So I saw another story like this, and I've got some Maximum Ride stories like this as well. Basically, the idea is you listen to a song and write about whatever comes to mind. The catch? You have to end the story when the song ends, hence the shortness of the fic. If I get reviews, I might turn it into a longer one shot or even a longer story. I haven't decided yet. But, without further ado, the credits.

Song: Motion City Soundtrack. The characters: Tally and David credited to Scott Westerfield and his amazing series Uglies.

The rest is mine.

Hold Me Down Motion City Soundtrack (Tally/David)

'I'm sorry. I'll be home later.'

You'd think I'd be used to finding a letter like this after spending day in and day out with someone for years, but every time I woke up to another letter I worried. Where was she? Had she had a relapse? Could she really have rewired herself for good? But knowing Tally as well as I did, I knew the answers to these questions were not the worst. She was special – and not because of anything anyone had done to her. She was special because she was Tally.

So how did I tell her I couldn't stay with her anymore? I couldn't be the anchor that held her in place, that got worried every time she had to go off and do something I wasn't special enough for. I had an entire day to figure out how to tell her and when she came back that night, hoverboarding in and looking as beautiful as she always did I felt the guilt in the pit of my stomach.

"Tally…." I started as she jumped off the board and wrapped her strong, muscled arms around me.

"I missed you." Was all she said.

Maybe I'll tell her tomorrow.

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