Mrs. Sully rested on her queen sized bed, staring at the unzipped camo duffel bag that sat next to her on the deep red bedspread. She had just left the space port after she had read Jake's letter, asking her two companions to excuse her -- she needed to be alone in the comfort of her home. Dried tear streaks ran down her face from the fact that her baby wasn't going to come home to her… he had decided to stay light years away from her on some distant planet with some distant aliens that she knew little of. She looked up at her TV, then down at the duffel bag, and then peered into the bag to spot the journal and video logs… Jake's story was hidden within them.

She didn't understand why he had chosen not to come home, but Jake's letter had said that the bag had all the explanations. And somehow she knew that it was for her eyes only; not only because it was private, but because it would tell of what really had happened on Pandora…'classified' information. When she had turned on the TV earlier, the news caster had been ranting about the RDA failure and exile out of the planet (nothing about Jake though). Apparently the Na'vi had driven all the humans out, but there were holes in the story. How did the most powerful company with the most powerful military at their side lose to naïve natives who had bows and arrows? And how – much less why – would Jake stay with creatures that obviously strongly disliked his race? His letter had said that he couldn't leave that which he loved, but didn't he love her? What hold did the Na'vi have over her son? And what did her son have to do with the RDA's failure, which his letter had subtly implied?

Well, Mrs. Sully was going to find out. As soon as she gathered the courage to look into the duffel bag once and start going through Jake's story.