I always wanted you.

A/N: So I love love love Life Unexpected but not the fact that Cate and Baze have no real history so this short story changes that.


Lux sat in her attic bedroom. Ryan was out of town and Cate and Baze went out to dinner to talk about her. It was late when she heard the door slam shut.

"Why won't you talk to me about this Cate?"

"Baze, we're not in high school anymore. Thing's have changed. I've changed."

"Cate... When you told me that you were pregnant I was ready to take that next step with you."

"So was I."

"But you left. You just disappeared."

"I had to."

"I thought we were in love Catie." Baze said painfully.

"We were." She whispered back to him.

"Then tell me what happened?"


"Daddy please! Don't make me do this. I'll transfer schools. I won't even leave the house, just please don't send me away."

"It's already been arranged Cate. I'm taking you to live with your aunt until you have this thing and then you will come home... without it. Everyone will think that you are studying abroad. You will graduate highschool there and can return for college if you choose to."

"Baze will come looking for me. He knows about the baby. He wants us to raise it together. We love each other!"

"You are nothing but a child Catelyn! You don't know anything about love. You will tell Baze that you're getting rid of it and leaving town. That you cannot be around him anymore."

"Daddy... please." Cate cried.

"Enough! Go upstairs and pack your things right now. I've arranged everything and we are leaving tomorrow."


"Baze, I was all but locked in a room when I went to Arizona."

"I would've gotten you out of there Cate."

"I was a scared teenager. When I came back for college you didn't even look at me."

Baze sighed. "If Lux was born in Arizona, how did she end up in Portland?"

"She was born here in Portland. I left Arizona a couple of weeks before she was due. I went to find you and I saw you with some girl." Baze openly winced. "A couple of hours later I went into labour with every intent of keeping my child. Whether I had to raise her myself or not."

"Then what happened?"

Both Cate and Baze looked up towards the attic. "Lux... I didn't even think you were home."

"Bug dropped me off a little while ago." Lux came downstairs and sat on the couch. "So, if you wanted to keep me so bad what happened?"

"My dad found out I was in the hospital here." Cate whispered. She moved to sit beside Lux and grasped her hands in her own. "Lux... you have to know... I wanted to keep you. There was a complication and I was taken into surgery. When I woke up you were gone and no one would tell me anything. I tried to find you. You weren't registered under my name and I had never even gotten to look at you. I'm so sorry Lux."

"It's ok Cate." Lux said.

"No Lux. It's not! I should have looked harder. I am so sorry. I probably wouldn't have been a good mom but i'd like to think that I would have been better than what you ended up with."

Lux was crying now. "You would have been the best mom Cate." She reached out and hugged Cate.

Ryan had come in and stood behind Baze. "What's going on in here?"

"A break through." Baze answered quietly, "I'll uhh... leave you with your family." He said before leaving Cate and Lux crying on the couch.


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