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Thirty six year old Parker Booth sat at his desk staring at the words he had typed on his computer screen, not that he could read them because his tears were making the words blurry. He hated writing speeches, especially this speech. When he was asked to speak about his parents at the ribbon cutting ceremony he immediately declined. It wasn't something that he could do. He couldn't commemorate the worst day of his life with a damn speech and he stuck to his decision for one whole day until Aunt Angela got her claws into him and told him that his parents would want him to give the speech and Aunt Angela was a very hard person to say no to.

It's been two years today since they got they call. Two years since he and Morgan found the bodies of their parents. Two years since that crazy bitch blew herself and half of The Jeffersonian up. Two years since his heart was torn out of his chest and stomped on and the pain was still as fresh as it was the day it happened. He wondered everyday if it would ever hurt less. Would a day go by that he wouldn't want to pick up the phone and call his mom and dad to tell them something that one of the girls did, bounce some ideas off of them about a current case, just say hi and hear their voices again? Will the pain ever stop? Wiping his eyes Parker began to read what he had typed.

Legacy. I am standing here today, in front of you because of the legacy of my parents, Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan-Booth. For thirty years they served their country in the capacity as an F.B.I. agent and a forensic anthropologist with the highest solve rate in F.B.I. history, a number that I don't think my partner and I will ever come close to breaking. Besides the fact that my mother was a genius and my dad could read people like nobody else, I believe that the reason that they had the highest solve right is because they believed in the truth and in justice. They wanted to find out the truth about what happened to these victims and give them the justice that they deserved. The victims of murders lost two of their biggest advocates two years ago.

Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan-Booth were taken from us too soon and for what? I can't answer that question. I could spend the rest of my life, trying to answer that question but I will never find one but I do know one thing that I can spend the rest of my life doing. My sister and I can continue their legacy by doing the job that they both loved almost as much as they loved us and each other. We can discover the truth and serve justice by continuing to put murderers behind bars.

"Parker, sweetheart?" He blinked, wiped his eyes at the sound of his wife's voice from the other side of the door.

"Yeah come on in." He heard the door open and then he felt Emily's hands on his shoulders. "Where are the girls?"

"Occupied with a movie in the playroom. How is the speech coming?" Emily knew that he was struggling with writing the speech.

"I finished it."

"Can I read it?"

"Of course." Parker grabbed his wife's hand, pulled her around the chair and onto his lap.

By the time Emily finished reading the speech she had tears rolling down her face. "Parker, it's wonderful. They would be so proud." She sniffed. Parker wrapped his arms around his wife and buried his face in her shoulder.

"I miss them so damn much." He cried.

"I know you do. I know how hard today is for you sweetheart."

"It's not fair. They'll never get to see the girls grow up. They'll never know Morgan's children. Why baby, why?" Emily didn't even try to answer her husband. She just held him tightly as he clung to her and cried in anguish. "I'm sorry Em." Parker finally sniffed.

"Don't be. You're parents were killed. You have every right to be angry and cry." Emily cupped Parker's cheek. "You know, you look so much like your father." As Parker got older his blonde hair darkened. It wasn't as dark as his father's but it wasn't as blonde as his mother's was.

"I know that I said I didn't want the girls there today but I changed my mind. I want…no, I need the girls, my whole family with me today."

"Of course they will be there. We will all be there to support you." Parker lifted his face and gently kissed his wife.

"I need to shower and get to the cemetery." He said sadly.

"Are you picking up Morgan?"

"No. David is going to drop her off and then we are going to ride to the lab together."

"Mommy, Lauren won't let me…daddy why do you look so sad?" Five year old Rebecca asked her father.

"Daddy misses his mom and dad." Emily explained climbing off of her husband's lap. "I think that a hug would help your dad feel better." Rebecca climbed up on her father's lap and hugged him tightly.

"Mom can I have some juice? Hey what's going on in here?" Rebecca's identical twin sister Lauren asked when she walked into her father's home office.

"Daddy is sad because he misses his mom and dad." Rebecca explained from his father's lap. Lauren walked over and made her way onto her father's lap with her sister and she kissed him.

"Thanks girls." Parker whispered as he kissed both of his girls. "I love you both."


"What are you doing?" Morgan Booth looked up at the sound of her Aunt Angela Hodgins voice.

"What the hell does it look like?" She snapped.

"Morgan Christine." Angela said in a warning tone.

"Sorry." She mumbled. Angela pulled a chair up next to her god daughter and reached for Morgan's hand that was typing on the computer.

"Sweetie you shouldn't be working today."

"I don't know what else to do. Work is the only thing that makes sense to me."

"You remind me so much of your mom. Always working. Nothing could take her away from her bones, nothing that is until your daddy came into her life and then suddenly they weren't as important to her. Your daddy, Parker and you became the most important things in her life with her bones coming in second. Your mom was much happier when work wasn't her priority. Don't hide behind your work like your mommy did. She wouldn't want that life for you."

""I'm just catching up on some paperwork." Morgan mumbled, not meeting Angela's eyes.

"Bullshit. You've avoided our family dinners, you haven't taken my calls unless it has to do with work and you keep postponing your wedding."

"It hurts too much. How can I get married without them?" Morgan burst into tears and Angela took her in her arms. "Mommy helped…me…plan everything…pick my dress. She should…be here…daddy should be…walking me down…the aisle."

"You're right Morgan. Your parents should be here for your wedding but they're not. Your mom loved planning your wedding with you, every bit of it and your dad, your dad he really wanted to walk you down the aisle but at the same time he didn't. He wasn't ready to officially give you away but he knew how happy David made you so he was going to suck it up do his daddy duty. Just because they are gone, that doesn't mean that you should spend the rest of your life being miserable."

"I love my work."

"But work shouldn't be your life sweetie. You should be happily married with your own babies. I know that you believe that they are watching you from above and do you think that they are happy, seeing you like this sweetie?" Morgan shook her head.

"I never wanted to disappoint them."

"Sweetie, you didn't, you couldn't disappointment them. You're just so unhappy and that has always made them sad."

"How can I be happy when my parents, my best friends are dead?"

"It's not going to be easy Morgan but you can do it. Do it for yourself and for your parents. They have always wanted you to be happy. That's all they ever wanted for you."

"I'm sorry Aunt Angela. I always get overemotional today."

"I understand. So do I but I worry about you and since you're parents are gone it's my job to worry." Morgan wiped her tears.


"Are you going to the cemetery today?" Angela whispered softly.

"Yeah. I supposed to meet Parker there."

"And is that what you're wearing to the ceremony?" Morgan looked down at her work clothes.

"I guess not." She said with a small smile.

"Go home and put on a pretty black dress and get some makeup over those bags under your eyes."

"Yes ma'am." Angela stood up and kissed her niece.

"I love you girl and I know that I'm not your mom but I'm here for you if and when you need anything."

"I know and I love you too."

As soon as Angela left Morgan shut and locked her office door. She just wanted to be alone in her office, in her father's old office where she felt closest to him.

She never wanted his office, the thought of spending everyday in his office was really hard to bear but when the Deputy Director of the F.B.I said to move office's she did not question him. Parker suggested that she redecorate it but she couldn't do it. She left all of his hockey pictures on the wall because she loved hockey as much as he did. The only thing she did take down off of the walls was all of his accreditations. They are now in a box, sitting in her closet at home. She kept all of his personal pictures, pictures of him and her mom, pictures of her and Parker, pictures of him and the squints, pictures of his granddaughters and Parker's wedding picture scattered throughout the office. She also kept his bobble head bobby on her desk and when she was stuck she would make it bobble and she would get unstuck and she drank her coffee out of his Steelers mug. Keeping a lot of his things around her helped her feel as if he was still with her.

Everyone had always thought that it was ironic that Parker followed in Bones' career path and became a forensic anthropologist and Morgan followed in her father's footsteps and became a F.B.I. agent. Even though Booth gave Parker a hard time about becoming a squint he was very proud of his son. Morgan had grown up a daddy's girl so it really was no surprise that she wanted to become an F.B.I. agent like her dad but what surprised everyone was that Booth had a hard time supporting her decision. He knew how dangerous the job could be and like any father he didn't want his little girl getting hurt. Bones was just as worried as Booth was about Morgan getting hurt but she knew that her daughter needed to do what made her happy or she would never be happy so she convinced her husband to back off and let Morgan work for the F.B.I. and three years later the second partnership of a F.B.I. agent and a forensic anthropologist was born via Parker and Morgan Booth.


"What the hell does one wear to a ribbon cutting ceremony?" Morgan mused standing in front of her closet wearing nothing but her bra and underwear.

"I'm thinking a dress since I'm wearing a suit." David walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around Morgan's waist.

"Look, I…uhhh…"

"You don't have to say anything Morgan. I know how hard today is for you." David said with so much understanding in his voice. Morgan could not believe how lucky she was to have found him. She reached into her closet and pulled out a simple black cocktail dress.

"Mom always liked this dress."

"It's perfect." She slipped it on and David zipped it up.

After putting on some waterproof makeup, because Morgan knew that tears will be in abundance today, she slipped on her shoes and she and David headed to the cemetery. "Flowers, I forgot to get flowers and I have to get them flowers." David could hear the panic in her voice.

"Don't worry. There is a florist on the way. We'll stop and get them some flowers."

"How could I have forgotten to get them flowers? What kind of daughter forgets to bring flowers to her parent's graves?" Tears filled her eyes.

"You're a wonderful daughter Morgan. You didn't forget. You just remembered a little late that's all."

"What about if there aren't any good flowers to choose from? That can happen if you don't call ahead and order them."

"Relax honey. I'm sure that there will be plenty of flowers to choose from. It's still early in the day." She nodded and waited anxiously until she saw the florist.

Thirty minutes later David was pulling into Holy Cross Cemetery. Because Booth was a veteran he was eligible to be buried at Arlington Memorial Cemetery but since Bones could not be buried there with Booth Parker and Morgan choose Holy Cross so their parents could be buried next to each other because they both knew that their was no way in hell their father would want to be buried in Arlington, away from the woman he loved. Morgan saw Parker sitting on the bench in front of the gravestones that they had bought.

"Thanks for the ride." Morgan whispered over the lump in her throat.

"No problem." David leaned over and kissed her forehead. "I'll see you in a couple of hours." She nodded, got out of the car and walked over next to her big brother, carrying the flowers in her hand.

"Hey squirt." Parker said.

"Hey squint." Morgan answered using their father's nickname.

"Ready?" He asked and Morgan nodded her head. Parker put his arm around his sister, grabbed one of the bouquets of flowers and they walked to the gravestones together.

Morgan removed the weeds around her mother's stone and the old dead flowers from their last visit. After the flowers were placed in the vase at the base of the stone she sat back on her heels and stared at headstones that had her parent's names, date of birth, date of death and then they had inscribed Beloved Husband/Wife, Father/Mother and Friend. She looked over and saw that Parker had done the same thing at their father's stone and he was watching her.

"You wanna go first?" He asked her softly.

"No, go ahead." Morgan stood and walked over to the bench, leaving Parker alone with their parents.

"Hey mom, hey dad. I miss you both so much. The girls are getting so big and changing everyday. Lauren, she is ornery just like you dad. The older she gets the more of you I see in her. Now Rebecca on the other hand, she is more like Em. She's really laid back with a heart of gold. They are both amazing girls and you both would be so proud of them. Every night, when they say their prayers they pray for you. God, I wish you were here to see them. Oh hell, I wish you were here period." Parker took a deep breath and wiped his eyes. "I'm worried about Morgan. She still hasn't got married. She's thrown herself into her work and nothing else. Sound familiar mom? She hasn't seen the girls, she's avoiding all of us and I don't know what to do for her. You guys would know though so I would appreciate a little bit of help." Parker glanced at his sister and saw her looking up at the trees. "Okay, the reconstruction of the lab is finally done and The Jeffersonian insisted on having a big ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the new name and building. I haven't seen it since it was finished but I have heard that it's nice. I have been asked to give a speech this afternoon. You know how much I hate giving speeches but I think that I have written a good one that will honor you both and make you both proud." Parker reached out and touched the cold stones. "It's been two years today and it still hurts." His tears fell. "I want you both back…so bad. This is all so wrong. I shouldn't be sitting at the cemetery talking to you. You should be here, alive." He began to sob. "I…love you…both…so much." He suddenly felt Morgan's arm around his shoulder. "I'm sorry Morgan. I shouldn't have broken down." Parker stood and wiped his eyes.

"You're allowed to cry Parks. You don't have to be tough around me."

"Sorry. I guess that it's just dad in me coming out." He gave her their father's smile and then kissed her cheek. "I'll give you some time alone with them." Morgan nodded and Parker walked away.

"Hi mommy. Hi daddy. I'm sorry that my visits lately have been superficial. I just have been so ashamed of myself. I never wanted to disappoint you guys but I know that I did and I'm so sorry but when you guys died I got so lost. I keep putting off my wedding because I don't want to get married without you guys and I'm surprised that David is still with me. I haven't been to our family dinners because without you guys it's not a family. I just...I…aww hell…I'm just so damn angry. I'm mad at you two. I'm mad at you dad because you got out of the car instead of driving past and just calling it in. Mom, I'm mad at you for getting out of the car instead of waiting in the car because you know daddy wouldn't have let you do anything anyway. I'm mad at both of you because you should have been more aware of your surroundings instead of letting her get the jump on you. How could you be so careless?" Morgan shouted at the stones through her tears. "And I know how mad this will make you daddy, but I haven't been to mass or confession since you guys died. I can't go to church because I am so mad at God for taking you both away from us. Dad you always told me that God always has a plan; well over the last two years I have tried to fathom what his plan could possibly be for taking my parents, my best friends away from me and I haven't been able to come up with one good reason. Why? I want to know why?" She screamed and began to hit the gravestones. Parker rushed to his sister's side and held her tightly against his chest. "Why Parker why?" Morgan sobbed into her brother's chest. "Why are they gone?"

"I can't answer that Morgan." He said softly. "Come on kid, let's go sit." Parker led her over to the bench and they sat together with Morgan laying her head on Parker's shoulder.

"I'm so mad."

"Yeah, I got that."

"I'm mad at them. I'm mad at God. I'm mad at myself for disappointing them."

"Morgan, you didn't disappoint them. They are very proud of you."

"They may have been proud of me before they died but not anymore. I've let them down."

"Why haven't you set a wedding date yet?" He asked her gently.

"I can't Parker, not without them. Mom helped me plan it and daddy is supposed to walk me down the aisle. How can I have a happy wedding without them?"

"Morgan, they wanted you to get married and have that beautiful wedding that you and mom planned. I know that they aren't physically here but they will be with you in spirit and I know that I'm not dad but I would be honored to walk you down the aisle."

"Thanks Parker and if I decide to have the wedding, then you can walk me down the aisle."

"Look, David is a great guy and he really loves you and dad actually approved of him which is a shocker because I thought that no guy would ever be good enough for you in his eyes but he's not gonna wait forever Morgan. If you don't step up you may lose him for good."

"I'm so confused. Do I deserve to be happy when mom and dad are dead?"

"Mom and dad want you to be happy. That's all they ever wanted Morgan."

"I miss them so much Parker."

"So do I. So do I." Parker held onto his sister tightly and they both cried together.

"Sorry." Morgan finally mumbled once she calmed down.

"Never be sorry for crying over the death of our parents." Parker looked at his watch. "We need to go."

"I need to say goodbye." She squeezed Parker's hand and walked back over to the gravestones. "I'm sorry that I got so angry. I don't think that I mad at you guys. I'm mad at the whole situation. I'm sorry that I have disappointed you guys. I promise that I am going to get my life back together and make you both proud. I love you both so much." Morgan kissed her hand and then touched the stones. "Bye."


"Please welcome our final speaker of the afternoon Dr. Parker Booth." Emily squeezed his hand as applause filled the tent. Parker nervously stood and walked to the podium. He hated public speaking. After clearing his throat he began.

"Legacy. I am standing here today, in front of you because of the legacy of my parents, Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan-Booth. For thirty years they served their country in the capacity as an F.B.I. agent and a forensic anthropologist with the highest solve rate in F.B.I. history, a number that I don't think my partner and I will ever come close to breaking. Besides the fact that my mother was a genius and my dad could read people like nobody else, I believe that the reason that they had the highest solve right is because they believed in the truth and in justice. They wanted to find out the truth about what happened to these victims and give them the justice that they deserved. The victims of murders lost two of their biggest advocates two years ago."

"Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan-Booth were taken from us too soon and for what? I can't answer that question. I could spend the rest of my life, trying to answer that question but I will never find one but I do know one thing that I can spend the rest of my life doing. My sister and I can continue their legacy by doing the job that they both loved almost as much as they loved us and each other. We can discover the truth and serve justice by continuing to put murderers behind bars.Thank you for being here and for your support in keeping their legacy alive." Applause and tears filled the tent as Parker took his seat again and the mayor took the podium.

"Thirty two years ago an astonishing collaboration between the F.B.I. and The Jeffersonian Institute began with two dedicated professionals, Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan." Applause filled the tent again. "I heard stories that this partnership began with involvement with Homeland Security, kidnapping accusations and blackmail." Now everyone laughed, especially those that knew Booth and Bones. "But whatever the method that was used, it worked because thirty two years later the F.B.I and The Jeffersonian are still working together to bring murderers to justice and today the mission on Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan-Booth is being carried on by their children Dr. Parker Booth, forensic anthropologist and Special Agent Morgan Booth." The mayor turned to Parker and Morgan. "Dr. Booth, Agent Booth, would you please stand?" Booth and Bones' children looked at each other and then slowly stood to erupting applause. "I think I speak for everyone here when I say thank you for your service and your sacrifice." Neither of them could speak over the lumps in their throats as they returned to their seats.

"Ladies and gentleman I want to introduce you to the main staff of the lab. Our forensic anthropologist Dr. Parker Booth. Our F.B. I. liaison Special Agent Morgan Booth. Assistant anthropologist. Dr. Lindsey Hinkle, coroner, Dr. Camille Saroyon, entomologist, Dr. Jack Hodgins and our forensic artist and computer expert Angela Hodgins." As each of their names were called they all stood as the crowd stood and clapped for them. "It's time to cut the ribbon to the Brennan wing of The Jeffersonian." The mayor handed Cam a giant pair of scissors and as they had all planned they handed the scissors to Morgan and Parker to cut the ribbon.

Once the ribbon was cut all of the donors came in to the new, rebuilt Brennan wing of The Jeffersonian. Everyone who worked there went to their work stations to explain what there job was while Morgan, who had nowhere to go, was standing in front of a wall, looking at the picture of her mom that was hung there along with all of her accreditations. David walked up to her and handed her a glass of champagne. "You look just like her." He commented.

"That's what daddy used to tell me. That's why I always had him wrapped around my little finger." Morgan said with a smile. She had most of her mother's features with the exception of her eyes; she had her father's dark brown eyes which always made it hard for her mother to say no to her. Morgan was spoiled and she wasn't ashamed to admit it but she wasn't spoiled in a bad way. She was just very well loved.

"Would she of liked all of this?" David asked her.

"She would have thought that it was well deserved. Dad would have hated it though." Morgan reached for David's hand. "Can we talk?"

"Yeah sure." Morgan led David to the privacy of Parker's office which was located in the exact spot that their mother's office was in before the explosion. "What's going on Morgan?"

"I owe you an apology."


"I've been a pain in the ass to live with and probably to love since they died."

"I understand."

"It's just been so hard and I've been selfish and only thinking of myself. Why haven't you walked away?"

"Because I love you Morgan and you don't walk away from someone you love."

"I've been putting off the wedding, not because of you but because of me, because I want my parents here but I know that it's not possible."

"I wish that they were here for you too."

"If you're still willing I want to reschedule the wedding for the final time. Do you still want to marry me?" When David looked at his fiancé and saw the tears and fear in her eyes he quickly took her in his arms.

"If I didn't. I still wouldn't be here. I love you Morgan." She wrapped her arms around David's neck but before they could share a kiss Parker walked in.

"There you are. They are opening the doors to the public and you're needed." Parker explained.

"Okay." Morgan said, slowly pulling away from David but didn't leave the room.

"Now Morgan." Parker insisted.

"We'll finish this later." She told David. They shared a quick kiss and then returned to the lab.


"Aunt Morgan!" Lauren and Rebecca shouted as they ran towards their aunt. Morgan prepared herself for the embrace she was about to receive from her nieces.

"Hey girls." Morgan said as she hugged and kissed the girls.

"What are you doing here?" Lauren asked.

"Your dad and I have something to do."

"Can I come?" Rebecca inquired.

"Me too. Can I come too?" Lauren asked.

"Sorry girls but this is something that daddy and Aunt Morgan have to do by themselves." Emily told her daughters when she joined them in the living room.

"Are you going to come back when you and daddy are done Aunt Morgan?" Rebecca asked her aunt.

"I would like to Becca."

"All righty Morgan, let's hit the road." Parker said. "Come on girls. Give your dad some love." The girls tore themselves away from their aunt and went over and hugged their dad. "Be good for your mom girls."

"We will daddy." Parker kissed Emily and then he and Morgan left.

Twenty minutes later Parker pulled his van into their childhood home that has been empty for two years. The house had been paid off for years and it was left to both Parker and Morgan in their parent's will. The will stipulated that they could either sell it and spilt the profits or one of them could keep the house and buy out the other. "Are you sure you're ready for this Morgan?" Parker softly asked.

"Yeah. I'm past ready. Let's go." They both grabbed some of the boxes and headed to their old house.

When the door was unlocked and they stepped inside, for a moment it was like nothing had changed and both of them expected their parents to walk down the hall and greet them. After a minute of waiting it hit them that the awaited greeting wasn't going to happen they proceeded into the house.

"So where do you want to start?" Parker asked his sister. They were going to clean out the house today.

"Let's start in their room. Get the hardest room done first."

"Okay but you're going through mom's clothes. I'm not comfortable handling her underwear and things."

"That's fine." They walked up the stairs in silence.

"Are we donating their clothes?"

"Yeah. I think that would be best." Morgan said. "There are some things of mom's that I want to keep, like her wedding dress and daddy's old F.B.I. sweatshirt that she always wore around the house."

"I think that I might keep dad's wedding suit. He only ever wore it on their wedding day. Uncle Jack bought it for him."

"His socks." Morgan said with a grin. "I'll spilt his socks with you."

"Deal. Let's get to work."

They worked in silence for the next hour boxing up clothes and other personal items, each of them having their own memories of the items that they were packing up. They did keep some personal items for themselves that they couldn't bear the thought of a stranger having. When the bedroom was packed up they headed down to the living room.

"I think we should call someone to come and pick up the furniture." Morgan said.

"No. I think that it should stay."

"Why do you think it will help the house sell easier if it's furnished?"

"I don't want to sell the house Morgan."

"Do you want to live here?"


"I don't understand." Parker had to smile at his sister's words. She sounded just like their mother.

"I want you to live here. I think mom and dad would want that as well."

"I have a home Parker."

"You have a shitty apartment Morgan. This is your home."

"Look I appreciate it Parker but I can't."

"Why the hell not? It's a perfectly good house and I'd rather you live here then strangers. We grew up here and this house should stay in our family."

"Then why don't you move in?"

"Because I already have a home Morgan, one I bought right before they died. Emily and I love our home and we don't want to uproot the girls."

"Parker I can't afford this house."

"It's paid off Morgan."

"But the will says whoever stays here has to buy the other out."

"I don't want or need your money. I want you to stay here free and clear."

"What about Emily?"

"She agrees with me and when you move in here then the girls can come over and spend the night and give us a free night."

"Aww so it's all about free babysitting?" Morgan said with a laugh.

"Well…yeah. Your shitty apartment is too damn small for my two rambunctious girls and this house is perfect for them to run around in and drive their Aunt Morgan insane." He grinned at her. "So what do you say squirt?"

"All right. I'll do it."

"Wow. You're actually smart."

"Hey!" She grabbed a pillow on the couch and threw it at her older brother.

"Come on. Let's get to work."

As they worked the rest of the afternoon packing away their parent's personal items they both were overwhelmed with memories of their parents, their childhoods in this house and all of the good and bad times that they experienced together as a family.