In Shipwreck Cove...

"Grand Da?" Christine asked, walking past his room. Christine was seventeen now, about to turn eighteen within a few months. She had very light skin, though not exactly pale. Her curly brown hair reached about half way down her back, with part of it tied back with a strip of an old red bandana. She was wearing a white shirt, gold vest, a black belt, a red sash, dark blue skirt, and a pair of black boots. On her left ring finger was a ruby ring. She still wore the choker her uncle gave her.

Teague was asleep. Christine walked over to him and placed her hand on his forehead. 'Still warm.' She thought, glancing down at the bottle of medicine on the nightstand. The white medicine cup next to it was dyed pink from the red medicine being poured in so many times. Christine lightly kissed Teague's forehead, before blowing out the candle. "Goodnight, Grand Da."

The halls of Shipwreck Cove were always dark, especially at night, though there was a lantern at every door from Teague's room down to the Study, then to the Main Hall, then to Christine's room. There was only one door along the way that had no light. It was one door Teague couldn't bear to see a light infront of. It was the room right next to his. Jack's old room. Christine had never even seen the inside of her father's old room. Teague kept it under lock and key...

Christine walked into the rum locker, grabbed two bottles, then walked outside. She walked over to a tree near the Study, where Willy was waiting for her. "How is he?"

"He's the same as he was yesterday." Christine said, handing him a bottle.

"Well, he's better than he was last week, right?" Willy asked, refusing the bottle.

Christine nodded, opening the bottle and taking a swing. "Yeah. He was crazy, not taking his medicine."

Willy then looked at her hand. "What happened to your hand?"

Christine looked down at her hand. "Oh that? I cut it earlier while I was cooking." She said, before changing the subject. "Any signs of your Da today?"

Willy sighed sadly. "None."

"It's only been a week. I'm sure you'll find him."

"I hope so." Willy said, looking up at the sky. "I don't think Mom would like it too much if he had decided to play dead just to go pirating."

"Your grandma and great grandma both did that. Maybe it runs in the family?"

Willy then turned to Christine, grabbing her hand in both of his. "Even if it does run in the family, I promise that I would never do that to you once we're married."

Christine couldn't help but to blush. "It's a shame that Grand Da is making us wait until after my eighteenth birthday."

"Yeah." Willy said, not really paying attention.

"You're not listening to me, are you?"

Willy released her hands. "Christine, I searched the docks today. The Flying Dutchman's gone missing."

"You lost a ship?" Christine asked. "I can understand a parent going missing, but a ship? How in the blazes do you lose a ship?"

"I have to go." Willy said, getting up. He gave her a quick kiss. "I love you." Then he took off running. 'I can't tell her what I did find today. She'd never believe me. I don't even believe it.'

Christine opened the second bottle. Then she realized something. 'Wait a minute! What about me made him think about the docks?' She thought, before sniffing her shirt. 'Nope, not that.' She then remembered the compass hanging from her belt. She grabbed it and flicked it open. It was pointing in one direction. She sighed, knowing where it was pointing to. It had been pointing to the same place ever since her father died. Aqua de Vida.

Later, in a dark hall...

Christine was blowing out all of the lanterns, something she did alone every night. She was almost done when she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around, holding her empty rum bottle in front of herself, ready to use as a weapon. "Who are you?"

"No need to be violent." A voice said. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"If you don't want me to be violent, get out of here!"

"Luv, just put down the bottle and we'll talk."

"No!" Christine shouted. "Unless you give me a good reason, this bottle only go down on your head."

"And if it doesn't work?"

"I'll scream." Christine threatened. "Though I doubt you'd want to see Captain Teague when you're the reason he's awake, especially since he's sick."

"He's sick!?" The voice said, as a man started moving forward. "Since when? How serious is it? Is he alright? He's taking his medicine, right? Is there anything-"

Christine brought the bottle down on the man's head, knocking him out. She then poked to back of his head, just to make sure he was unconscious. No reaction. Christine kneeled down and turned the man over. She couldn't help but to scream at what she saw.

Of course, the scream woke Teague up. He walked over to where Christine was. She sitting on the floor with her back against the wall and both her hands over her mouth. "What's wrong?"

"It's him." Christine said, pointing.

Teague looked at the man and couldn't believe his eyes. "Jackie?"

It was weird...writing about Christine drinking...cause I still picture her as a little kid...

I realized about half way through this chapter that I forgot to explain what Arabella was doing in Be With You, so here it is: After Bootstrap went missing, Arabella decided that she would fake her own death so her son could get their property...not knowing that Will would use that money to go looking for Bootstrap...