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I Finally Belong…

Sakura released Nii from her hold, only to realize the clock now read 1am.

Wow we have been here for a while I guess…

She thought wiping her tears away and walking Nii downstairs. Saying their goodbye's Nii began to walk off, and when she was finally out of Sakura's sight she walked across the street and hung a left to Gaara's house. She knocked quietly on the door three times and waited. When no one answered she figured Gaara had gone to sleep, and so she began to walk away.

"You would leave me that quickly?" Someone asked, and immediately she realized that person was none other than her Gaara. She spun on her heel and saw him standing in the doorway with a smirk. She bolted back to the doorway and ran into his arms, causing him to tumble into the wall behind him. Sakura nuzzled her head into the nap of his neck and kissed him lightly.

"Sorry I though you were asleep…" She said as her eyes closed, beginning falling asleep in Gaara's arms.

"It's ok" He said as he closed the door. Suddenly he picked Sakura up bridal style and it made her blush. He looked at her with a smile as he brought her upstairs with him. He kissed her lips lightly before placing her down in his bed. She moved over and gave him room to move in next to her, and so he did. She curled up next to his chest and fell silently asleep in her favorite place on earth.

Sakura woke up due to the buzz of Gaara's alarm clock. She quickly got up and stretched, toppling over a little and falling into Gaara's open arms.

"Tired are we?" He asked and she nodded. He quickly kissed her neck before moving to get himself clean clothes. Sakura realized she was still in yesterday's outfit so she quickly ran over to her house and momentarily changed. She ran back over to Gaara's house right as he was leaving. She jumped into his arms and chuckled lightly. She kissed him gently before intertwining the hands and walking to school.

Sakura was sitting under the same old tree with Gaara like any other day, when suddenly something caught her eyes in the distance. It looked like something…or someone…was running? Yes, someone was running towards the school. As the target got closer, Sakura's eyes widened as she knew this person. She jumped out of Gaara's grasp as she ran for the figure. It was Rin. She hadn't heard from Rin in a while, but thought nothing of it. When she saw the girl…in her appearance, it broke her heart. Her hair was undone, and her makeup was smudged all over her face. Her eyes were beat red, from crying Sakura assumed, and her clothes were slightly ripped in certain places. Sakura read the sheer amount of pain that was on her face, and quickly grabbed her in a hug as Rin began to sob violently into Sakura's clothing.

When Rin finally began to calm down, Sakura tried to ask her what happened.

"It was…so fast…and I couldn't…and he just…" She could not form a sentence, and that was when Sakura began to get even more worried. Sakura steadied the girl against the tree as she made Gaara get her some water. When he returned he made her drink, and to her surprise she guzzled half the bottle in one sip. Finally she was able to talk.

"It was so dark and…and…" She began to cry again as Sakura held the brunette close. She saw that the color had been drained out of Rin's hazel eyes. Her slender figure was shaking violently and her usually designer clothes were now in shreds.

What could have happened? What is she not telling me?

Sakura reached over and rubbed the girl on the back as she leaned against her.

Rin started speaking unexpectedly.

"He attacked me…" Sakura cringed and let Rin continue.

"And I was home alone…my parents are away…and then, then…" She couldn't continue, and Sakura pieced it together. It re-opened wounds for Sakura and she felt tears well up in here eyes. She brought Rin to face her as she looked deeply into her eyes.

"Rin, I need you to tell me…What did he do to you?" She asked and Rin took a deep breath before shielding her eyes with her hair.

"H-he r-raped me…" she said, and Sakura crushed the girl against her for comfort. It looks like Sakura was going to have to re-live her memories, over and over, yet again…

After about 20 minutes Sakura straightened out Rin and had her stand up as she fixed everything on her. She helped the girl with her clothes and kept her close. It was about time for school to start when she heard a car pull up. Rin turned first as Sakura followed with her. Nii stepped out of the car with her brother, but then another man stepped out.

Sakura was distracted suddenly as Rin's body began to quake. She turned to the girl as her eyes were frozen open. She followed her stare to the man who moved out of the car. He was tall with long black hair, and a pale complexion. He had snake like eyes that creped Sakura out and he was wearing purple clothing. Both his ears were pierced, and immediately she figured out this was Nii's adopted Father. Rin turned Sakura to her and looked her in the eye.

"T-t-that's…h-him…" She said as her hysterics leaked out. Suddenly Sakura stepped in front of the girl as Gaara held Rin for support. She narrowed her eyes at the family walking towards them and spat out.

"Not one more step." Her glare was icy, her words were venomous, and her hate was strong. Nii stepped forward first.

"Sakura, what's going on?"

"Nii, step away from that man…" She said eyeing the dark haired man. Nii looked confused and was about to ask, when suddenly Rin yelled out.

"Don't trust her Sakura! She's with him, she'll hurt you too!" Rin said with a nasty glare.

"Hey! Who the hell are you?" Nii asked with spite clear in her voice.

"That is my best friend! Don't you dare talk to her like that…" Sakura hissed and Nii walked back.

"Well I'm your sister so I nee-" Rin interrupted her mid sentence.

"Liar! You aren't her sister! You're the spawn of that…that devil you're standing next to!"

"Shut up! I don't care who you are but if you don't shu-"

"Nii don't make me say it again!" Sakura shot out at her.

"If you're her sister, than do you know what happened to Sakura's parents? One of them were just like that man standing next to you!"

"Our parents are good people I don't kn-" Yet another interruption.

"Her father tried to rape Sakura and she killed him! Did you know that? Do you care? You don't, because you are NOT HER SISTER!" Rin screamed at the girl with disgust in her voice. Suddenly Nii's expression became blank as she stared at Sakura.

"Y-you what?" She said as her eyes narrowed at Sakura.

"See Sakura! She's not your sister! She's using you!" Rin yelled and suddenly Nii was in front of them all. Her hand was raised in the air as it shot down to claw the girl standing in front of her, the girl named Sakura.

Right as the girl's claw was about to make contact with Sakura's face, a large object blocked it. In fact, the object blocked her whole body. When she looked to the side, she saw Temari standing there with a large fan like instrument in her hand. She took both her hands and pushed Nii back even further than before. The man with long black hair eye's widened.

"Hello again…Orochimaru" She said, her eyes narrowed with a grin on her face as she stepped in front of the trio. Sakura was very confused, it all seemed to happen so fast. She looked at the large fan Temari was now resting her elbow on. It had multiple small glass like balls in it, and to her surprise it had blades that stuck out of the tips on the fan.

"You see Sakura, our father is never around because he is a nuclear physicist and works in a lab in the city. This guy over here, used to work with out father." She explained as she held up her fan and completely spread it out, revealing all the colors hidden inside it.

"Remember this one? You helped design it." She said with an evil smile.

"How did he? It's impossible! It was unstable, there is no way he could have finished it alone!" The man growled at Temari, who just stood smiling as well.

"Oh he had help…from me!" Temari said with a triumphant smile.

"It was designed for me, so I helped put a little…personal touches on it" She told the man who looked shocked and taken back. Suddenly it was Nii who yelled out.

"Enough chit chat! It's time Sakura paid! You ruined everything for me Sakura, and now you will pay the price!" the girl said as she sped at Temari. The man named Orochimaru was now smiling.

This was always his plan from the begging!

Sakura inwardly winced as she realized how truly evil this man was. Temari raised her fan and quickly blew it towards the girl as a yellow powder blew through the wind, almost un-detectable. Nii moved back as she inhaled the dust, but did not notice.

"You don't wanna fight me hand to hand huh? You hide behind that stupid fan!" She gritted her teeth as suddenly she was running. She was incredibly fast, but Temari was equally trained with her fan. Nii wrapped around a tree as she quickly climbed it and leapt into the air and onto the back side of us. She sped towards Sakura once more, but this time Temari was prepared. She yelled out.

"Duck!" As everyone hit the ground, she waved the fan as a combination of blue and white dust spread through the wind. Suddenly Nii fell back into the tree, as she had multiple cuts all over her face. She stuttered as she talked.

"H-how? There were no weapons there!" She said, but Temari kept grinning.

"I guess you're not as smart as I thought you were, oh well" Nii began to search everywhere, and then it finally hit her. There was a slight discoloration on the fan, and she smirked.

"Oh I see…when you blow the wind, metal pieces of the fan fall off, and in effect cut and mutilate whatever they hit into" She said, running her hands over the scratched up tree.

"Look's like you figured it out, but too bad, you have already lost the game!" She said holding up her fan once more, but as soon as she did Nii was gone. She put the fan down as she searched the area.

"You're not the only one with a smart daddy!" She said as she ran out of nowhere towards Temari. This time the attack hit, slashing her across the face as she fell back on the ground.

"Temari!" I yelled rushing to her side. She quickly got back up with blood trickling down her face. But there was something wrong, she was laughing.

"T-Temari…?" I asked confused as she got upright, seeming to be un-fazed by the attack.

"Oh look's like I'm going to have to get serious! This should be fun!" Sakura was dumbfounded, and well Nii was distracted as well due to her confident attitude she quickly asked Temari a question.

"Temari, what was that dust you scattered in the wind before?" Temari smirked.

"Oh so you caught that one? Well you will see soon enough…now, hit the ground!" She said, and so Sakura did, her face colliding with the dirt. Temari hit something on her fan before raising it up.

"This match is as good as over! Disperse!" She yelled as she threw the fan in an open position. It created a circle as it flew around the entire field, and Sakura was barely able to pick up the silver dust that flew through the air. Nii was gone and easily dodged the large metallic thrown fan, but with running you must breathe, and she must have breathed in the dust.

Why hasn't she fallen yet…?

Temari thought with a frown as Nii smirked.

"You didn't seriously think poison dust would effect me enough for you to win, did you?" She asked as Temari growled at her.

"No, but look's like your going to make me use the full potential of this fan…" She said as her hand touched a spot on it, and now the blades on the edge of the fan grew larger. Suddenly she pulled two objects out of the fan and stuck them to the satchel around her waist. The larger fan was quickly put in the back of the satchel as she took out the two objects. She fanned them out to reveal two more fans. These were no ordinary fans though; they had curved metallic blades all around the mount of the fan and a glassy appearance around the guards and shoulder of the fan.

"These fans are for close combat…don't think you can beat me that easily" Temari said with a grin as suddenly they both ran at each other. The dust finally took effect as Nii's speed slowed down and Temari now had a fighting chance.

Sakura noticed something funny though, where was the man with long hair? Before she could even react the heard his voice from behind her.

"You've been very troublesome to me foolish girl!" He said as he aimed a dagger at Rin. She froze and shut her eyes, preparing for the impact, but in fact, there was no sound or impact. Another voice was heard instead.

"Don't touch her!" As a foreign boot made contact with the man's face, and he fell backwards. Suddenly, none other than the red headed Tayuya appeared in front of Rin, Gaara, and Sakura and held her flute to the side.

"Remember me?" She said with a grin as the man looked stunned.

"B-but h-how?" He asked.

"Your once pathetic student has now surpassed you Sempai. How do you feel about that?" She asked, and a flash of anger passed through his face, before he regained his composure.

"Surpassed me?" He let out an evil chuckle which made Tayuya grin.

"You can't possible think of surpassing ME! You're pathetic and you always will be! Look's like I was careless last time, but now, I wont be so merciful" His voice dropped from an amused tone, to a deadly one at the end of his sentence.

"Who's this?" Tayuya asked, gesturing to the cowering Rin.

"Another one of you're students? Or a Guinea Pig?" She gave the girl another glance, and then her expression became hateful and angry.

"Looks like a Guinea Pig, I think it's time I taught you a lesson on manners" She said picking up her flute.

"Ha I'd like to see you use my own wea-" Tayuya cut him off.

"This is now MY weapon! And I do intend on showing you how it works!" Suddenly she blew into it as a loud screech was heard. Sakura put her hands over her ears, for she had heard it before, but to her surprise no pain had come to her. The man, on the other hand, was on the ground clutching his ears. Tayuya stopped as she glared at him.

"I made some changes to this, along with some changes to myself" she said. Sakura noticed the scars that were still healing from her encounter with Tenten, but now she was fighting on Sakura's side, and she was indeed a good ally.

"I can now zero in on your heart beat…and then the flute takes affect" She said with a smile.

"I took those drugs you made for the ears…the ones you left behind after you attacked me" She said, her voice lowering as the man cringed from the pain.

"And now I'm going to finish it" She raised the flute to her mouth as she was about to blow into it, when suddenly the boy named Kabuto interfered as he lunged at the girl with a scalpel.

"You won't touch him…" He said; anger clear on his face. Tayuya spat on the floor and glared at him before raising her hands once more, ready to deliver an attack to Kabuto. Sakura thought it was odd when the boy put on a pair of gloves…with, wires on them? Yes, she was sure they were wires. Suddenly he was running at Tayuya, and when she zeroed in on his heartbeat and attacked, he held up his gloves. There was a blue type of light that emitted from them, and he continued running into her attack. Catching on to the fact that her flute was useless she quickly jumped to the side as he tried to punch her, and countered with a kick of her own.

Sakura knew kids were piling up on the outskirts, watching in amazement at was going on, and she could only sit there and hope it would all end soon, like a bad dream.

Kabuto was faster than he looked; Tayuya was barely able to dodge his attacks as some of them hit her. She cried out in pain whenever they did, and Kabuto explained that his gloves give off electric pulses that would soon damage Tayuya's organs if she was not careful. She gritted her teeth as she tried to think of a plan. At this point the school was piling around watching in amazement as multiple people were calling 911, but there was a fatal flaw with the school; the police were all the way on the other side of the town, and it would take about 30 minutes before they could get here.

Sakura cursed under her breath as Tayuya took another hit and screamed in pain. Even though this girl caused her much trouble, she still felt bad for her. Suddenly when Kabuto took a step back a needle lodged itself into his side as Kin ran in front of her friend.

"I have no idea who you are, but you picked the wrong person to screw with!" Kin yelled as she readied more needles.

"You think you're the only one who has friends…?" Kabuto asked as suddenly a very tall and fat boy emerged from the group of kids. He had orange short hair and looked extremely mad, due to his scrunched up face.

"Jirobo…never thought I'd see you again…" Tayuya winced as she got up, but Kin motioned for her to step back.

"Let me take care of this Tayuya…" She said.

"No…if he is here, than the rest are as well…" Tayuya said as she got up. She was right. Suddenly a pair of twins stepped out of the scene. They both had long silver hair and no emotion on their face. The last person to step out was a boy with long hair that was pulled into a puffy ponytail in the back of his head. Tayuya was in no condition to fight, and she knew it.

Suddenly Sakura heard a big mouth, and for once she was relieved to hear it.

"If you get any closer to them I will KILL ALL OF YOU!" Karin screamed as she got next to Kin, gritting her teeth. No one said a word, and the silence was painful. The large fat boy was the first to break it, as he began to run at the smaller Karin. She quickly went towards him as well and their fists clashed, and both of them fell back. Suddenly the twins were next to mobilize as one of them attacked Kin and the other went for the beaten up Tayuya. This was going to get ugly, and Sakura knew it.

Sakura's POV

I don't know what happened, my feet just reacted. I ran next to Tayuya as I blocked the twin's attack with my hand. I glared intensely at him, and I think he got scared because he moved away. Tayuya looked shock, but I simply smiled at her.

"I repay favors…" was all I said as the boy lunged at me yet again. As we were all fighting, I saw Kabuto run over to the man with long hair and assist his ear wounds. Suddenly I saw something flying towards me from the corner of my eye, as I braced for impact. To my surprise I felt nothing as I continued clashing fists with the twin. Gaara was now standing up next to Temari as Nii moved next to the boy with the ponytail. I knew I could not get distracted, so I focused completely in on my opponent as I flew at him once more.

Narrative POV

Gaara spoke lowly to Temari.

"Switch…you take that guy, and I'll finish this girl up" He said as something quickly clicked onto his wrists. From afar it looked like jars, but up close one could see that it was indeed two gourd like objects. Temari nodded as she then took out her long fan filled with dust and blades, as she opened it and got ready to attack.

Suddenly Nii was gone and Temari disappeared as well. Gaara had very good eyes, and as soon as he saw something blur by his face he shot something from his hands. Nii was taken by surprise as what seemed like dust hit her smack in the chest. She fell back next to the boy as she looked down. It was sand.

"What is this…?" She asked, trying to rub the sand off, but in fact it would not come off. Gaara smirked at her and began to talk.

"You see, my father is like yours. This sand is composed of extremely dense minerals and molecular particles. In other words, it will stick to you, and weigh you down at the same time. Seems like it will be an even game now" He finished with a smirk. Nii looked horrified, but then changed her expression to confusion.

"Than how does it not affect you?" She asked, clearly annoyed. Gaara raised an eyebrow at her.

"Do you really think my father would give me a weapon that would affect me?" He asked smiling now, and Nii just yelled at him and took off running again. Suddenly it was Gaara's other hand that now shot out, scattering sand into the wind. She tried to avoid it, but some of the sand had grazed her arm and she shrieked out in pain. Her clothing was disintegrating right before her eyes along with the ground the sand had hit.

"H-how…?" She was barely able to ask.

"Acid molecules can be very tricky, but when used in the hands of a good scientist, they can in fact be very deadly." Nii was now beyond mad as she took off at Gaara once again. He smirked as he threw sand onto the ground in front of her as it quickly caved in and her leg was caught.

"It can also make very nice craters in the ground" Gaara said with a smile, he knew he had won. Nii used her flexible body to maneuver out of the hole and jump flip into the air, as she came down with a punch aimed right for Gaara. He suddenly shot a clomp of sand up as it quickly hardened, and when Nii punched it, it was like punching a wall. Gaara was not done yet, as she was coming down he quickly raised his left hand as it made direct contact with Nii's jaw, and sent her flying into the ground. Gaara walked over to her body and saw her motionless, and walked back over to Rin.

Rin watched intently as the boy with the large ponytail shot weapons at Temari, who just ended up dodging them all.

"These weapons are coated in spider silk and the poison that melts flesh from without their body, be careful not to hit them" He smiled as the thread he was holding onto was attached to multiple weapons. Right as Temari dodged the weapons she retaliated.

"This fight ends NOW!" She yelled as she swung the large fan, but this time other smaller fans were released. The boy's eyes widened as he realized there were now spinning fan blades heading straight for him, and he didn't have time to block because he was busy manipulating his own attack. Two blades slashed his arms as he fell back, and the last one gashed the side of his shoulder, close to his neck, effectively knocking him unconscious. The fans whirled back to Temari as she caught them all like boomerangs and put them away, a smile grazing her lips.

Karin was having fun with this fat boy, because he may have been physically stronger than her, but he was much slower and intellectually not as fast. She lured him into the part of the field where Gaara had fought, as he would have trouble maneuvering around the large holes in the ground. To Karin's surprise he had eaten some type of pill, and then suddenly he became extremely fast. He stood in front of her as both his hands came crashing down into the ground, creating a large crashing noise and obliterating anything living under it. Once the smoke from the attack cleared he looked down to see Karin's lifeless body, but he did not see anything. He was too obsessed with killing her than he didn't noticed when she swung herself up from his large shoulder and was now coming down from the sky with her foot.

"Fat idiot! Die!" She yelled as the bottom of her steel boot made extremely hard contact with his skull, and his face plummeted into the ground.

One of the silver haired boys lunged at Kin and she swiftly dodged it. She was getting annoyed because this boy was too close to her, so she laid a trap. As the boy lunged at her again she threw one of the needles, intentionally missing him as it lodged itself in the ground behind him.

"Too bad you missed" He said with a smirk, but Kin just smiled as she quickly kneed him in the gut and he stumbled backwards. Suddenly she threw more needles and he moved to the side to dodge them, and that's when kin sprawled her trap. She had attached a thin silver thread to her needle as she pulled it upwards and it flew, slicing the boy on the arm as he yelped in pain.

"This match is over" She told him as he fell to his knees, facing her in the opposite direction, and that's how she knew her poison was working.

"First you will begin to hallucinate" she said as he stood, but then fell back down on his knees, still facing away from her.

"Then you will experience paralysis. But I'm out of patients for you, so your done now" She said as she threw three more needles and they landed in his back pressure points, completely knocking his body limp on the ground. She smiled before walking back over to Tayuya, who was now slumped against the tree next to Rin.

Sakura was getting annoyed with the silver haired twin. He kept trying to claw her, then speed away. Finally she got pissed enough to the point where he tried to claw her, and she grabbed his hand and sent a punch to his gut. He fell back in pain as she ran at him, summoning all the hatred she had into one of her fists, as it collided into his face, sending him flying a good distance away from her.

Tayuya helped get Rin on her feet and away from the tree as she looked around. It seemed the massacre was over, but something was wrong. She could feel it in her stomach, there was something not right. Then it hit her.

Orochimaru is gone!

"You insolent rats will pay for your meddling!" She heard someone yell from behind, and she knew exactly who it was. She quickly grabbed one of the needles that Kin left on the ground in case anything happened and swirled around to face Orochimaru. He had a large knife in his hand and it was flying straight towards Tayuya. She quickly side stepped it, he was obviously still vulnerable due to her flute attack, as she used all her mite and called out.

"Aaahhh!" Before the needle lodged itself in Orochimaru's neck. She quickly backed away into Kin who held her close as Orochimaru walked backwards, clutching his throat.

"Something in your soul dies and is taken from you forever…when you are raped…" Tayuya spoke clearly, and Sakura and Rin's eyes widened in shock.

"Now it's time I took something from you…forever…senpai" she spat the last words as Orochimaru fell backwards, dead. Kabuto rushed over to Orochimaur's lifeless body as he wept for him. It disgusted Sakura. She fell back into Gaara's arms as she felt herself collapse, giving into the stress of the not even half way completed day. A tear trickled down her cheek as she heard sirens in the background, the police were coming. She looked around at the lifeless bodies that surrounded her…it reminded her of the day her parents were killed, one by her hand. More tears ran down as she finally saw a smile pierce through the harsh face of Tayuya, and now she finally understood why her face was always contorted into something of displeasure.

She saw her friends running at her, but it all seemed like it was in slow motion. She gripped Gaara's hands heard, and in response he kissed her neck gently. She felt all the warm bodies of her friends surround her in a giant hug, as they all cried tears of relief. She let her head drop onto someone's shoulder as she too cried now, but she was happy. This was her new family, and no one could ever replace them. Sakura realized something this day, and it let her mind rest from all the doubts that had been screaming at her, and she finally felt at peace, letting silent tears stream out her eyes and onto the people she cared for most…

I finally belong somewhere. I belong right here, in everyone's hearts, where no matter what…I will always be…safe…

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