Happy ending to a new beginning

The bride wore traditional white in an elegant gown as a gift from the friends the lovers had met on their journeys.

The hand-fasting ritual, the wedding took place in the spring when the cherry blossoms were blooming.

All their good friends were reunited there to see both the warrior and the mermaid join lives forever not only in holy matrimony but in the union of two different world from distinctive times.

Nevertheless, Ariel already knew the choice her heart had made years ago if they found each other again, just as they have.

She was saying a heartfelt good bye to her family: she'd decided to be with her new husband in the past together.

When she pulled from her father, Ariel saw small friend she'd helped over a year ago in the forest. It was the same lavender fairy Jack had helped and that Ariel had rescued from a spider, except the tiny being was here to return a favor to the little mermaid.

Ariel nods, "You know what to do."

The fairy smiled. "Of course."

A pulse of magic sparked once then grew as a sort of pulse enveloping the entire globe then faded simply.

"What was that about?" Jack questioned her curiously.

Ariel smiled radiantly, "Just so that your friends and allies from this time will never forget you."

Triton and Jack were seen exchanging words before bowing to one another. The Sea king gave one last fatherly smile to his youngest child before slowly returning to the ocean waters with his older daughters.

Now we can walk
Now we can run
Now we stay all day in the sun

The time guardian then approached the couple saying something that made them both nod.

Just you and me

Next an enormous time portal opened, Jack and Ariel approached it as they waved teary good-bye to everyone.

And I can be

Finally they passed through- except they were wearing different garments: Jack wore his trademark white gi, Ariel wore a sea green kimono worthy of a noblewoman.

But they paying more attention to their current destination, they both walked up towards a ledge. Once they reached it, down below, within a lush valley was Jack's homeland - village, river palace and all - and with grand welcoming celebration waiting for them.

Part of your world!

Yes, the change in lifestyle was great but they faced it together. Ariel made a kind, wise empress when the time came, beloved by her kingdom as much as her brave husband. And their happiness was complete with the arrival of their first child, a daughter.

And their story was passed down from generation to generation leaving behind several mementos: a scale, the sword and the tapestries depicting the tale.

Watch out!

Gotta get back

Back to the past

Samurai Jack

Jack -Jack -Jack -Jack -Jack

Watch out!

AN: Well that's the end of this one-shot collection, now to see if I can do the same with several other fics of mine.