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Chapter One

Being alone hurts I should know I've been alone for too many years so many that I cannot count. Granted I have spent time with other vampires and their covens but I never felt at home or not alone. My name is Isabella Swan and I'm over four hundred and fifty years old. I'm a vampire. Before I was changed, I had a great but sad life.

My husband died in a fire before our baby was born. Her name would have been Lilly but she died during labor along with her unknown twin brother. Nicholas and I always wanted a girl. It was such a shame he never got to see her birth or our son's but, I also didn't really get a chance to either. Thinking about my babies makes me want to cry but I can't I'm physically unable to.

When I was physically recovered from the birthing process, I left. I left that old town and all the memories it held. I left my grieving widower father. I left my selfish brother that never wanted a family all he wanted was power and money which he never got for he died along with my father when my father's grief was too much and he commented suicide killing David with him.

With no one left I wandered idly from town to town. Always awaiting death only to find it never came. I walked along dark allies and scary forests hoping a wild beast would kill me but it never came. Unfortunately a vampire found me half dead from being starved and so tired I could barely stand. He fed me and cleaned me up. Made sure I was back to my healthy state. He put new clothes on me and said I was too precious to die he said death was unworthy of coming for me for I was too beautiful and kind hearted. So instead of killing me he changed me into a creature that cannot die, into a vampire.

When I awoke he was gone he left no note or directions or anything. I was scared. Vampire's sucked human blood and killed humans I could not do that I would not do that. So I tried to starve myself and kill myself many times but to no avail. Finally when I was too weak to stand a bear was wandering lonely along the forest where I kept myself hidden from others and his blood smelt so grand that I drank from him and found a new way to survive. That's when the Volturi found me.

I was apparently deemed useful because Aro could not read my thoughts and that made me a shield. I was able to look into your eyes and read what your soul looked like which surprised many vampires because they thought they did not have a soul. I still kept my motherly habits even though the times were sometimes dark.

Everyone said that they felt like I was their mother and that I had a motherly aura around me all the time. This also made Aro giddy. So I was forced to stay with the Volturi for years which made me even more depressed. Marcus made Aro let me go because he could not stand how depressed I was. After I was denied a long awaited death one more time, I left in search of a new home.

This brings me to where I am now. I am running across America again. Just running; I think I might be in Washington state but I am not so sure. I was in a green forest when I smelt something weird. It wasn't bad but it was just different. I got curious and delved deeper into the forest until it smelled like a lot of something's. I sniffed them out of the trees and undergrowth and was surprised at what I saw that I gasped causing me to gain attention but I was too shocked to move.

There before me were four werewolves. They were massive bigger than a horse and they were the cause of the weird smell. They were growling at me and I closed my eyes and smiled just a little for the first time in decades.

Maybe this is where I die? I thought happily.

But I was wrong yet again.

There was a loud snarl then all the growling stopped. I opened my eyes surprised to see four half naked men around me instead of snarling wolves. The tallest and eldest looking one walked up to me.

"Hello" I mumbled silently he surprised me even more when he wrapped his giant arms around me gasps sounded from the other three before they joined in on the group hug I wrapped my arms around them as best I could but they were huge and very warm. I guess I didn't lose my motherly aura after all I guess these boys needed a mom.

After they finished hugging me, the older one spoke.

"Sorry about that." He said shyly.

"It's alright darling, it used to happen a lot when I went out and socialized. I just forgot about how good it feels." I answered patting his shoulder.

"What are you?" One asked. I chuckled slightly and startled myself as the sound sounded foreign to my ears.

"Have a seat and I'll tell you why you hugged me." I said motioning towards a fallen tree that seemed big enough to seat the big men adequately.

"May I gather the rest of the pack? There are a lot of us." The eldest said looking excited I nodded and smiled at him indulgently.

"Bring the imprints too Sam." A boy said. Sam whom I guessed is the oldest and leader nodded and took off.

"I'm Paul, this is Jared, and that's Jacob -he's second in command." Paul introduced them pointing out who was who. They were all big and each had bronzed skin accompanied by raven black hair. They were angelic and beautiful looking.

"I'm Isabella but I prefer Bella, but I have a feeling you all will call me mom and I'm never wrong. So call me whatever you feel comfortable with." I said.

"Okay mom." Paul smiled.

I smiled back and this time it was a real smile. I sat down and waited for the others while Paul, Jared, and Jacob sat around me. They seemed to all want to touch me at the same time. They were in need of much needed comfort. So I freely gave it to them.

Jacob had his head in my lap as I brushed my fingers through his hair, Jared had my feet in his lap as he leaned against a tree, and Paul had my arm wrapped around him as he curled into my side. I sighed in content at their warm skin and beating hearts. It was times like this where I miss my babies most.

"Okay I'm back!" Sam announced Jared, Paul and Jacob nodded in acknowledgment and the others that flooded in looked shocked with all their mouths in an 'o' shape.

"Sam meet our mother Bella." Paul announced snuggling closer.

"Hey mom this is my Emily." He gestured to a small girl beside him she was beautiful and had three long scares running down her face but it didn't make her any less gorgeous. In fact they added to her natural beauty.

"This is Jared's Kim." He pointed to another beautiful girl that went to Jared's side. He put his arm around her and the tenderness he showed made me smile. They smiled back warmly.

"This is Quil and his Claire they have a special bond so it's not what you think." Sam said as he pointed to a boy holding an adorable little girl.

"I have much to learn about you all as you do me now please continue." I urged as the little girl came up to me Jacob moved so she could sit in my lap she tugged a smiling Quil along with her.

"This is Leah and her little brother Seth." Sam introduced as he pointed to a tall beautiful girl with a slight relaxed look on her face and a playful looking young boy who looked at me like he wanted to hug me too. I opened my arms for him and he hugged me causing Paul to frown and Claire to pout. After we situated ourselves again and everyone got comfortable and Sam continued.

"Lastly this is Embry and Brady and Collin." He pointed out the last three. Embry was just like the other boys tan tall and strong looking while Brady and Collin looked younger and had cute little faces. All in all they were all adorable and it made me feel at home and not lonely for the first time in my life and existence.

"So everyone this is our new mom. I don't know how she is, she just is." Sam said introducing me to the newcomers.

"Well I can explain that." I said and they all scooted closer to me to listen as I began.

"Well I'm very old, around five hundred years old to be exact." There were a few chuckles and gasps causing me to smile.

"I was always motherly no matter my age and it drew in my first love Nicholas. He loved children and so did I so we got married and did the deed do to speak." I chuckled at some of the boys groans at not wanting to hear about their momma's sex life no matter how long ago it was.

"Well I was expecting, at the time I didn't know that it would be twins. It was a boy and a girl. Nicholas and I were just happy at the thought of having children and couldn't wait. Nicholas went to work in the stables one day and a fire broke out. He died in the blaze leaving me to live with my brooding father who lost his wife to the same fire and my selfish brother. The babies came but not as I thought. The girl, her name would have been Lilly if she survived but she didn't. We had wanted a girl and Nicholas said we would have one. It was like he just knew. Lilly died shortly after birth and her twin brother was already dead by the time he came out." I heard sniffles and I flashed an apologetic smile.

"After I was physically healed from the birthing process, I ran away unable to be in that old town full of happy memories. My father committed suicide and killed my brother shortly after I left. In his note he said he couldn't take living without Elizabeth who was my mother and his wife. It saddened me even more. So I walked dark allies at night and ventured out into scary forests praying death would come but it didn't. I laid there half dead from being starved and heartbroken until a vampire found me. He nursed me back to health and told me that death wasn't lucky enough to catch me so he changed me and made me have to carry my sadness for eternity." I take a brake for a minute as I run my fingers through Claire's hair.

"I tried unsuccessfully to kill and starve myself until one day a wandering bear came around and I fed from it. After a few short weeks of feeding from animals, my kind's vampire royalty found me. Their king deemed me as useful and kept me for I am powerful and he liked my motherly aura it kept the peace between his guard members. I was always depressed and only fed when I was too weak to stand. One of the three kings forced the others to let me go. He felt so bad for me that he felt he had to. So after I requested death once more I left."

"This brings me to where I am now because after I left them I just traveled the world only venturing out at night and living like a real vampire. I felt no need for socializing because I didn't want to get attached and have what little happiness I had ripped away. But with you all I feel it's different so I will stay with you and be your mother if you'll have me." I said after I told my story it was silent for a moment then I was tackled with sobbing hugs which caused me to sob to but without tears.

"Yes, yes, yes please stay and be our mother even if we already have moms be our pack mother take care of us we need you. We're so sorry that you went through all that to find your home because this is where you belong it's here in La Push with us." Sam said through tears.

"All right I will stay and be your pack mother." I said they all looked happy and murmured in agreement.

"We should tell the elders so they don't freak out on us when we bring you to our home." Sam said.

"Elders?" I asked.

"Yeah, they are kind of like our council for the tribe. They help make decisions for the better of the tribe." Paul explained.

"Oh well we probably should go meet them then." I concluded.

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