She saw the monsters, the horrible underbelly of the seemingly peaceful world around her. She walked through the next weeks, plastering a smile on her face, but somehow she knew that her fragile world was shattering. Truth was slipping through the glamour, cracking the mirror, her illusion, and revealing the terrifying reality. Her descent began with the fairies, tiny and graceful, beautiful, their wings tipped with angel-feathers, their eyes alight with heavenly brightness. But life is a portrait of our imagination, and with all masterpieces comes chiaroscuro, the balance of light and shadows, good and evil, and so, with angels came demons, malicious nightmares slithering and seething and growling. Her tentative footsteps scarcely took her outside nowadays for fear of the marrow-sucking monsters outside. Her mother worried, unaware of what was happening. As her descent continued, a crazed Clarissa was found sprinting the streets of New York, screaming about the apparitions surrounding her. One golden-haired boy and his accomplice heard her, rescued her as she sank to the ground, and took her to safety. As she danced in and out of consciousness, Hodge worked over the newcomer, drawing out the facts from her delirious muttering. After days of cautious work over the flaming-haired girl, the decision was made to wipe her memory, blind her from the real world, and release her back into the mundane realm. After all, ignorance is bliss.

But Clary was never able to return to her real life, and returned home, utterly broken. Her mother sobbed as she slowly lost what was left of her mind. Though she never spoke of the Shadow world again, she made devils out of shadows and blood-curdling shrieks of terror out of the tolling of a clock. Instead of saving her, the Shadowhunters had destroyed her, not knowing how like them she was, and closing to her any chance of a reasonable life. All to veil their secret world, snagging a perpetual shroud over one girl's soul. These are our heroes, and you think: why do we keep this secret? Why struggle so hard to keep the secret? What, really are we fighting for?

In a busy New York suburb, a shivering girl drew her knees into her chest, eyes darting, and struggled to contemplate her life, all the while distracted by the ghouls surrounding her.