This is my first ever time even trying to do something that resembles Yaoi… be nice to me pleez.

Setting: Sonic is left at Sega HQ alone except for the mentally unstable, and generally disliked Shadow. 'Nuff said.

"See you later, Sonic!" Tails called as he shut the door to the living room shut. The young, twin-tailed fox was headed to a party at the Nightclub.

"Now I'm alone for the night. I sure wish I could go. But, we did draw straws, and I lost… or did I maybe win?" The blue hedgehog thought to himself. Having the whole 'HQ to yourself was kind of fun. "Only, I'm not alone. I still can't understand why they didn't just make him go. Or make me just walk." Sonic was alone. Except for Shadow.

Shadow was sleeping on one of the two couches that decorated the room. The black hedgehog was currently curled up into a ball, and he looked kind of adorable. Like a kitten maybe. Sonic suddenly shook his head. "Shadow!? Cute? Why would those two words even be used in the same sentence? I wonder…? Does he even have feelings? I should probably wake him up now." Sonic walked over o the couch, and poked Shadow's nose, over and over and over again.

Shadow was dreaming. He was dreaming about… Faker? The blue show-off was about to be eaten by a giant Tails Doll. Which doesn't make any sense, as the thing doesn't have a mouth, but Shadow had to act quickly…

"*poke* wake up. *poke* wake up. *poke poke poke* I can do this all night you know. *poke* *po-*" Shadow woke up, and saw that Sonic was intact. The black hedgehog was so happy, he pulled a VERY surprised Sonic onto him, and kissed him on the lips.

"Yuck! Gross! Get 'im offa' me!" Was Sonic's first thought. But then, after a while, Sonic had stopped squirming, and this had alarmed Shadow at first, but then the ebony-furred mobian had aught on to his partner's feelings. The two parted, blushing. Sonic opened his mouth to say something, but thought better of it, and instead just stared at Shadow, looking dazed.

"Y' know, if we're gonna be together, even for one night, we should probably cover our tracks…" Shadow observed, as Sonic continued to stare, now drooling slightly. "Never mind… just GET THAT FUZZY BLUE BUTT OVER HERE!"

When Silver the Hedgehog stumbled into the living room after the party, he saw both Sonic and Shadow curled up on the couch together. He blinked, and then decided to keep track of what he ate and drank at parties. Something was making him hallucinate.

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