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Had a request to tell who is mated with whom or who will be mated.

Vampires (All Mates)

Carlisle -Bella (Main character pairing)

Esme - Edward

Rosalie -Emmett

Jasper -Alice

(The Volturi of course will themselves. Don't know if I will set Marcus up with someone yet or not.)


Seth - Zafrina (Mate)

Collin - Kichiri (Mate)

Brady - Senna (Mate)


Sam -Emily (Imprint)

Jared -Kim (Imprint)

Quil - Claire (Imprint/Mate)

Paul -

Jacob -

Embry -

Leah - Soon to imprint on Brandon Swan

If there is any other pairings or clarifications you guys want just tell me!

Chapter 18 - Blood Sugar Sex Magic Pt. Two

Zafrina's POV

Even though I showed a brave appearance inside me was anything but brave. I was still worried about what would happen when I bit into Seth's soft flesh. Even though he was not completely human, there was still blood being pumped through his veins. Blood that I seemed to crave. I couldn't tell him that in truth I craved more than just one wee sip. I knew that I would crave more than just one, maybe more, not all at once but frequently most likely.

It worried me a bit but I knew without a doubt that I would never hurt Seth. Even though I craved his blood I knew that I could control myself.

"What's wrong?" Seth asked. I guess my worry wasn't hidden as well as I thought it was.

"Nothing." I replied quickly. I bent down hoping to distract him by placing kisses on his neck.

"Nope not happening Zafrina tell me what is wrong." Seth said as he removed my body from his. He sat me beside him on the bed. I frowned as I noticed that his penis was flaccid indicating he was not interested in sex anymore instead he was interested in talking. Something I did not want.

"Zafrina?" He asked in a deep tone.

"Oh fine! I don't just want one wee sip! I want more. Not all at once but I know that I am going to crave your blood after I taste it. When vampires mate they at times will exchange venom. Since you are not a vampire I believe I will crave your blood as a vampire would crave their mate's venom. I do not want to hurt you." I mumbled the last part. Not daring to look into Seth's eye for fear of rejection or worse, disgust.

I jerked my head up as I heard Seth's deep chuckle.

"It's not funny Seth! You should be worried!"

"Worried about what? That you could hurt me? Zafrina we cannot hurt each other. If that were true then I would have died when I marked you. You can have my blood whenever you want and how much you want. I don't care. I am your mate and you are mine. That is all that matters. Now come here my vampire warrior and ride me."

Author's POV

Taking her hand in his Seth drew it to his lips and ran them lightly across the sensitive skin. Zafrina trembled under the caress as Seth continued to move his lips along her arm, nibbling a trail to the crook of her arm. Finally Zafrina's beast broke free and she began to take over their passion as she straddled him.

Zafrina planted her lips upon Seth's neck releasing a groan from deep within him. She gritted her teeth against the knowledge that the sweet blood she yearned for was pulsing below the thin surface of his flesh, she told herself not yet, just hold off a little longer.

Zafrina pulled Seth's lips to her and kissed him, trying to increase both of their passions. She ran her hand down his chest until she reached the treasure cove. She ran her hand along his thigh reaching higher.

Seth groaned into her mouth as she stroked him. Finally after he could take it no longer Seth caught her hand and tugged it away. He captured her lips again and urged her down, groaning into Zafrina's mouth as she closed over him like a warm, wet glove, squeezing his flesh and making it grow harder still.

Zafrina felt some of her fears melt away as Seth took her higher and higher. She began to move faster and harder over him as she felt herself draw closer to her release. She broke their kiss and moved her lips to his neck. Seth let his head fall back as their breaths sped up. Just as they both were teetering on the edge that she finally gave into the urge and bit down on his neck. Seth felt a brief flash of pain then an explosion of passion as he came, Zafrina following right after.

After they got their breaths back Seth spoke.

"See nothing bad happened, but just so you know, you can take my blood anytime you want. That was the best climax of my life!"

Bella's POV

"I'm still worried Carlisle." I said as I passed back and forth in front of our bed.

"There is nothing to worry about." Carlisle said from the bathroom. He had just gotten home from work and was going to head over to the Swan's to ask them to come to dinner. We planned on telling Charlie everything tonight.

"But we killed James' mate! His mate! He should have tried to gain revenge already. I'm worried about what he might be up too."

"If he has not done anything yet then how can we know for sure that he will? Plus the odds are in our favor. He would never be able to outnumber us."

Carlisle said as he walked out in nothing but a towel.

"Carlisle! You are going to distract me! I am trying to have a discussion with you not sex!" I hissed with absolutely no venom.

"Oh love I'm sorry." Carlisle said clearly not sorry at all.

"Carlisle I am seriously worried about James though."

"Bella there is nothing we can do about it now. Alice is looking out for danger in our future and Edward would be able to detect him if he got too close. Plus we have our furry children to help us as well. Everything will be fine. Just relax and breathe." Carlisle calmed me as he drew me into his arms. I laughed as his hands snaked down to caress my butt. I just knew that this is where he would lead us too when he came out in just a towel. However maddening it was, I couldn't bring myself to care.


Carlisle was at work leaving me to entertain the children that remained. Carlisle was right I was worrying too much. I worried about my wolves and my vampires. All of my children. I was their mother; it was my job to worry.

"So mom when is Seth coming back?" Paul asked.

"Paul you know that he and Brady and Collin along with their mates went to the cabins earlier today and for the weekend to have privacy." I told him as I straightened up the office.

"Oh that's right. Seth said he was going to mark her and that he thought she would mark him too." Paul commented off handedly.

"What!" I exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" Paul asked.

"Vampire venom is toxic to you wolves! They could die!" I yelled as I tried to rush past him.

"Mom calm down! Everything is fine. They've already marked each other, everyone of them. Seth, Collin, and Brady already talked about it and decided if their unions were as blessed as Taha Aki said they were then there was no way that marking each other would kill anyone involved." Paul explained. I breathed deeply going over what he said.

"That's why the guys didn't say anything to you. They knew you would over react and not let them do what the beast inside them would force them to do anyway."

"I understand." I exhaled and slid into the desk chair. "Did Carlisle know?"

"Yeah he's the one who told them that everything should work out, and he explained what they could do if they reacted badly to the venom."

"What?! Carlisle knew? Oh wait until I get my hands on him!" I growled.

"Opps. I wasn't supposed to tell you that." Paul murmured and then about faced and left.

I could not believe how Carlisle did not tell me about the marking. He knew I would be worried and need to know about it.

I sighed frustrated with everything that was going on and went back to mine and Carlisle's room.

When I entered my cell phone went off. I answered without looking at the called ID expecting it to be Carlisle.

"Carlisle you are in big trouble!" I hissed.

I heard a dark chuckle and tensed as I knew it wasn't my mate on the other end of the phone but an old friend.

"My, my, my Bella what has my old friend done now?" Marcus asked.

"Hello Marcus! How have you been? Carlisle just forgot to tell me some important information about my new children." I explained.

"I can't complain. Ah so you have acquired more children?" He asked gently.

"Yes I have, many actually. Why have you called, not that it isn't a pleasant surprise, but you must have a reason." I prodded for information.

"Oh yes! Do you know a nomad named James?"

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