So this is what three years of pain and suffering did? Haha! Just kidding!

This, my dear readers is the ending to part one of the Martyrs series.

Series you say! What on earth is to come?

Shut up and I'll tell you! Scurs that…

Okay, so basically Anko's going to be training with Jiraiya for three years, similar to the way He and Naruto did. I have decided to write a mini-series of what went on with them this summer (God, please don't kill my laptop!) as well as the awesome drama that existed with Itachi and Ryik as they struggled with there teen hoods. It's gonna be sweet! As soon as that's done with, I'll be creating the second part of the Martyrs series:

Martyrs II: Monsters. This will take place from with Anko is twenty up until…so on.

Until this magic happens, I will be complete 'Sweet Irony', as well as creating a new fic named 'Take me to Wonderland!' starring Orochimaru and Anko, respectively. You know those ridiculous Hallmark Movies you see every year when the SOB gets hit upside the head or something and wakes up in an alterative universe when his life is complete changed? Well, this is what this will be about, only it will take place from Orochimaru's view. Hope to have it out soon. I guess I'll work on my school work...blah...

In conclusion: thank you so cherry much too all my supporters! I had no idea when I began writing this as a way out of depression that it would lead to 125+ reviews, 30 favorites, and 25 alerts.

Special thanks to me Beta Reader NinjaShiek who put up with my insanity when no one else would. She's an amazing writer (check out her stories yo) as well as a bright, energetic individual whom I hope will continue with her writing until she BLOOP dies!

Thanks to Ocean Eve! We haven't known each other for too long, but despite the home life and college, she always leaves me a humorous review as well as a juicy chapter of her stories (check her out you! I means it!)

Thanks to my dear Draco Oblivion! He's a great brit with a nutty personality as well as set of wooden teeth that would make the Reaper laugh (I hope that's true…) He's been a long-time friend and reviewer and I will try to squeeze his memory somewhere into my heart.

To Ducebag: Thanks…ha…

To everyone else: You rock! When I die, call me, Ryunn the Awesome! Signing out yall~!