a fine man, and clearly the only man she's loved enough to stick it out for. If he hadn't created the mess with his daughter for himself, they would still be together, happy, married and we might even have more grandchildren by now. Even you had accepted them as a couple by the end of it."

"Sure, when I thought I didn't have a say in the matter."

"Don't fool yourself Emily, you had nothing to do with them staying together, or separating. Lorelai does what she wants to do."

"Then why did she leave Luke?"

"Do you listen when she speaks to you Emily? Luke left her. She asked him to go away with her, and to marry her right then, and he said nothing. She took that as a 'no.'."

"I know, and then she walked away. I remember quite clearly. SHE walked away from HIM."

"I don't wish to discuss this anymore, Emily. I'm going to go the office."

"Fine, have a good day." And with that, Richard asked the maid for his coat and walked out the door.


Luke's Apartment

"How're you doing? Luke asked. It had been an hour since Lorelai had come into the diner, originally. She'd asked for a while to herself, and that's exactly what he gave her. He waited a half an hour, and when she still hadn't come downstairs, he figured he'd go up and check on her.

"I'm okay. I'm sorry I'm monopolizing your apartment, I just… I can't go home you know? I can't go to the inn. I feel like everywhere I go, there's Rory except she's not actually there."

"She'll be back, Lorelai. You know she'll be back."

"But when? There is no timeline. It could be next week, month, year. I just.. I cannot stand not knowing, Luke."

"I know." He looked at her, sitting there staring that the ceiling, tears rolling from her beautiful blue eyes. It reminded him vaguely of a time that seemed like forever ago, Paul Anka was sick for the first time, and she stayed up all night. She stared at blankly for hours, before he'd come into Rory's room where she sat in a chair wrapped in blankets, spouting on and on about what a terrible mother she was. "Do you want me to make you some coffee?"

"I'm so pathetic that you're offering to make me coffee? Oh now I know there is something seriously wrong."

"I just… I like to see you happy, Lorelai." He'd uttered the exact same words the night before, right before they'd shared their first embrace, and their first kiss in a long, long time.

"I know you do, Luke. And I love you for it." Their eyes locked for a moment, and silence encompassed the room. Lorelai broke it, "Always have, and I always will." She leaned over the arm of the chair she was sitting in and kissed Luke, passionately. Neither of them broke that kiss for quite some time.


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