Short and sweet. Chapter one will come soon. Enjoy. :3

"And everything came crashing down in front of my eyes."



When I first saw her at the social, there was something in the way she moved that caught my attention. She was gorgeous. The way wisps of her hair sometimes strayed in front of her face; I wanted to brush them out of her eyes. The way the left corner of her mouth would pull up into a smirk; I immediately was grinning like a fool. The way her eyes sparkled when they reflected the strobe lights; I wanted to look into her soul forever. She was absolutely perfect. I wanted to tell her, needed to tell her. I bit back my words, afraid of coming on too strong.

But right now, I wish I could tell her that a million times over, let her know how I feel about her. And I did. But nothing could make the situation right. There was nothing I could do to comfort the girl I loved. I felt helpless. I was useless.