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Chapter 7:

Just as I am about to let go a hot-cold, wonderful feeling passes through my body. Chris or Wyatt is healing me. I am so happy they made it, my cousins that I never met, why would they save me though? They don't know me. They probably just think I am a new charge that the elders didn't tell them about. I let the magic flow threw me and heal me. Its stops suddenly before I am completely healed though because I can heal myself the rest of the way. I am in no immediate danger.

"Chris I can't heal her anymore," who I am guessing is Wyatt said.
"What do you mean," Chris asked.
"I mean it's physically impossible for me to heal her," Wyatt explains.

"What happened to her," Chris asks the Cullen's. Edwards hold on me tightens.
"I don't really know," Edwards sighs.

"Is she going to be okay?" Jasper asks.

"She should be," Wyatt says. Now that I know I am going to be okay and the Cullen's are protected I let unconscious take me.


As my senses start to come back to me, I can feel I am no longer wrapped in Edwards's arms but on something much softer, maybe a bed? I smell a bowl of soup on the table next to be and hear all kinds of soft talking and footsteps scattered around the house. I can also hear a very annoying beeping sound.

"How long was I out," I whisper not sounding at all like I was out cold for any amount of time.
"Two days, Carlisle gave you an IV not knowing when you were going to wake up," Edward said. I open my eyes to see him sitting in a chair next to the bed I was on.

"Are Chris and Wyatt still here?" I question with urgency in my voice.
"You mean those two boys that showed up? Then yes they are still here, they refused to leave until you woke up. One of them is always here if the other one has to leave suddenly," Edward explained frustrated.

"Good." I move to get up, but Edward pushes me back down gently.
"Bella you almost died! In fact you would be dead if it weren't for those two boys! You need to stay in bed and rest so you can get better," Edward chasted me.

"No I don't Edward, I am perfectly fine. If you haven't noticed I am not human. Normal things don't apply to me as they would normal humans. I am getting up weather you like it or not!" I rip the IV out of my arm and gracefully get out of bed. "Tell me we are not in Forks?" I scream at Edward when the surrounding registers in my brain. This is not good; the demons will be back soon. I need to leave, like now.

"Bella, love, please calm down," Edward pleaded with me. I ignore him and make my way to the closet. I grab a pair of black skinny jeans, and form fighting red corset top and then I grab a cropped black leather jacket. I put this stuff in the back of Edwards's closet during the time he was away in case I ever needed to make a quick change and I was close by. I drop myself onto the floor by the bed and crawl under the bed. I grab my black combat boots and crawl out. I sit on the bed and tie them up. Edward just sits their stunned and throws off lots of lust. I pull my hair into a high pony tail and then snap, "Rein the lust in Edward!"

By the time I get to the end of the hallway I am fed up with these slow movements and run the rest of the way to the living, at vampire speed, not caring what the others think. Edward arrives a few seconds after me. "You're fast Bella," Edward observes. I smile.

Emmett and Jasper are on the couch playing video games, Rosalie is in the garage working on her car, by the sounds of it, Carlisle is in his study and Esme is with him. Wyatt and Chris walk down the steps and into the living room.

"You're up, finally," Chris says as he sees.
"Do you know why we could sense you?" Wyatt asks me.

"Yeah, but we really do need to leave Forks, like now," I stated with panic in my voice. I don't want them to know I am a demon right away; they would try to vanquish me. Actually I may have some time, Bloody thinks I am dead, and I would be dead if it weren't for Chris and Wyatt.

Edward puts a hand on my shoulder but I shake it off. Chris looks at me, really looks, after a few minutes he says, "Okay, we'll leave."

"We have to take the Cullen's with us. The bounty hunters after me will stop at nothing to get me," I said. Chris nods his head.

"Wow," I gasp as I take in the Hallowell mansion. The Cullen's are still trying to get their barring together after orbing for the first time. Orbing is sort of like how I travel, so I am used to it.

I have only been to the Hallowell mansion a few times before, and those few times I only stayed in the attic to use the Book of Shadows, then I left.

"Tell us how you could contact us now," Wyatt demands.
"I'm your cousin, Priscilla Isabella Hallowell," I state simply giving no further explanation as I venture further into the house.

"That's not possible. Our parents have been dead for the last hundred years!" Chris says outraged.

"That is true, but I was born before they died. I was born to Phoebe Hallowell and Cole Turner," I say, hoping against all odds that they don't know Cole is the demon Balthazar.

"Phoebe didn't have any children!" Wyatt states. I sigh and make my way up to the attic. I am going to need to touch the book for them to believe I am good when they find out my heritage. I make it to the attic and stop a few feet in front of the book.

"She had one child, but she was taken away from her by the father Cole Turner," I step forward a few paces and put my hand on the book, when the book does not fly away from my contact I continue, "Cole Turner was also the demon Balthazar. He had great plans for the baby, Hecate he called her, and Phoebe called her Pricilla Isabella Hallowell. I am that baby." I cringed back away from them as much I can while keeping my hand on the Book of Shadows.

"You're a demon!" Wyatt says shocked.
"That's why I couldn't heal you all the way," Chris adds much calmer than Wyatt.

"I'm not evil; I being able to touch the book just proves that and you healing me somewhat. You couldn't heal me all the way because I could heal myself the rest of the way. I'm one half witch, and one half demon," I explained still keeping my hand on the book.

Wyatt looks like he is about ready to fry me alive, while Chris is trying to see reason. "Wyatt she can touch the book," Chris whispered to Wyatt but with my enhanced hearing I heard it.

"So, that doesn't mean anything," Wyatt whispered back. "How do we even know she is really who she says she is?" Wyatt continued.
"We don't. I say we should trust her though," Chris said.
"How about you stay here and keep an eye on her, while I go speak with the Elders," Wyatt said. Wyatt gave Chris no time to argue and just orbed out in a ray of blue lights.

"I don't blame you for not trusting me," I said softly.
"You haven't given us a reason not to trust you. Plus, I can feel the Hallowell blood in you, a witch gives off a certain aura and a Hallowell witch gives off an even stronger one. You have that aura but now that I concentrate real hard I can feel the demon aura. I believe you are good, the book thinks you are good. That book once convinced the sisters that I was good when I needed them to listen. You got something to tell don't you?" Chris stated.

"Yeah, I think our moms, and Aunts are still alive, just hiding," I explained.
"Why would you think that? I thought that to at first but…." Chris trailed off.

"They've done it before and this time they have immortality on their side, so why not again?" I questioned him.

"My mom would have told us, she wouldn't have just abandoned us," Chris cried confused.
I go to answer him, but I am tackled from behind. I struggle against my capture but I gain no ground. The longer I am stuck the angrier I get. My eyes turn red and I use my extra strength to push my captor off me. I scurry off the ground and face my attacker head on in a fighting crouch.

"What the hell?" I yell when I see it was Wyatt. I straightened up out of my fighting crouch, my red eyes blazing with my anger.

"Why did you attack me?" I yell.
"You're trying to fill our heads with lies. My mom would never have abandoned us! My aunt would have told us we had a cousin!" Wyatt screamed at me.

"What if she thought I died, huh? Would you want her to have to indoor that pain, the pain of having to remember someone that she never got to meet? What if that was the only way to get out?" I cried collapsing on the floor from all the pain and suffering in the room. I hear a door slam shut, most likely Jasper leaving, and then I feel Edwards arms wrap around me as he pulls me into his lap. I turn around and burry my head into his chest. I don't want him to see me with red eyes.

"I-I I am sorry," Wyatt whispered.
"Wyatt you shouldn't have attacked her… What did the elders say?" Chris asked.

"The elders said…"