Haruna X Yoh

What if their friends had not come for them that night? Mischievous grin~ and lots of exclamation marks! Seriously, in the dialogue…

Her heart had thundered against her ribcage like the beating wings of a frightened little bird, till she was certain he could hear it.

He'd asked politely if she'd like a light on through the night, switched all of the lights off when she said no, and nonchalantly tucked himself into bed.

Haruna couldn't see a thing, couldn't even make out his form. Perched nervously on the edge of her bed, hearing and seeing nothing but the stillness of the night, Haruna wondered if he was already asleep.

An inexplicably miserable feeling washed over her. She was feeling a damn fool, and a lump had worked its way into her throat as she sat in the silent darkness of their hotel room.

His naked skin and the proximity had made her heart race. She'd felt a little guilty for having indecent thoughts, but it was all Asami's fault. She couldn't stop thinking about what she'd been told about overnight trips. The connotations, the expectations, everything.

Summer, swimming pools and an overnight stay promised something more. But they didn't even kiss before he'd dived under the covers. She couldn't help thinking that she was the only one who was affected, and that Yoh didn't want to lay a finger on her.

"Somehow, this feels very lonely…" was her last thought before the tears flowed like a dam had burst.

Yoh was staring into space, with very interesting thoughts flashing through his mind when he heard the sad sniffles from behind. His eyes widened in consternation.

Dim light answered the soft click of the switch, and Yoh was momentarily startled by the ghostly weeping figure of his girlfriend.

"What happened?" Yoh approached the mournful figure.

"You… didn't do…. anything." Sniffles.


"I came here prepared…" And slowly, the difficult and complicated reason for her tears came pouring out.

"But it's like you don't feel anything for me at all! Is it because I'm not cute enough? Is it because I wore a one-piece swimsuit? Because I like meat? Because you're not interested in me anymore? When I think like this, it just kills me inside!"

Haruna squeezed her eyes shut, while Yoh opened his a little wider.

"You came prepared…?" Yoh repeatedly wonderingly, and what she said registered in his brain. His cheeks flushed bright red in understanding.

"I thought you didn't know anything about that!" Yoh protested hotly. "You told your parents that too, didn't you? I heard from Asami that you were totally confused!"

"I read a book that says all guys think like that…!"

"What book is that?!" Yoh muttered incredulously. "Everybody's different!" he added for good measure.

"Really? Is it because you keep on eating vegetables?" Haruna continued through her sobs.

"Vegetables?!" At the back of his mind, he was again marveling at how cute his girlfriend could be. And incoherent.

"You didn't kiss me even once! Even though we're alone, you didn't even hold my hand!"

"That's because if I were to do it, I might not be able to stop myself!!" The declaration stopped her crying, quite abruptly.

"Really? You don't hate me or anything?" Haruna fixed her pitiful, glistening eyes on him.

"I don't!!" Yoh's embarrassment was threatening to consume him.

"Were you self-conscious too, Yoh?" Haruna asked innocently.


"When it's just the 2 of us, does your heart beat very loudly too?"

"Yeah, it does." He'd averted his gaze and said it very quietly, because it was difficult for him to admit something this embarrassing. Haruna was moved.

"You said that you came prepared… but I think it's amazing that you even thought of it." Yoh continued softly, with slight exasperation.

"Huh? But I thought we'll probably do it someday right?" Haruna was as frank as ever. "Well, that's why I thought it'd be ok if we did it now…" she trailed off uncertainly while looking down at the carpet.

"Let's do it then." Haruna looked up in shock. Yoh had reached a hand out to touch her cheek, and the contact was warm and pleasant.

Yoh's gaze didn't waver, and his expression was earnest and gentle. The mood had changed quickly.

A.N. It's late, and it would probably be better to leave them with some unresolved sexual tension for the moment. If you've read the manga, you would know there's still a little romp before I can get to the proper What-If scenario.

And that…. will deserve and require a rating upgrade. Muahahahahahaha