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New Day, New School.

Sakura awoke in the middle of the night; she leaned over to look at her clock

"Ugh its only 4 o clock and school doesn't start till 7…interesting…" she got up and went to her computer. She opened up her Aim instant messenger to update her status


What's going on now?- ugh, I have to go to ANOTHER new school again. ..

She hit enter as her status went through her computer and into the Lifestream. Sakura was still a little tired, but not enough for her to sleep. So she got out her clothes and set them on her bed

"Wow I can't see them without a light…idiot…" so she turned on her small ceiling fan light. Her room was small in itself; there were 2 windows, a small bed for her, and a dresser for her clothing, hardly enough room for a teenage girl like sakura. She got out an Abercrombie blouse, followed up with another shirt, Gilley Hicks jeans and belt, and threw a black sweater over it all to complete her outfit. She added some bracelets and a heart necklace, and finished it off with a flower pin in her hair. She decided it was all satisfactory and then jumped into the shower. To Sakura's surprise she was in the shower for 45 minutes, and it was now 5, still incredibly early though.

"This should be an interesting day Sakura, with the way you are starting out…." Sakura had moved in with her aunt Tsunade, because her mom and dad were killed when she was young and this was the only family she had left. She sighed and decided to go back to her computer. She read it over


What's going on now?- ugh, I have to go to ANOTHER new school again. ..

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This made Sakura smile, she had moved schools a couple of times and had to leave her all time best friend Rin at her old school. She was very happy that Rin never forgot about her, and they would stay friends forever. She commented quickly back to Rin saying her thanks, then realized it was 5:30, time to go make breakfast. Sakura new her aunt was up so she could make more noise, she turned on the radio and started making waffles

"Oh my god Blah Blah Blah is on! I love this song!" Sakura began singing along with the popular song by Ke$ha and dancing as well. Before she knew it her waffles were done, so she took them out and put them on the table. She grabbed maple syrup from her refrigerator and also placed that on the table. She made herself a quick protein shake and her breakfast was ready. She sat down and stared at her breakfast

"Oh well I'm not really that hungry…" she realized after cooking her food

"Oh well!" and she started forcing herself to eat and drink. By 6:00 Sakura had finished breakfast and now it was time to 'tweak' her outfit…

30 minutes later…

"Ok I'm done! Oh my it's 6:30 I need to go! Bye Aunt Tsunade see you soon!" she yelled into the house and then locked the door behind her. She lived close to her new school, Konoha High, it was a 10 minute walk at most, and that was if she walked very slowly. Sakura noticed that there were hardly any busses pulling into the school, and no kids running or biking of however they got to school. She noticed there was a kid walking ahead of her, but she didn't know who he was yet. Then it hit her

"Oh yeah that's the neighbors son! Doesn't he have like, 2 other siblings? Why is he walking alone?" she said to herself, she was too far away to ask him, and plus that would be very awkward considering she just moved here. She stopped to check her phone, it was only 6:35, and she was already close to the school. That's when she got a sudden text from her best friend Rin. The text read,

"Heyyy bffl! How are you handling walking to school, meet anyone on your way there?! Don't spare ANY details! LoveyouRin333" This made Sakura smile for a second time that morning, she stood there sending a reply message, and in the middle of her message she heard someone yell at her

"HEY! You're the neighbors girl right?!" The kid startled Sakura, she jumped at first but then looked at the kid

"Umm yes I am…who are you...?" she asked him in a low voice

"Don't you remember?! I met you last week! The Sabaku siblings! I'm the oldest, Kankuro?! Do you remember me?" the light bulb finally went off

"Oh yes! I do! I'm so sorry I didn't at first, I'm a little…nervous" She admitted, her cheeks turning a slight shade of red

"Oh well that fine! I can imagine you would be just a little nervous" he said winking at her

"Umm well…yea…" This is officially awkward…Sakura though, so she turned to her phone for support and sent her interrupted text message to Rin.

"Umm why is there no one around…doesn't school start in like, 20 minutes?" Suddenly the kid burst out laughing

"HAHAHAHA IT DOESN'T START AT 7!" he laughed at her

"Oh well…thanks…" Wow, that made her day even better. When he was finally done laughing he was able to form a sentence

"School in this area doesn't start till 7:30! So your VERY early miss…?" he trailed off

"OH! Sakura, I'm sorry my name is Sakura Haruno."

"Oh well its nice to meet you AGAIN Sakura!" ok, he was officially making her feel like dirt

"mhmm…" was all Sakura could say, it was the first day and she already wanted to leave. She was surprised when a girl walked over and hit the kid over the head

"I'm sorry! Was my stupid brother causing you any trouble?!" That's when the girl spotted Sakura's sad expression. This time she hit the kid over the head even harder

"You ass hole you made her feel horrible on her first day of school! Now go home and get our stuff so I can fix your mistake here!" she yelled at him

"Fine whatever…" he grumbled and walked away. Sakura was a little shocked, no one had ever really stuck up for her like that, except for Rin. The tall girl walked over to her

"Hello I'm sorry for my brother, my name is Temari Sabaku, and we met earlier" she said with a genuine smile. Sakura looked at her confused, then snapped out of it

"Oh yea I remember you, you like to collect giant fans right?"

"YEPP THAT'S ME!" The girl yelled at her and scared Sakura a little

"I'm sorry I tend to get loud sometimes" She grabbed Sakura's hand and shook it

"Nice to meet you, formally" She said

"Oh well nice to meet you too, my name is Sakura Haruno." She said with a smile. She saw the annoying kid named Kankuro walking up behind Temari, Temari leaned down to whisper in Sakura's ear

"If he annoys you, just slap him and call him a pervert He'll stop, I promise" she leaned back to herself and smiled at Sakura. Sakura was a little confused with everything that had just happened. Rin hadn't responded yet, which was weird, but Sakura just shrugged it off as nothing.

"Walk with us!" Temari yelled at her

"Umm well o-" she was cut off by Temari yanking her forward. They walked to school while Temari hammered Sakura with questions. They made it to the school, and Sakura was a little confused, and when Temari saw this she explained

"The school has 4 entrances, 2 for us, and 2 for people who take that crap bus system."

"Oh…I see…" sakura replied. There was a walkway leading up to the school door, and grass around it. There was one tree on Sakura's left side, and some flowers on her right. Sakura noticed the boy she saw earlier sitting in the tree. She couldn't help but stare at him. He had scarlet shaded hair, and it was eyebrow length. He wore a LOT of black, and his t-shirt had a skull design on it with some other things she couldn't see. He had on black jeans with a chain in one of the pockets, and black shoes on. Ok, a lot of black was an understatement! He was well toned, but not overly muscular. He had an I-pod in his ears and what looked like a phone in his hands. Sakura couldn't really tell that much about him, he was sitting on the branch of the tree, and they were far away. Sakura looked at Temari, who was apparently arguing with Kankuro but Sakura was to busy observing to be paying attention

"Who is that kid?" she asked Temari, and she looked over

"Oh that my younger brother, Gaara. He's a little anti-social though so be careful. Once you get to know him though he couldn't hurt a fly!" she said with a smile

"Gaara…oh…" was all she could say. Temari suddenly interrupted Sakura's thought process

"Hey let me see your schedule!" She grabbed Sakura's schedule and looked at it

"Umm sure?" she said to the girl

"Iew you have art with Kankuro, try not to kill him for me" She winked at Sakura

"What would you know Sakura likes me better than you! Right Sakura?!" he asked annoyed

"Umm…is there really a right answer to this question?" she said, trying not to be mean

"Never mind…woman…" He mumbled before walking away to wherever

"Hmm well I have 4 classes with you…this should be good…" She handed the schedule back. Sakura checked her phone, it was now 7 o'clock, still 30 minutes! Sakura was going insane and mentally panicking about her day. There was so much new to her, and she only knew one person really; considering the other two already hated her, or so she thought. She stayed next to Temari's side as she thought, until Temari interrupted her

"Oh! I should probably introduce you to my brother! Come here!" she said as she grabbed Sakura's wrist and pulled her towards the tree her brother was in.

"Oh Gaara!" she yelled, gaining a glance from her brother but no response

"There is someone I want you to meet! She is our new neighbor and a new classmate!"

Gaara glanced down at the girls who were now by the tree. Sakura looked up too say hi, and caught a glimpse of his eyes. His eyes were a light shade of sea foam green, almost blue like, and he had dark purple circles under them, which brought out the beauty of his eyes even more. Must not sleep a lot…Sakura thought to herself, but couldn't really help but stare at him, she was mesmerized by his eyes…

"So are you going to say something or just keep staring at me?" he asked her. Her face turned a bright shade of red when she realized what she was doing

"OH! I'm sorry I'm just a little nervous about today! My name is Sakura; it is nice to meet you!" she said as politely as she could, but still keeping her voice soft and clear.

"Hn. I figure my sister already told you my name, so I see no need in repeating it for you." He told her in a monotone, careless voice.

"Oh well, ok." Was Sakura's reply

"Told you he was anti-social…" Temari spoke softly to Sakura and earned a death glare from her brother. Oh wow talk about how looks can kill…Sakura thought to herself

"Oh relax Gaara! I'm sure Sakura still likes you even though you don't like talking to people!"

"Whatever…" came his response.

"Well I'm going to go show Sakura here around school! See you later!"

"You are?" she asked

"YES!" She yelled at Sakura and pulled her away from her brother. Sakura noticed more and more kids started to walk in now, earning more stares from more people. Temari continued showing Sakura all her classes and her locker, but Sakura could not focus on that. Why am I so concerned with if he likes me…She inwardly argued with herself. Oh well time to get a grip…I think we are at first period now? and as if on cue Temari told her

"This is your first period class. Your teacher is Kakashi, iew, but have fun anyway!" and with that she pushed Sakura into her first class. There was only about half the class there, but she still felt very uncomfortable. She spotted an open desk right in front of none other than the infamous Gaara! Oh great, this should be interesting… She thought to herself as she walked over and took a seat, making no contact with anyone around her. Sakura took out her notebook and started writing; she always wrote or drew when she was scared or worried. Sakura sunk down into her chair as she worked on a poem and drew a little. She felt so uncomfortable and sat in complete silence, only detectable by the eye. She was very distracted by the person behind her, and it was making her self conscious and she didn't know why. She kept telling herself that she would be ok; after all, you can't fall apart on the first day of school….right?

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