I have asked myself so many times how Naruto grew up. Somebody had to feed him and give him shelter when he was a baby. So I made up my own version of events. So here goes.

Disclaimer - I do not own Naruto or any of the other characters.

It was just another ordinary day. An occasional breeze would flow through the leaves, birds sang, and the sun shown brilliantly in the sky. Jiraiya had just sat down in the cool shade of a large tree to put some of his most recent "research" from the nearby village he had been visiting into his newest book. He had a new idea for his books, and was going to get a good amount of his book written before continuing on to another village. He had heard the women in the next village were even more beautiful than in the village he had just left.

Jiraiya was chuckling, his cheeks turning red, as he moved into the better parts of his story. Writing his stories from this angle would be much more interesting to read and write than the style he had used for his first novel. He would probably sell a lot more. His thoughts were interrupted though as a small toad appeared in front of him, carrying a roll of paper. Jiraiya stopped writing and closed his book immediately. He could tell this was something serious.

Gently, he relieved the toad of the paper and unrolled it. As he read his face showed shock and sorrow. Then he jumped up, and flew through the trees as fast as he could.

He had to return to Kanoha! A nine tailed fox demon had attacked. Many people were dead. There was a great amount of destruction. Worst of all, his student, the fourth hokage, was dead. Jiraiya had only been away two weeks and already he would never see Minato again. He thought now that the third great shinobi war had finally ended, he would be able to leave again for a while. Naruto, his own godchild, had become a container for the monster. He had not even seen Naruto yet, as the baby had been born just a week after he had began traveling again.

It would take almost a full day's journey to return. The pain in his chest from finding out about the loss of his respected student made the movements through the trees difficult. He wanted to be able to fall limply to the ground and fall asleep, maybe to wake up and find this had not happened. He only hoped his uneasy feeling about Naruto's safety was just because he was being overly worried. He hoped villagers could see the difference between a newborn harmless innocent infant and a murderous demon fox that had killed half the village.

Far away from Jiraiya, the usually peaceful and thriving hidden village of the leaf was unrecognizable. Half the buildings were crushed into powder and even the ones still stable needed repairs. Debris and garbage was littered throughout the entire area. Many nearby trees had been flattened.

Several people were working to gather the dead bodies to bury. Sounds of crying children, groans of pain from injured survivors, and sobs of mourning and grieving came from all directions.

Through all this a feeling of anger could be felt coming from many people so strongly it was almost tangible. People wanted revenge for the great blow Konoha had just received. They wanted revenge on the monster fox that had caused this. The monster fox that had made so many people homeless, without food, with no protection. The monster fox that had killed so many family members, friends, and loved ones. The monster fox that was still alive, still in the village. If they could only get rid of the container holding the monster, they would also kill the monster.

The Nine tailed demon would have been killed yesterday, as soon as the knowlede was let out where the fox had gone and what the boy named Naruto really was. But the third hokage, who had agreed to come out of retirement to lead the village again, would not allow any harm to the fox's container. There was also the mother, Uzimaki Kushina, who would not allow harm to the baby.

In the hokage's office the third was frantically trying to make plans for the village's repair. There were now orphans who needed foster homes, and so many buildings to rebuild. So many people were going to need a source of food. He was also making final arrangements for the very large funeral service that would take place in a few days. Not to mention the paper work he had to get through to resume his old posistion as hokage. All of this was on top of the fact that Konoha's defenses were extremely low, and extremely vulnerable to an enemy attack.

There was knock on the door.

"Come in," the third said warily. He hoped this was not going to be another complaint about the repairs needed. More than that, he really hoped this was not going to be another villager complaining about what so many others had been concerned about.

An older jonin walked in with a serious expression. "Forgive me, hokage sama," he said in an agitated voice. "But are you sure we should be allowing that monster to live in this village. Are you sure we shouldn't -"

"Naruto is not a monster, and you will not treat him as one," the hokage cut him off angrily. "I am going to forbid anyone from talking about what that innocent baby holds. If I hear another complaint or suggestion to kill him again, or even another murmer about the fox, that person will be severely punished." The third glared at the jonin that had disrupted his work. He had heard about this so many times in the last day, he had entirely lost his patience.

The ninja looked away angrily. He did not agree with the hokage's decisions, but he wasn't going to be so defiant as to say the retort in his mind.

"Is there anything else you wanted to ask me?" the third asked firmly.

"No, sorry to have bothered you hokage sama," the man said roughly. Then he turned and swiftly left the office.

Saritobi Hiruzen sighed. He was worried for Kushina, alone with her baby. She had just had a terrible loss, and now the entire village wanted revenge on what they thought her son had done. All his best ninja were hard at work repairing damage, or recovering in the hospital. But as soon as he could gather a small AMBU team he would give them some protection. He hoped they would stay safe for just a couple nights alone.

The sounds of a crying baby could be heard coming from Kushina's home. She cradled the infant and murmured comforting words to him until he quieted down. She looked at his face affectionately. He had such a strong resemblance to Minato, with bright blue eyes and blond hair. There were tear stains running down his cheeks, which now had whisker-like scars. Naruto, who was normally a giggling care free baby, was being unusually restless and unhappy. It was as if he could understand he didn't have a father anymore, or maybe he could sense the other chakra source living inside him now.

Kushina also had unmistakable signs that she had been crying. Her eyes were red, and faint traces of tear stains could also be seen. She looked as though she had not slept in days, and she was very pale. Her exhaustion was starting to overpower her, and as she watched Naruto fall to sleep, she gently laid down on the couch, curling her body protectively around him, and fell into an uneasy sleep.

She slept dreamlessly for some time, as the sun sank lower and lower in the sky. She was disturbed only once when Naruto woke from hunger, and she fed him. Both of them were beyond exhausted, and Naruto fell asleep again quickly, comforted in his mother's arms. Kushina, satisfied Naruto was calm, slipped into unconsciousness again.

A few hours later Kushina's eyes snapped open. Everything seemed so quiet. It was now completely dark outside, and Naruto was sound asleep in her arms. But she had a very uneasy feeling, and after years as a ninja, and many life threatening battles through many wars, she knew to trust her instinct that something was wrong.

Carefully she placed Naruto on the couch, where he laid undisturbed. She stood up and walked gingerly to the door. She could catch some whispers of several angry voices. As she peaked through the key hole she had to stop a gasp of horror. About fifty ninja, mostly genin, some chunin, and a couple she knew to be jonin were gathered outside her house, looking ready for a battle. Behind the group of ninja she could barely see a group of common villagers, carrying various weapons.

She understood immediately. Most of the upper level ninja had missions to do, and knew better and were too mature to defy the hokage's orders. But these lower level ninja only had the easier jobs, and were not as skilled at controlling their emotions. They were teaming up to attack Naruto.

Quickly she ran to the sleeping baby and gently scooped him up, just as the door was broken off it's hinges.