Hey guys. Just a little afterword from your faithful author. In making this story, I had to do many, many things.

Not only did I have to actually have to write about things I've never done before, but it required a certain state of mind to write this up. It was one thing to write about shotgunning and vodka, about car crashes and hurtful truths. I have enough friends to give me a good example of how these things work. But cold-hearted murder is another thing. In previous stories, it was always for a reason, whether to further along the plot of a story (TDTF) or to resolve a conflict (Tension). But Bloodbath is in a class all of it's own. The murder was the only integral plot of the story, and really, that's mainly the only thing that happened in this story.

It was hard. I've just finished writing Tension and it was hard to get back into the mindset needed for this. Personally, I have a fear of blood, needles, knives, really anything that could cause pain. I'm scared of bleeding a lot, because it makes me think I'm that much closer to death. And not only did I have to write about this, but I had to feel it too. It seems to follow your cliché horror-movie plotline, but really, there's more to this than meets the eye.

The ending might have thrown you off. It threw my editor off and she loved it. It meant that the entire story could have possibly been the falsity of a cold-blooded murderer, or just the insane ramblings of someone who's seen his friends murdered before his very eyes. Did Butters actually come back the first time? Did he really do it? Was Kenny involved? What actually happened and what'll happen next? These are questions I left for you to answer yourself, as you see fit, and I'd like to think I left enough ambiguity about it that you can fill in the blanks to your satisfaction.

But know that I tried very hard to bring you to the edge and hang you off, to throw you off balance and make you shriek in horror and amazement through every turn. There was a lot of effort in putting their scenarios just right, and I hope you can catch the very specific ways they all died, even if it might have been all lies told from Kenny's point of view.

Clyde was first, and he died crying, unable to meet his goal of being a 'man', whatever that meant for him. Token was next, and he left for revenge and failed. All his money and power was useless and in the end, he couldn't even bring comfort to himself by killing his best friend's murderer. Cartman thought he was powerful enough to stand alone and save himself, and he lost. He was stabbed from behind and powerless to prevent his own death. Kyle was left alone, abandoned by both his friend and best friend in the entire world, and Stan was killed instantly, the only one who didn't know who the killer was. Everyone saw him but Stan, and he was left unknowing, and thus less than everyone else.

But what really happened? People will ask me what truly happened and I'll tell you this now: I can't tell you, otherwise it'll bias what you think happened. Should I write a story about what really happened? Maybe I should. But that's not going to happen anytime soon.

So, glad you stuck around, and hope you enjoyed my story. Thanks to my readers for all their lovely reviews and faves, and I'll see you around next time.

P.S. Craig Tucker actually guessed the correct song that I was inspired by, which was 'Lake Pontchartrain' by Ludo, so yay to you! Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner, but I want to reward you somehow, by really anything. Any ideas? PM me please!