They dealt with it differently, the children
One smiled and took it - holding it in until it burst out violently
One pretended it didn't exist, that everything was normal
One became secluded, lost in a world that didn't exist

Time passed and things changed
One moved on, living life and never showing the scars left behind
One went along the road of life wielding a shield of ego, thinking nothing was wrong
One imploded, bottling it all up, only exploding upon contact with alien matter
All along they dealt with it on their own way

One's mind broke under the strain of smiling and saying 'that's okay'
For one, ignorance was bliss
The last collapsed, like a star going supernova, dying in a blaze of glory
None of them were pretty, but all of them were real

(A/N: DEATH BE TO NEGATIVE PEER PRESSURE!!! People don't deserve that kind of treatment, even if they are 'weird' and 'crazy' and associate with the 'rejects'. They're people too and they don't deserve that kind of abuse! I was there, I've seen it. It feels like you're drowning, likem you're slowly losing yourself and that you'll never resurface and be YOU again. Then, yu give in for a while and you feel nothing. The nothing that doesn't even allow you to cry because crying requires effort and emthin. That place isn't nice, no one should suffer like that. I HAT people who do that....
Sorry about the tangent...R&R if you please?)