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Tsukiyomi Ikuto has been mailing letters to a pen pal he was assigned to in kindergarten. Even though he was only supposed to talk to his pal for a month, he grown attached until high school. What will happen when his pen pal has come to his class?

~*Pen Pals*~


"Okay Minna-san, I have a new assignment." the sensei announced. Everyone in the kindergarten class plum looked towards the front of the class, except one little was looking outside the back door of the classroom. His name was Tsukiyomi Ikuto. He was always isolated from everyone in the class except for only his four best friends, Kukai, Nagihiko, Kairi, and Tadase.

"Tsukiyomi-san pay attention!" the sensei scolded. Ikuto made a small sigh as he lazily dragged his eyes to the front. The sensei smiled. "Okay now that I have everyone's attention, I can go further." she said with a smile. Ikuto looked over at Kukai who was chuckling. "You got in trouble." he whispered along with more small chuckles. "Souma-kun..." the sensei scolded. Kukai twitched. "Sorry sensei." he said. When the teacher wasn't paying attention, Kukai poked his tongue out at Ikuto. Ikuto rolled his eyes.

"Now this assignment is special class, it's worth a whole bunch of your grade." she said happily making Ikuto scoff. "What are we doing?" a little bay named Tadase asked in a small cute voice. The sensei smiled before answering. "We are all sending letters to different people around the country! It's called pen-pals." she said. Nagihiko snapped his head up. "Really? I've heard of those!" he exclaimed with his hand up. Kukai had his head up too. "Me too! It's where you keep chickens!" he exclaimed making everyone looked at him confused. "Uh..no Souma-kun, that's just a pen." she said with a nervous smile.

Kukai sunk down in his seat embarrassed. Ikuto made a chuckle. "Let me explain what pen-pals are about." the sensei said. "Pen-pals are people that you send letters to that are very far away. It's a way to learn what they do differently than us." she said with the same smile. Kukai nodded. "Now I have a bunch of names and addresses in this hat, and when I call you're name, I want you to come up and pick one out." she said walking over to her desk to get the hat.

Ikuto sighed. He didn't want to do this. He was just waiting to go home so he could play with his beginner violin that his dad bought him the other day. That's the only thing he was focused on. He wanted to be famous just like his dad. He wanted to be just as good, maybe even better. But ever since his little sister Utau was born, his father we more occupied with her happiness. He didn't really mind though. He actually wanted to learn on his own anyway. Utau was only two years younger than him, and they were close.

"Tsukiyomi-san, it's your turn." the sensei said. Ikuto stood up. "Sensei, so we really have to do this?" he asked. The sensei sighed as she pinched her nose. "Yes Tsukiyomi-san, now come and pick your name and address." she said shaking the hat, slightly impatient. Ikuto sighed as he walked slowly to the front of the classroom. All the little girls in the class were saying how cool he was, and was wondering why he never played like a normal.

It made him cringe. He didn't want to do some dinky pointless assignment. He lazily put his hand in the hat, and pulled out the first name that made contact with his hand. Once he took it out, he shoved it in his pocket, not taking even a look at it. "Well Tsukiyomi-san? Who are you writing?" the sensei asked. Ikuto sighed as he took the small piece of paper out of his pocket, and reading it aloud.

"Hinamori Amu." he said as he walked to his seat. The sensei smiled. "Make sure to write to her when you get home. I will call your mother to make sure you do it. I know how you get distracted sometimes." she said. Ikuto grimaced as he sat in his seat, looking outside again. Oh how he wanted out of here so badly.

After school, Ikuto, Tadase, Kukai, Nagihiko and Kairi were getting ready to walk home together. "Ikuto you've been quiet." Nagihiko said putting on his shoes. Kukai nodded. Kairi adjusted his small glasses. "You don't want to do the homework do you?" he asked. Ikuto nodded. Tadase smiled. "You should lighten up, it might be fun." he said, And with that statement, the five boys adjusted their small yellow kindergarten hats, their little blue jackets, and went home.

Once Ikuto made it home, he greeted his mom. "Ikuto-kun I got a call from you're teacher. She said-" "I know, I'll get started on it now." he said with a sigh as he walked to his room. His mom looked at him with a proud smile on her face. "Okay then, I'll make you something to eat while you write." she said going towards the kitchen.

Ikuto was getting a little agravated at this 'homework' his teacher assigned him. He didn't know what to write, and it was making him frustrated. "Mou, I don't know what she would want to read." he said putting his head on his desk. "Uh... Ikuto-nii?" he heard a small voice. Ikuto turned towards his sister. "What is it Utau?" he asked. Utau walked to her big brother, looking at what he was writing. "What are you doing?" she asked, her petite voice echoing his room. Ikuto sighed.

"I'm writing a letter to a girl." he said paying his attention back to his work. Utau smiled. "Can I help?" she asked. Ikuto made a small smile at his sister. "Sure Utau, you can help." he said. "Do you have any ideas on what I should write?" he asked. Utau put her little index finger on her chin, looking up. "Hmm, why don't you tell her eberyting bout youshelf?" she asked, her small vocabulary struggling. Ikuto frowned. He couldn't possibly do that...could he? "Okay, Utau I can give it a try." he said. Utau smiled. "Hn!" she exclaimed with a nod.

"Utau! Time for your piano lesson!" he heard his mother call from downstairs. Utau smiled towards the door. Ikuto noticed this, and smiled. "Are you excited?" he asked. Utau nodded excitedly. "I can't wait until I'm a profeshonal!" she exclaimed. "You mean 'profesional'?" he asked, and Utau nodded as she ran downstairs. "Good luck!" she shouted to him. Ikuto chuckled as he looked back to his paper. He suddenly had a clear idea on what to write.

Dear Hinamori-san,

My name is Tsukiyomi Ikuto, and I live in Tokyo Japan. My teacher told us to write a letter to someone that lived far away to learn about what they do differently from us. Well before I ask, I would like to tell you a few things about me. I play the violin. I'm only a beginner, but I'm going to famous just like my dad. I have a sister named Utau. She wants to be a pianist. I am 6 years old. Now I can asked, what do you do?

-Tsukiyomi Ikuto

Once he finished, he sealed it in an envelope, and slid it in a mail box.

Three days later!

"Ikuto-san! You have a letter!" his mother called from downstairs. Ikuto completely forgot about that homework thing they had to do. He walked downstairs, and took the letter from his mom. "Thanks." he said before walking up the stairs.

Once he was in his room, he sat on his bed, and opened the envelope. He didn't really care, so he took his time. Once it was all the way open, he read what she replied.

Dear Tsukiyomi-san,

When my mommy and daddy said that I had a letter from someone, I was so happy! Thanks for writing to me. Well, to start, I'm Amu. I'm 5 years old, and I live in Kyoto Japan. Not too far from where your are. I like to sing and dance. I take classes for singing every thursday. I have a little sister named Ami, well not yet because she's still in my mommy's tummy. But she will be out in one month. I'm really excited! Anyway thanks for writing to me. I hope you write back.

-Hinamori Amu

He couldn't help but smile at his letter. She sounded so care free and happy. It kinda made him want to write back. So that's exactly what he did.

End of Flashback!

Ikuto was now in class. It was his first year in high school, and it was mid-terms...joy. Good thing it was the last day. Ikuto looked around the classroom, to see who was finished and who was not. Kairi was the first one done, so he didn't even glance in his direction. Nagihiko had his paper on his desk neatly along with his pencil and pen, which was telling that he was done. Tadase was on his last question. Once he looked at Kukai, he was scratching his head, and looking at the paper aggravated. Which was telling that he was far from done.


"Finally!" Kukai exclaimed as he gathered his books, and dashed out of the classroom. Ikuto sighed as he grabbed his books and go to lunch to eat.

Once everyone was seated, they started to eat. There was Ikuto, the tall handsome teen with the sapphire eyes and midnight blue hair. All girls were fawning over him, and every guy was envious of him. He didn't really care though. Then there was Kukai, the soccer star. Majority of the girls in the school like him too. He had this cheesy smile on his face that caught attention. But he liked someone already though. Next to him was Nagihiko. The dancer. All the girls like him because he was nice and polite. But he liked someone too. On the other side of Kukai was Kairi, the bookworm. Not only was he good looking, but he was gorgeous too. Next to him was Tadase, the prince. He had a cute smile that could catch anyone's attention. His eyes were like rubies on a kings staff.

Now there were the girls. First there was Rima, the comedic genius. She had long luscious blonde hair that reached to her hind legs, she had hazel eyes that sparkled, and her petite body caught attention. She was cold, but very judgmental when it came to comedy. Next to her was Yaya, the candy freak. She had orange hair that were enclosed with big red ribbons, she had brown eyes that glistened when she saw her favorite treat, and she had more energy which all the guys saw as cute. On the other side of Rima was Utau, known as the piano prodigy. Also known as Ikuto's little sister. She had competitive violet eyes that could pierce through skin. Her long blonde hair was wrapped up in pigtails. The guys liked her for her competitive act, but she already had someone she liked.

I guess you could call them the popular's or something...eh.

"I heard we're getting a new transfer student tomorrow!" Yaya exclaimed. Nagihiko nodded. "Yes, I heard too." he said. Ikuto and the others nodded. Then a piece of paper fell out of Ikuto's notebook. Nagihiko picked it up for him and was about to hand it to him, until he saw what was on it.

To: Ikuto

From: Amu

His eyes widened. "Ikuto, you're still talking to this girl?" he asked. Ikuto looked at Nagihiko and nodded. Utau and the guys gathered closer to him. "I thought you stopped after the first year of middle school?" Tadase asked. "I know! I haven't talked to my pen pal since kindergarten!" Kukai exclaimed. The others nodded.

Ikuto shrugged. "We just...never stopped talking to each other." he said snatching back the letter. He didn't get a chance to read it yet. "Are you guys talking about that whole pen-pal thing that you guys told us about?" Rima asked. They nodded. Yaya squealed. "It's like a romance movie!!" she exclaimed making everyone sweat drop. Ikuto was about to open the envelope, when he noticed that everyone was staring at him. He raised an eyebrow. "What?" he asked annoyed. Everyone went back to what they were doing.

Ikuto sighed as he made a small smile. He was actually excited about this weeks letter. He slid the paper out of the envelope and started to read.

Dear Ikuto,

I'm glad that you wrote back. And thanks for saying happy birthday to me. I didn't think you would remember! You're birthday was December 1st right? Tell me if I'm wrong. But I forgot to tell you the news that I wanted to mention last time I replied. So I'm just going to tell you now. Well, my family's moving...again. But this time it's a permanent deal. I know I said that last time but, this time it's for real. I won't ever forget to write to you though. You're like one of my best friends. I still can't beleive we're still talking after nine years. I remember you mentioning a while ago that the only reason why you were writing to me was just for homework. Now here we are! First year students in high school! I'm still kind of nervous though. What if my new classmates don't like me? I need advice!


Ikuto frowned. She was moving again? He didn't like the sound of that. When Amu and Ikuto started to talk more, she's been moving a lot. Almost every two years. And every time she moved, she would have to deal with new classes, new classmates, and new took a good glare at the letter. I hope she's okay....

"Did you're girlfriend break up with you or something?" Kukai asked with a smirk. Ikuto sighed. "She's not my girlfriend. And nothing like that happened. She's...moving again." he said. Nagihiko and Kukai shrugged. "Dude, I wouldn't be surprised if she was completely ugly." Kukai said scratching his head. Nagihiko nodded. "That could be true Ikuto. Did you two even exchange pictures?" he asked. Ikuto shook his head.

"No we haven't." he answered. "Then how do you know what she looks like?!" Kukai and Nagihiko exclaimed, making Ikuto and the others flinched. "Stop being so loud! That's my job!" Yaya shouted. "And, leave Ikuto alone. If they haven't exchanged pictures, they haven't exchanged pictures." Utau said with a shrug. Rima stayed silent.

Kairi pushed up his glasses. "Even so, I wonder who this new transfer student is." he said with his eyes closed. Everyone looked at him. "You know don't you?" Tadase asked. Kairi's glasses flashed, not showing his eyes. "Maybe. But then again, maybe not." he said with a small smirk. Everyone sweat dropped.


Lunch was over, and everyone was now in class. Utau went back to the middle school with Yaya, and Kairi, leaving Ikuto and the others to go back to class 1-C. Knowing Ikuto, this was the perfect time to write back to Amu. Once everyone was seated, Ikuto got a piece of paper out from under his desk, a pen and started to write words.

Dear Amu,

I don't know if I can give you any advice...it would've been much easier if we actually went to school together, sorry. But I can tell you this. Just do the same thing you did with all the other schools. I'm sure you'll turn out fine. Yes you got my birthday right, and thanks for thanking me. And yes the time has flew by pretty quickly. I'm glad that I met you, and I hope that we can talk. And I'm not talking about letters. My friends keep asking me what you look like and it's bugging me. You're one of my best friends too and I'm not going to make you do something you don't want to do. Make sure you write back.


Once he sealed his paper in the envelope, he put it in his pocket.

School was over, and Ikuto rushed home. He had to mail the letter before the mail carrier came. He finally reached it, and pushed the envelope in. Now all he had to do was wait until she replied.

But little did he know, he didn't have to wait that long.

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