Justin's Steamy Midnight Adventure

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"HAHAHA" Justin doubled over in hysterics. "Her face was priceless!" Justin released yet another hearty belly laugh as he doubled over and slapped his knee. His Pajama pant clad erection bobbing up and down between his legs. "Oh, oh that was SO good." He exclaimed as he began to calm down, wiping a tear from his eye. "Well I might as well have a little fun with her while I'm doing this, and get a little payback for all those years of pranking me."

Justin let out another chuckle before straightening himself up and grabbing his wand. Back to business he reminded himself. He thought he had heard a noise on the other side of the lair, but he just assumed it was the ACTUAL Food Storage Locker turning on or something. He cleared his throat and said "Gialsjay Timesday Veneficus memoria delens!"

The spell erupted out of Justin's wand in the form of a white light, time began to reverse itself, and he found himself standing back in the locker room as Mr. Laritate, a freaked out, and naked, Alex sprawled before him on one of the locker room benches. Justin screamed out "Wait!" As he knew this is where the dream had ended before. Alex looked up from the ground shocked at whose voice she heard come out of Laritate's mouth.

"Justin?" Alex asked, hoping, no PRAYING, that she hadn't just seen her Principal naked. The previously obese, and honestly quite unsightly, form of Mr. Laritate morphed itself into the tight, young, muscled form of Justin Russo. Then the fog all around the floor rose up and submerged the entire room in a thick white cloud. Alex tried to see where she was but the cloud was so thick, she couldn't see a thing.

Alex was on a veranda. The mist began drifting to her ground in a mysterious fashion that added a sense of allure and mystery to her new surroundings. She looked down to see herself dressed in a black dress, complete with heels and jewelry. She looked around trying to make sense of what was happening. She looked out over the veranda's balcony to see stars across the night's sky. She heard the subtle crashes of waves on a nearby beach, and the rustling of palm trees as the cool night's wind blew through them.

The cool night's air blew against her skin, sending shivers across her body. She crossed her arms over her chest and shivered. "Here, take this" a voice said from behind her whispered into her ear as a warm white suit jacket found its way around her shoulders. She shrugged into it thankful for something to shield her from the coolness of such a beautiful night.

She felt two big strong arms wrap around her, she turned her head to see Justin's face just a few inches above hers. "Justin?" Alex whispered, enjoying the feeling of his warm embrace a little more than she should have been.

"Mhm" Justin replied with a smile as he gazed up at the beautiful full moon. Alex snuggled into his shoulder, following his gaze at the gorgeous moon before them.

"Why am I feeling this way? Why am I starting to feel…attracted to you? It's so wrong in so many different ways."

Justin looked down at her, "Why is it wrong Alex? If it feels right deep down, then who says it's wrong?"

Justin pulled back, and grabbed Alex's hand. "Would you care to dance?" he asked, a twinkle in his eye.

Alex took this moment to fully appraise him. He was wearing a white tie over a black dress shirt that molded to his body showing off his broad shoulders, muscular arms, and perfect body. He wore white dress pants, and black dress shoes. She had to admit, he looked really good.

"Sure I guess, but there's no music?" Alex was perplexed; everything was so alien to her. She decided to just go with it, see where this dream would take her.

Justin smiled, then snapped his fingers. The sounds of a romantic smooth jazz song began to fill the air. Although cheesy, she thought, nothing better fit the moment.

Justin pulled her along, her black dress flowing as she moved stirring up flurries of the fog that covered the veranda floor. The house she was in was beautiful, and rustic. Something definitely in a foreign country. Justin spun Alex around, and then dipped her. Alex giggled; she had to admit she was having fun, this is one of the most romantic experience's she had ever had.

The song changed, and Justin pulled Alex close. She rested her head on his hard chest as he held her hand up. Justin sighed, kissing her forehead, "I've always wanted to take you to Monte Carlo. Whisk you away on a romantic escape, just the two of us…" He trailed off.

Alex sighed. She honestly could not remember a moment in her life where she felt safer than right here, right now in Justin's arms. She took a deep breath, inhaling his sexy cologne. She backed away, "Justin, why am I feeling this way? Why am I having all of these feelings? When I'm with you in these dreams, it's like something I've always wanted being expressed in a way I don't understand. Justin I love you, I'm just scared of the way in which I do." A tear fell down her cheek.

"Oh no, don't cry," Justin said whipping her tear away with his thumb. He pulled her into a tight embrace kissing her forehead again. "Listen Alex, the only advice I can offer is to follow your heart and ignore what you think is wrong, and follow what you feel is right."

Alex looked into Justin's eyes. The sincerity in his smoldering grey eyes made her melt inside. Slowly she reached up; getting on her tiptoes Alex touched Justin's lips with her own. She felt passion, and love flow through her as his warm soft lips touched hers. At that moment when they connected however, the dream ended.

Alex woke up. Not in a jolt like the first dream, but in sort of a daze. A happy daze. Alex stretched out in her bed as the warm rays of sunlight peeking in through her window warmed her exposed skin poking out from under her blanket.

She thought about the dreams that invaded her mind the night prior. She pondered about what her subconscious was maybe trying to tell her. Avoiding the answers she wasn't prepared to accept, she tried to turn the entire thing into a metaphor that could explain any number of things that were happening in her present life, but couldn't make any stick. She knew she finally had to accept the truth, Alex Russo was starting to develop feelings for her older brother.

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