AN: This is a fanfic I wrote a LONG time ago and never posted - enjoy but do not expect a continuation.

Grieving Parents Win Wrongful Death Suit

On the second anniversary of the death of their son, Judith and Richard Chambers have won the lawsuit against the two men who were charged in the death of their son, Stephen Chambers. Over two years ago, Chambers began the fight for his life after receiving a head injury during a wrestling match for his graduate school.

Chambers was rushed to the Queen of Angels Hospital by then EMT Gary Rennert. The hospital was 20 minutes away from the location where match took place. By the time the ambulance arrived, Chambers was already deep in a coma.

Gary Rennert was charged with negligence and insurance fraud when a fellow EMT uncovered what had happened. Rennert was convicted and is currently serving a prison term as well as his accomplice.

Judge Daniel R. Corning has awarded the Chambers an undisclosed amount of money.

* * *

Jarod closed notebook, looking up to gaze down the silent row of grave markers. His eyes fell onto the grave where Stephen Chambers had been laid to rest by his parents' two years ago almost to the day and he saw two people standing by the grave. Putting away the notebook, he picked up the flowers he'd brought for the grave and started to walk towards them.

Judith bent over to lay the flowers they'd brought with them on Stephen's grave. She wiped her eyes as she straightened up, her husband wrapping his arm around her as they gazed down at the tombstone:

Stephen Richard Chambers

Beloved Son and Friend


"Excuse me?" a voice, said behind them, gently.

Richard turned in the direction of the voice, ready to defend his wife should it be a reporter standing there. However, it wasn't a reporter standing there but instead someone with a very familiar face. . .

"Jarod?" Judith spoke first.

Jarod nodded. "Yes."

He laid the flowers down on the graves and wasn't surprised when Judith hugged him when he straightened. "I hope I'm not intruding."

"No, Jarod, you could never intrude with us. You were so kind to us at the hospital," Richard said, shaking his hand. "I don't know what we have done without your friendship during that time."

"We never got to say thank you for your kindness," Judith said, "I tried looking for you a week after the funeral and they told me that you were no longer working as an EMT."

"Yes, unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control forced me to leave the area," Jarod replied.

"We understand. I hope that you've continued to help people ever since because you have a gift," Richard said.

Jarod nodded. "I've tried. Well, I won't stay any longer. I only came to pay my respects. I'll leave you alone now." He began to leave them alone, when Judith called out to him.

Judith looked at her husband and he nodded. "Jarod?"

He turned to face them. "Yes?"

"Would you please spend the afternoon with us?"

Jarod smiled. "I'd be honored to."