Sheer terror coursed through his veins as he burst into the room, his heart pounding in his chest like a jackrabbit's feet against the ground as it's pursued by a predator. He had seen it seeping under the door, and his mind had automatically jumped to the worst conclusion.

And, as usual, his deduction had been spot on.

There she was, sprawled on the ground. An island in the sea of red.

God! Oh God, she's dead! he thought, she's dead and it's all my fault! And it was. If she was dead, he was the one who had inadvertently caused it to happen.

No, she had a pulse! It was weak, but that didn't mean it wasn't there. Would he be able to revive her? He had to.

"Wake up! Wake up, please! Don't leave me! Come on! Please, wake up!" He yelled at her still body in desperation.

Her eyes opened!

Quietly, she breathed his name. Her voice was rough, and so subdued that he was barely able to hear her.

"Don't speak! You have to save your strength! You're going to live! You have to!" he exclaimed, his voice breaking at the end.

She was only able to utter one last word before her eyes drifted closed once again, and her body went limp in his arms. "Why?"