"Her First Word"

In the Captain's Cabin of the Misty Lady...

Teague stood at his desk, looking at a map. Every island had at least one pin on it, and every small port had more. He looked over at the chair, where one year old Christine sat, dressed in a little pink dress, playing with a toy bird. "Missy, do you have any idea where your Da is?"

Christine looked up at Teague and grinned, before babbling to the bird.

"Thought not." Teague said. "Well, when I do find your Da, I think I might have to beat him."

Christine started laughing.

Teague smirked. "Oh, you like that?" He asked.

Christine nodded, before going back to playing with her toy.

Teague turned back to his map. He placed his hand on the only land mass with no pins. Isla Fortuna. "No, he wouldn't be there."

Just then, Teague saw the toy bird on the desk. He looked up at Christine. She was pointing at the bird, with a pout on her face. Teague picked up the toy and handed it back to Christine. "Sweetheart, how many times must I tell you not to disrupt me while I'm looking at the maps?"

Christine gave him a blank look.

"You just play there and we'll do something later." Teague said, getting back to his map. "I guess checking Tortuga again wouldn't hurt." He then looked at the ten pins stabbed into Tortuga on the map...


Teague looked around. He and Christine were the only ones in the cabin. "Maybe I need more sleep." He said, scratching the back of his neck. He looked over when Christine started patting the map. "Christine, what did I just-"

"Map!" Christine said, with a grin on her face.

"Yes, that is a map." Teague said, slightly annoyed. He looked back down at the map, before realizing something. He walked over to Christine and leaned down to her face. "Say 'map'."

"Map." Christine said.

Teague couldn't help but to smile, picking Christine up. "Good girl!"

Just then, Robbie walked. "Captain, we just spotted a ship-"

"Oi Robbie, not right now." Teague said, putting Christine back down in the chair. "Christie just said her first word!"

"Great." Robbie said. "I still can't believe she's Jackie's a Da."

"I can't believe that he's this hard to find." Teague said.

Christine then pointed at a pin. "Da?"

Teague felt like smacking his own forehead. "No Christie, that's not your Da."

"Bedtime Stories"

One night in the crew's cabin of the Black Pearl...

Jack woke up to his hammock swinging more than usual. He smirked, sitting up. "Christine, what are you doing?"

Six year old Christine looked up at Jack. "I can't sleep."

"You were sleeping just fine when I checked."

"I woke up."

Jack then looked around. "How did you get up here?"

"I used the ladder." Christine said. "Da, could you tell me a bedtime story?"

"I don't know any."

"Then can you tell me about how you started talking to yourself? That sounds like an interesting story."

"Maybe some other time."

"Da, what's Davy Jones?"

"No body you need to worry about."

"What's a Beckett?" Christine asked. "I know what a bucket is, but I don't know what a Beckett is."

"No body you need to worry about."

"What's a noose?"

"Who have you been talking to?"

"Pintel and Ragetti. But they argue a lot. Like you and Uncle Barbossa."

'Note to self: have a talk with Pintel, Ragetti, and Hector.' Jack thought. "How about we go back to your cabin and I read a book to you?"

Christine nodded. "How about 'Sleeping Beauty'?"

"Fine." Jack said. 'I hate that story.'

"Making Adjustments"

Willy walked into the Captain's Cabin of the Pearl. "Captain Barbossa?"

Barbossa was standing in front of the door to the sleeping quarters, reading a journal. "Sparrow and Christine are-"

"Ow!" Christine shouted from the Sleeping Quarters. "Stop stabbing me!"

"Stop moving so much!" Jack shouted. "Maybe if you stopped moving, I wouldn't have-"

"Da, stop being such an a-"

Barbossa slammed the journal shut. "As you can see, they're busy."

"Are you sure she's alright?" Willy asked.

"She is Jack's-"

"Da!" Christine shouted. "Maybe if you knew what you're doing, you wouldn't be-"

Willy and Barbossa heard Jack take a deep breath. "Maybe if you would stop turning around every three seconds, I wouldn't be-"

"Lad, do me a favor and get me an apple and rum." Barbossa said. He watched Willy run out of the cabin before peeking into the Sleeping Quarters. "Do you have to be so loud?"

Christine was standing on a box, wearing a long off white gown. Jack was kneeling on the floor, making adjustments and using pins to hold the cloth in place. Christine rolled her eyes. "Uncle Barbossa, he keeps stabbing me on purpose!"

"Well excuse me for trying to make sure you look good on your wedding day!" Jack said sarcastically.

"Oh, so now you care?" Christine shouted at Jack.

"Why wouldn't I care?"

"Then where have you been for the past ten years?"

Just then, Willy walked back into the office area. "Captain Barbossa, where is the-"

Christine screamed, grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around herself. "Get out!"

Barbossa closed the door to the Sleeping Quarters. He noticed the confused look on Willy's face. "Turner, it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride's dress before the wedding."

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About Roxxi being called a "Mary-Sue character": I'm actually really surprised that Roxxi was accused of being the Mary Sue character. I only included the dramatic story of Roxxi's life to introduce her and explain why she's one of the few women that doesn't like Jack. My username is Captain Roxxi simply because Roxxi was my first original character and she's managed to become my muse.

That's honestly one thing that bugged me about 2012. They didn't do a good job of introducing the characters. At one point, I was like "Ok, who's who?"

Honestly, I probably have more in common with Christine than I do with Roxxi.

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A: I was thinking about writing a Sequel to this story...but the last time I did that, that story ended up with like 5 sequels and I had to kill off the main characters to finally end it...

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