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"Robin, I am quite nervous. Tell me again why we must attend this institution of the learning?"

"Because Star, if we want every other honorary titan to go, then we have to set a good example and go ourselves," Robin told a curious Starfire. Bruce Wanye (aka Batman for all the heroes that were in the loop) had decided that there weren't enough top notch heroes. So instead of just making new heroes, he decided to build a top secret hero academy for all the young heroes of today. As much as Robin hated being under Batman's control, he had to admit that the school was exceptional, and since the H.I.V.E Academy was constantly training new villains, he reasoned that it would be prudent for him, the titans east, and the honorary titans to check the place out.

All the young heroes filed into the auditorium and instantly wandered off to catch up with their friends.

"Aqualad! Sup dude, haven't seen you in forever."

"Greetings friend Kole, I hope that your journey was most pleasant!"

"Hey, Sparky how you doing?"

"Hotspot, good to see you,"

Each titan was having a great time seeing everyone again, but then Batman, the principle himself sauntered onto the stage and the room fell quiet.

"Welcome, young heroes, to the opening of the Academy for Heroic Training, or AHT. This school will help you increase your fighting abilities, and hopefully stop crime altogether. As you know, the Brotherhood of Evil managed to unfreeze themselves from the ice that you trapped them in. They are also working with the H.I.V.E Academy to create even more villains. This is why it is urgent that we build up our strength. Some of my old friends have agreed to help me in my mission, please meet my staff; Superman, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Green Lantern and Green Arrow. They will each assist me in training you. Each of you will take different classes depending on your talents and abilities, but there are some classes that you all have to take including; Know Your Foe (an introduction to all the villains of today) and Basic Stamina (a daily workout that emphasizes maintaining peak physical condition). When you exit this room, turn to you right, down there is the dorm wing, you will each see a door with your name on it, and your things are already in there. You are dismissed.

Throughout the entire lecture Robin had been seething. He hated how Batman just took control like that, assigning everyone classes, and treating them as if he could just tell them what to do. It made Robin want to hit something. Raven sensed his emotions.

"It's going to be ok you know, the honorary titans recognize you as their leader, not Bruce. And besides, you've got all of us with you, everything will work out fine."

"Thanks Raeā€¦ sorry Raven, I just hope you're right."

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