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Child's Play.

Ashley, was kidnapped and turned into a vampire at the young age of seven years old. Befriended by little Renesmee, Ashley doesn't realize how much danger she is truly in. Can her unexpected gift and the help of the Cullens save her before its to late?


I sat on my bed and looked up at the afternoon sky through my window. Looking all the way down to the ground, I saw the big clear yard just waiting for me. It reminded me of Hansel and Grettle, and how the explored through the whole forest just to be caught by that witch. Its a shame, I bet they were really tired, after all that adventure. The idea of exploring made me smile as I jumped of my daybed to my momma.

If I wanted to go outside, I needed permission.

"Mommy!" I yelled, running down the stairs and into the kitchen where she was making lunch. I jumped the last few steps but regretted it once I saw mommy's sour face. The broken door squeaked and I silently walked into the kitchen but I was still bouncy.

"Yes, honey?" She asked flipping some bread on the pan over the stove.
She turned around and smiled at me. I smiled back.

"Can I go outside?" I asked hopping up and down clapping my hands. I didn't get to go out today, at all, because it hasn't stopped raining since the morning. I don't know why Mommy had to pick a wet place to live.
Washington. Forks to be exact. Whenever someone asks were I live I start to laugh because it reminds me of a fork that you use to eat with. And she even asked me were I wanted to live and I said Australia, the name sounds so cool. And the day before that we learned about Australia in school, it sounded amazing. They said it was warm all the time, with cool animals like the koala bear and kangaroos ran around like our birds and squirrels. She almost promised me, we almost moved there.

But, instead she picked this dreary little town and its always raining. But when I complain mommy says that I will survive, and survive I do.

"How about you eat first?" Mommy said. Mommy turned around, and her red skirt flowed behind her, and gave me a bowl.

"Um, what is it?" I asked, scrunching my nose.

She smiled "What does it look like, silly?"

"Ice Cream!" I yelled and started jumping up and down again.

"No," I stopped jumping right away and frowned. "You eat that way to much. But, I'll make a deal, if you eat all your grilled cheese I'll allow you to have ice cream."

I thought about that. Do I want to eat the stupid sandwich and then eat ice cream or eat the sandwich and skip the ice cream? Or skip the sandwich and eat the ice cream? But then I can't have it, unless I eat the icky sandwich. "I want ice cream."

"Then eat the grilled cheese." She said and picked me up and sat me in the chair.

I giggled "Then the ice cream?" I asked with a piece of food in my mouth. I kicked my legs a little. There was such a huge space between my feet and the floor. Still dangling them, I listened to my Mommy's sweet voice.

"Yes, then the ice cream. And please don't talk with food in your mouth." She said leaning against the counter.

"Okay. Whoops." I said closing my mouth and mom just laughed shaking her head. I think my Mommy's laugh is the prettiest song in the world. I could listen to it all day.

I finished the sandwich in 4 bites. "Ice cream, mommy!" I said pushing my plate to the middle of the table to make room for my ice cream bowl.
She laughed, "Okay, honey." She walked by the table and grabbed my plate on the way to the freezer. "What kind? We have chocolate-"

I cut her off. "Chocolate!" I yelled, banging my fists on the table. My mommy shook her head in disapproval. She tsked and stood with her hands on her hips.

"What do you say?" She said getting the container out.
"Please." I sighed.

"Hey, no attitude, little lady, you're lucky you're getting anything sweet at all." She said pointing at me and I just giggled. She gave my two big scoops of ice cream and sat it down in front of me.

I took one bite, "Yummy." And I took another. I slowed down just a little bit. I remember getting a brain freeze, it hurt really, bad.
Mom sat next to me at the table. "So, are you ready for your first day of second grade tomorrow?" She smiled as I took another bite of my ice cream.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm so, so, so excited. And Liz said that Mrs. Thompson are super nice. And I'll get to see Kate again. I didn't get to see her at all." I took another big of my ice cream, finishing it all. "Done." I said pushing the bowl away and jumping off the chair. And I burped then giggled.

"Ashley. And she is, super nice." Mom said disapprovingly.

"Excuse me. Can I go out now?"

"Yes, you can go out. But please put your shoes on this time. I don't want your white socks to look brown when you come in." I smiled and remembered the time that happened. It just rained and I didn't want to mess up my shoes, so I ran out and splashed in the mud. It was sticky and gross but really fun. I fell and laughed then I heard my mommy call me.

She was so mad at me. The mud went all the way up to my knees and she yelled and screamed at me. I felt so guilty that I ruined my dress. But I had fun and I would do it again. I hated those socks anyway.

"Okay." I said running down the short hall and slipped my untied shoes on and ran out the door. I went past the steps and opened our little red door. The door can be hard to open sometimes, and it can get stuck. Sometimes my mommy can't even pull it open.

"I love you Ashley!" Mommy yelled after me.

"I love you too!" I told her, just like I promised to every time I leave.

I remember her crying one night telling me that she never said she loved daddy one last time. Every time I leave the house now, she says she loves me, as do I to her.

Outside, the cool crisp air slapped my face, my cheeks heating up from the cold. I wanted my jacket but remembered that if I went back inside, Mommy might not let me back out. Instead, I went to the shed and looked around in it. Now, where did I throw my ball the last time I was out here?

"Do you know, Joshua?" I asked but he didn't answer. Of course. When I actually want help from him he doesn't. Ah well. What a silly friend.

I opened the door further and I saw a little shiny patch and went over to it and found my ball in the back behind the never used tent we have. I walked out and shut the door behind me. Dad told me to before he died. He always said, 'Don't forget to close that shed door, Ashley. Do you know why I want you to close it? So no animals well get in. That could leave on big mess or you could end up getting hurt. So, please just remember to close it.' Then he would pick me up in the air or tickle me.

I really miss daddy, but mommy said that he was in a better place and was looking over me. Its been two years since daddy last told me he loved me, but mommy says if I pray to him and tell him I love him he will tell me at night, in my dreams. At night I pray and daddy says he loves me.

My eyes started to water but I held it back as best as I could. Play time is not the time to cry. But remembering the night when they told us daddy was missing and they couldn't find him. That was the time to cry, but not here.

I walked into the middle of the yard and threw the ball in the air. It flew through the air and landed towards the woods. I ran over and went to pick it up, I heard a noise in the woods and looked over but saw nothing.
The rumbling started again, and I got a little scared. The darkness was everywhere and I squinted my eyes like Mommy does when she can't see and searched for the thing making the noise. I think I heard a growl from the scary area and backed up a little. A feeling in my stomach told me to get away from there now, but I shivered it away and skipped back to the yard.

Probably just a chipmunk or something, I thought. That kind of stuff happens a lot because there's a lot of animals here. But I bet animals in Australia are probably cooler but I guess I'll never know.

I took the ball back to the middle of the yard and threw it in the air. I threw it a few times and the one time it hit the ground and rolled towards the woods and I heard the same rustling sound. I picked up the ball and peered into the woods. I stood in the same spot and looked at where the noise was coming from. The feeling came back in my stomach and I think I started to feel sick. I ran to the house and opened the door. "Mommy! I keep hearing a noise!" Mommy stuck her head out the window, her hair blowing in the wind, squinting her eyes at me.

"Its probably just an animal, honey. I'm going downstairs to do laundry if you need me." She said from the kitchen. I couldn't fully see her but I could still hear her voice so that was fine with me. "Stay away from the woods and the trees. You hear me Ashley?" She screamed down.
"I know!!!" I yelled back.

I ran back to the yard and resumed playing with the ball. I threw it in the air and mid throw I heard the rustling noise, louder then before and I was further. It couldn't be a chipmunk. They're not that loud.

"Joshua?" I asked aloud. He's my friend. My Mommy says he's imaginary but he's real and been with me forever.

The sound was there again I started backing away, slowly. Then I turned around and went to run to the house but I felt something cold grab my waist. Like ice cubes trying to grab me down. I struggled and screamed. The hands that felt like snow covered my mouth and pulled me back into the woods.

I started to scream again but whatever it was put a hand back over my mouth and had a strong grasp. I started thrashing to try to get them to loosen their grip, but they were too strong. They felt like a really cold rock, stuck on my skin. I couldn't do anything. I tried screaming louder through their hand but it was to muffled to be loud enough to hear.

"Mommy!" I cried but it was muffled. I wish daddy was here, he was always outside with me. I felt tears pour from my eyes. I couldn't see anything. Everything was blurred by my tears that refused to disappear. "Mommy..." I got out, it seemed like a whisper. A sad, ghostly whisper.

Then the it started to talk. "Its okay, sweet dear. I'm here for you. Your mother doesn't want you anymore, so I'm here to take care of you forever." The lady said, that was clear. Her voice was motherly and it seemed that I could trust her, but I was told not to talk to strangers. "Don't worry, I'm here to be your mother. Now, if you don't scream I will take my hand off of your mouth, but you have to trust me. Do you trust me?"

Her hand hurt, but her voice was soothing. I wanted to yell and run, but her tight hold prevented me. Please, I thought to myself, someone help me.

I really didn't have a choice, so I nodded and, like she said, she removed her hand. "That's a good girl. Please, stop crying. There's no reason to. I'm not going to hurt you." I listened and tried to stop the tears, only a few slid down, but then it completely stopped. "Good job." She said turning me around so it was the first time I saw her. She was really pail and had very reddish purple eyes, which was different but cool. I never saw anyone with red eyes before. She had brown hair that hung down to her waist and blew back lightly with the wind. She was beautiful, but scary. Really scary. She looked like a barbie. A life sized, cold waxy barbie.

"Now, I'm taking you to my place. As I said, your mommy doesn't want you anymore. I'm saving you from going to another family." Mommy doesn't want me? But she said she loved me this morning. Mommy wants me, I know she does. Why wouldn't she? She'd get lonely with out anyone. So, she has to love me.

"Why doesn't she want me?" I asked, trying to be strong and not cry. It sounded like a little squeak, and I flinched when she turned to look at me. She said she wouldn't hurt me but she already did when she grabbed me. I looked around. We were deep in the woods. It was dark, haunting place where sounds came from everywhere. I curled up and hugged my knees, and tried my best to stay away from the barbie woman.

"You are just a burden in her life. She never really wanted you. You were just a bad accident. Remember, these are her words, not mine." She said and smiled a sad smile.

"An accident? So... so she never loved me? She lied when she told me she did?" I asked as a tear slid down. Why would she lie? She said that was bad, to always tell the truth, but she was lying all along. But I am just little me. And I was taught not to talk to strangers, especially not scary beautiful ones. I don't have to believe anything she tells me. Nothing at all.

"I'm sad to say, but yes dear." I don't believe it. She may say things about my lovely mother, but she know nothing of my daddy.

I thought about that. So, was daddy lying? Did he not really love me anymore, too? "Well, what about my daddy? Didn't he love me either?"

"No, your father, he loved you very much. Its really a shame he died." Who was this woman? This living barbie who knew so much about me? She doesn't know my daddy!

Then how does she know he died? I voiced what I just thought. "How do you know he died?" I whimpered a little. I feel comfortable around her, even though she could hurt me really bad.

"Well, I use to be friends with your mother and she had informed me. But after your fathers death we started growing apart. I always kept an eye on you because I knew that people that usually lose their husbands are not as they use to be for a while. I would know, I lost my husband in the war." I looked at her face. Daddy always said I was too smart for my years, and that I could read people really well. I studied her barbie face.
I glanced in her eyes and saw sadness. I felt bad for this lady. She seems so much like a mother. But she seemed like a woman who could get whatever she wanted. Her clothes were some things I know my mommy can't buy. Her hair looked perfect, and her shoes looked expensive. She could have taken another child. She could have adopted someone, like Ronnie from school.

He would tease me and tell me I'm weird. Daddy would say I'm special, and Mommy didn't like to talk about it. I almost cried when I realized that I may never see Ronnie again. That surprised me, even though he was awful toward me. Ronnie's older brother got lost in here. The woods are known for taking children.

"Why me? Why did you pick me to take?"

"Well, as I said before, your mother use to be my friend, so I kept an eye on you. Plus, you are very special." She smiled at me again.

I giggled. She sounded like my father, and anything that reminded me of daddy made me happy. I felt happy around the barbie lady, but I shouldn't. She took me away from mommy and I want to go home. But maybe if I act like I like the Barbie, she'll take me home. "Really?"

She nodded, "Really."

Her head shot up and I heard a creaking and shoving of the front door opening. "Ashley!" Mommy yelled. She sounded worried. I don't like it when she sounded worried.

My stomach lurched when I heard her voice, feeling like she was there to save me. I went to answer but the lady whispered in my ear. "Say your getting your ball that went in the woods." I wasn't going to obey her, I don't listen to anyone but mommy, but the Barbie lady growled at me, and made my heart beat really hard in my stomach, I even felt it in my head. I recoiled a bit but did what she said automatically, whether I wanted to or not.

"Im just getting my ball, mommy." I yelled back and the lady nodded in approval. She smiled at me, but it wasn't her gentle smile from before. It was evil looking, scary, twisted, and made me want to hide.

"Well, hurry up and get out. I told you not to go in there." She said . I could see mommy a little. Her brown hair hung loosely and freely on her back. Her red skirt was one of my favorites, and it looked odd with the green and brown colors of Forks. I could tell she wasn't wearing any shoes, because she liked to go barefoot around the house. She never liked wearing her apron but she never wanted to ruin her skirts so she wore them anyway. They had beads and shiny things on it any I always like them. Her skirt swung around her as she turned to shut the door. I fed my eyes on Mommy, something telling me that I may never see her again. I started to cry a little when I heard the front door shut, but the Barbie lady grabbed my face and looked at me.

"Very good, Ashley. I think it's time to go." She started backing into the woods further and further, very slowly.
I was leaving my mommy forever and I was being taken by this barbie lady that's now going to take care of me. I wonder how it will be? The woman kept telling me she didn't want me. I started to believe her, because she said at every moment. I guess mommy doesn't want me so it should be fine. I wonder why mommy would lie to me. Why didn't she just tell the truth?

She started walking though the woods at a fast pace. "She didn't want to hurt you, dear. But, don't worry, I will tell you the truth, always. I've always wanted a kid."

I stopped a little. I was hers now. Not mommy's.

"Why don't you have your own baby?" I asked and the barbie lady stopped too.

"Well, that's the thing, I can't. I could never have them and never will be able too. But I'm sure your a better kid then any that I could have."

"Really? And where are we going?" The questions blurted out. I felt like I was still talking too much . I couldn't see any ending in these woods. They seemed endless. I couldn't walk this far! I have little legs and little feet. I think Barbie noticed the look on my face, and picked me up. She picked me up fast, and my head got a little woozy. It was like sitting on a wooden bench.

"My house it on the other end of the woods. It might seem like a while till we get there but don't worry, its really not that far. Just close your eyes and well be there before you know it." She sped up a little and the woods and trees blurred past me. I couldn't see anything. I tasted the ice cream and sandwich I had earlier trying to come back up.

"I'm not tired. So I'm just going to see where we're going." I straightened in her arms. Her arms tightened around me, and it hurt really bad. I struggled a little more, and she squeezed tighter. Tears slipped through. She was being mean.

"No, your are going to sleep. Now fall asleep." She ordered harshly.

I thought she said she was going to be nice. I looked up at the sky through all the trees. It's about two o'clock and she's making my fall asleep. I don't want to go to sleep. I want to see where my new house is. Why is she so mean? I want my mommy back. She's nice, and she never hurt me.

Barbie couldn't tell me what to do. She wasn't my momma!

"No. I don't want to." I then just passed out, without a warning. I could still hear everything but I couldn't see, nor move. I felt paralyzed and it scared me. I went to scream but nothing came out.

What came next scared me more. I heard an ear piercing scream then it was quiet. "Wow, that was a simple." I heard Barbie say. Simple? She just killed someone? "Now, lets see. I need to make a child's room really fast." I felt like I was being sat down. I was places on a couch.

Whats happening to me? Why is this happening? Is she going to torture me? She's not as nice as she seemed. She was just trying ways to get to me. Did she lied about the whole not lying thing? Is she lying to me right now? And why can't I move? Why can't I talk? Is she some witch from my mommy's scary stories? She castes one of her sleeping spells?

Without notice, I woke up and she was standing over me. My head throbbed and something on my side hurt really bad. I looked back up at Barbie."How was your nap?" She said smiling.

She was too close to me. I wanted her to back away. I wanted Joshua to protect me. I want my daddy. I just want to get away from the Barbie woman. "I want my mommy. I don't want to be here. Please, take my back." I said going into a quick sitting position. I inched back so that she was even more away from me, and her grinch looking smile would wipe off her face.

She noticed. Her smug grin fell, and she frowned.

"I'm sorry, she doesn't want you. And I'm sorry I was rude to you. That was really uncalled for. Please forgive me, honey."

She called me honey! I'm not her honey. I panicked, and stood on the dusty red couch. "No! I want my real mommy!" I yelled and she straighten up away from me, a little startled by my sudden loudness.

"I'm really sorry. Please stop. I swear that will never happen again." She said through clenched teeth. A fear flashed through me and I got goosebumps. Did I make a mistake?

"You scare me!" I cried. I tried to push her away, but she felt like a wall.

"Well, maybe that's a good thing. You listen to me." Barbie growled.

I felt my side hurt again, and I pulled my shirt up to reveal a terrible, ugly bruise, on my entire side. Barbie sighed, and grabbed at me.

"Sit down." she ordered and I did. I stood again. Why was I listening to this woman!

I flinched again. Her face angered again, but couldn't take this anymore. I jumped from the couch and ran to the door. I turned, and the woman stood there staring at the the spot where I stood. I opened the front door and ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. Not looking, I suddenly ran into something hard and fell down with a grunt. I looked up to see the only thing I didn't want to right now.

She stood over me and grabbed the front of my shirt and held me up, "That..." She started, her grin spreading wide across her face "... was very foolish of you, little one." She said smiling, showing all her teeth. "You must be taught a lesson."

She knelt to the ground, hand pushed hard on my shoulder to keep me down. I was trying to wiggle free but it was useless. She bend over my face, her face to close to my face. "This is only going to hurt a little, but it's the only way we can be together." She bent down closer.

"Wait!" I yelled throwing my hands in front of me and she did stop. "Momm- my old mommy, made me promise to get to know a person before I stay with them. Please, tell me about you before you hurt me again."

Barbie stared at me really hard. I shivered a little from the cold air of Forks. I looked back into her eyes, and they were no longer the violet red I saw before. They were a frightening black. Pitch black. I recoiled. The Barbie opened her mouth to speak.

"How would you understand anything, Ashley? You're only eight." She looked at me again, then answered. "My name in Mary- Ann Sullivan. And I am a vampire." She said.

"A vam-" I broke off screaming when I felt a sharp pain in my neck as she bit down. I don't want to die. I kept chanting in my head. And I swore I saw my daddy, before everything in sight went black.