Justin's Steamy Midnight Adventure

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It was 11:30 at night and the Russo family was fast asleep. Justin Russo Creped down into the sub shop below. Down the winding metal staircase he went, stubbing his toe on numerous occasions in the dark. He finally made his way to the kitchen; he walked up to the big metal door of what was the Sub shop's food storage locker, and pulled out his wand. He traced the outline of the door causing a red glowing light to appear where his wand had just gone over; Justin then pulled open the door allowing him entrance into his family's wizard lair. Justin thought about what he was about to do "This is wrong…it feels so right but it's ultimately wrong" he kept repeating to himself in a panicked tone.

He sat down on the long red couch and pulled out his wand. Quickly he murmured a spell and a red beam shot out aimed at the door. The door glowed and then settled with a reddish haze on it. "There, that should take care of anyone hearing anything or getting in, just in case." he said to himself in his usual dorky rather safe than sorry voice. Not that he needed it he had spent a few hours the previous night making a deep sleep potion he slipped into the family's dinner drinks earlier in the evening. A couple of drops were all it took for them to go into a deeper sleep without them being comatose…in case of an emergency…

Justin was all prepared for what was to come. He went to one of the shelves in the lair and found what he was looking for. "The dream helmet!" he said out loud before returning to his place on the couch. Justin grabbed a pillow and put it under his head. He got comfortable on the little couch and put the helmet on, and lay down. Immediately he saw the screen inside light up to a baby blue. "I want to enter the dreams of…Alex Russo!" Just then the screen changed and Justin looked over a Blurry room he felt like he was actually there. His vision started to clear and refocus as he began to make out shapes.

He saw the form of Alex in her bedroom painting. By the looks of it Alex was painting an erotic scene. Justin licked his lips and realized his mission just got a tinsy bit easier. Justin came up with a plan and using the power of dreaming he transported himself to the outside of Alex's bedroom door. "Wow that was cool it's like bending reality! I could get used to this! But I don't think I'll be getting what I want in these clothes…"

All of a sudden Justin's Pajamas transformed into just some basket ball shorts (He remembered Max telling him about the time he read Alex's diary and her mentioning how hot she thought guys in basketball shorts where) leaving him shirtless. His muscles showing on his very toned and sexy body he'd worked hard to achieve hour after hour at the gym.

"Alright now that that's taken care of let's see first things first…" Justin made a tiny 4 inch window appear in Alex's door where he examined it to see what he could do. He noticed her still mindlessly painting. He waved his hand and dozens of candles filled her room and the moon, looking big as ever, cast a romantic light across the room through the window." Ahhh perfect!" Justin decided it was time he made his entrance. He quickly made the small window disappear and continued.

He opened the door and walked in, Alex stared up from her painting slightly confused as to how she didn't notice candles there before.

"Hello Alex" Justin said in a sexy voice that sent a chill up Alex's spine.

"Justin what do you want?" Alex said feeling her cheeks start to flush without reason.

"The funny thing is Alex…I want you." Justin said with a twinkle in his Grayish blue eyes. Alex couldn't resist she melted at the sight of his eyes. Alex was confused. She never felt this way before, 'What is happening?' Alex thought confused, yet slightly intrigued.

"Wha- What do you mean." Alex said suddenly standing up.

"I mean this…" Justin said all of a sudden Alex got very hot she almost started panting.

"What's go-going on?" Alex said in a softer tone of voice, feeling the heat rush to her center.

She looked her brother up and down and couldn't help shake the images from her head of licking his toned chest from head to toe. She examined is rock hard washboard abs and his chiseled Pecs all the way down to his muscular groin line. She saw his basketball shorts and felt her knees shake. She didn't know what was coming over her. Justin noticed the lust stricken face Alex was making sitting on the art stool.

"Come here" he ordered and she obliged willingly like she was in a trance. Justin smirked and Alex couldn't help but moan at how sexy she found it. Alex stood there, confused, and feeling weak in the knees, when Justin walked up to her. He pushed her into the fur lined wall of her bedroom and began to kiss her. Pushing his body against hers Alex could feel the heat transferring between them, and his muscles hard and pressed against her chest.

Alex couldn't help but surrender to his lips and kissed back loving the feeling of the soft fur-lined wall against her back, neck, and arms. Justin slid his tongue across Alex's upper lip and Alex accepted. Their tongues swirled around as if to fish in a pond fighting for dominance, Alex couldn't help herself and let out a small moan. Justin moved down to her neck and Alex could barely contain herself. "Oh Justin!" She moaned at his gifted tongue and lips working the most sensitive spots on her neck. She clutched his back digging in her nails and wrapped her legs around his waist not able to keep still from the electrifying sensations traveling throughout her body...

She couldn't keep still slightly wriggling as he moved slowly down her neck to her collar bone. With squeezed shut eyes Alex said in a lust filled voice" More please Justin more!" Alex was confused as to why she was saying this. This was her brother and what they were doing was kind of wrong, but as Justin pressed into the most sensitive spot on her neck and began to work it, all thoughts were pushed from her head as she succumbed to his every whim.

With that Justin carried her to her bed and gently laid her down. "Your wish is my command he said looking into her Chocolate brown eyes, flashing her his sexy grin. Justin proceeded to unbutton Alex's shirt revealing more and more of her skin and cleavage. Justin slid of her shirt and began to kiss her chest and nibble at her tender flesh. This resulted in quite a few moans spilling from Alex's mouth. Justin reached around and unclasped Alex's bra with one hand, something outside the dream world his dorky self could never do. He pulled the black lace item of clothing off her and stared in awe at Alex's perky B cup breasts.

"God you're beautiful" Justin said in a gasping voice before continuing, looking at Alex in awe. Justin placed many soft kisses using his plump lips traveling down to Alex's right breast and grabbed it. He stuck her nipple in his mouth ever so gently. At that Alex's eyes squeezed shut even harder, if possible, and she moaned loudly. Justin teased her pink, hardening nipple with his tongue alternating between that and using his teeth to graze the tip. He continued to do this for a few minutes while playing with her left nipple with his other free hand before switching.

"Oh God Justin thank you Justin oh my God this is amazing holy fuck!" Alex shouted lustfully. Justin just smiled as he continued his way down to her toned flat tummy. Justin used his tongue and moved it in circles around her stomach, dipping it in her belly button every so often. Alex didn't seem to mind.

Nibbling at her flesh he stopped at the top of the skirt Alex was wearing, looking up at her with a mischievous grin. He pulled the skirt down discarding it on the floor. Justin began to kiss Alex's thighs hitting all the right sensitive spots and smelling her sweet sent. He felt her dark purple panties with two of his fingers, and discovered they were very damp at her center.

"Someone's excited aren't they" Justin said to Alex with a smirk.

"Please Justin continue God please it feels so good!"

"What do you want?" Justin teased as he pressed his fingers in deeper. He removed his hand from her breast and slid it down right next to her thigh.

"Ahhh!" Alex said loudly.

"What's that Alex? You want me to stop?" he questioned pressing a little more.

"No please!" Alex pleaded

"Then say what you want" Justin said bringing his hand up from her thigh and down hard with a loud smack to Alex's ass. Alex's face contorted into one of slight pain mixed with pleasure.

"Ahh! I ca-cant!" Alex moaned barely able to form words.

"Come on Alex" he said pushing in even more causing her to let out a squeal of pleasure, while smacking her ass again leaving behind a red mark in the shape of his hand.

"You can say it…Say it Alex…Say what you want me to do to you!" Justin said almost yelling.

"EAT ME JUSTIN PLEASE EAT ME GOD PLEASEEE! JUST FUCKING DO IT!" Alex didn't understand why she was acting this way, she was confused, but VERY excited. Dare she say, that maybe she liked it? All she knew was that the pleasure was amazing; her brain wasn't quite working at the moment so she decided to just enjoy herself and figure things out later.

"Alright all you had to do was ask…" Justin said with a playful smirk.

Justin proceeded to continue his actions now pressing his fingers more and softly caressing the damp spot between her legs. Justin removed his fingers to Alex's dismay and hooked his thumbs on either end of Alex's panties. He began to kiss the top of Alex's panty line slowly as he pulled them down her thighs and legs. Finally he slipped them off and onto the floor, and Alex was panting heavily in anticipation.

Justin eyes her perfectly shaved pussy lips and licked his lips hungrily Alex, seeing this, got turned on even more and felt herself getting more wet. He then dove his face into the banquet laid before him, and Alex moaned as loud as she had all evening. She sucked in her bottom lip, biting hard and her eyes rolled back into her head. Justin worked his tongue on Alex's sensitive lips and used his nose to slightly stimulate her clit.

As he continued to lap up her juices Alex's moans grew louder and she was starting to slightly shake. Alex grabbed Justin's head between her legs and held it tightly wrapping her legs around him pushing him more in depth. Justin saw Alex was about to cum and removed his head from her hot wet core. Alex startled from him getting up opened her eyes but stayed down still letting the waves of pleasure raking her insides from Justin's actions cool down.

Justin then pulled out his wand, "Alright Alex you ready for even more…?" Justin asked in a sexy tone.

Alex bit her lip, "Yes please." She said softly

"What? What was that? I don't think I heard you well enough" Justin asked raising his hand to spank her again.

"YES PLEASE MORE JUSTIN GOD I'VE NEVER WANTED IT SO BAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, MORE!" Alex shouted, grinding into Justin's menstruations trying to get him deeper.

Justin smiled and began to stick the tip of his wand inside her; Alex arched her back and opened her mouth to moan in response. Alex spread her legs wider to accommodate Justin even more. Justin began to slide the wand in and out of Alex's wet center slowly building up a steady rhythm. He muttered a simple word and the wand began to Vibrate. Alex began to buck her hips into Justin's wand and Moan loudly on the verge of screaming "OH JUSTIN!" When Justin started to see more of Alex's delicious juices flow out, and her pussy tighten up he turned off the vibration, and removed the wand from Alex. He began to lick her again.

"Come on Alex I want you to cum in my mouth!" Justin commanded spanking Alex again just for the hell out of it. Alex tightened every time Justin spanked her and groaned. Her juices were spilling all over his face and just then her pussy started convulsing and Alex began to scream.

"YES JUSTIN LICK MY PUSSY YES OH YES OH YESSSS!" Alex screamed while bucking her hips against Justin; grinding against his face. Justin was busy Lapping up her plentiful juices to respond. Just then the screen turned dark blue. The helmet spoke in an English woman's voice, while words in red lettering appeared.

"Alex Russo has awoken dream invasion interrupted." Justin took the helmet off.

"She must have had a really powerful orgasm and woke up" Justin said with a smirk on his face he looked down noticing the giant tent in his pajama pants he lifted the top and saw his 8 inch cock, erect. Justin laid there for a moment holding the helmet to his chest and said to himself "That was amazing… You will be mine Alex Russo. One way or another I'll make it happen. But next time, it's my turn…"

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