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The bad thing about me is that I have "obsessions". I'm in love with something for a while and then move on to something else and the stories completely come to a dead stop. I'm trying to expand and complete all of my other stories that I started.

Thank goodness I thought of something. :D

The vampire knocks on the door of his assistant's room.

"Darren, I need to speak with you for a moment."

Silence, and then it opens. Darren's hair is messy and underneath his eyes are grey circles. "Yes, dad?"

"I have decided that since you—we—rarely get to leave the mountain, we shall go on a short vacation."

His face lights up. "Really? That's great! Where're we going?"

"No where in particular,"

The half-vamp teen leans against the frame of the doorway. "Alright. This is really gonna happen?"

"Have I ever made a promise that I have not kept?"

"…I guess not, wow."

"Pack when you can, we will leave tomorrow."

"Our first vacation as father and son…" Darren smiles. "This is gonna be great!"

Yay! This will lead me to other stories hopefully.

"Aw, that's soo sweet! I love it, keep it up! I suggest that now, it's time for assistant to do something for mentor :)" ~ferretgirlsz

Thank you for that inspiration, ferretgirlsz. The next few chapters I write shall be for you!

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