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Kidomaru was on Naruto faster than he could get one finger on his gun. Kidomaru kicked Naruto in the stomach flipped him over by the arm then threw the gun to the far end of the room.
Naruto jumped back to his feet and tried a left right combo only to have both punches blocked and quickly countered by a jumping roundhouse to the face. Naruto took the knife from his boot and threw it at Kidomaru, who simply moved out of the way but grabbed it by the hilt before it passed him.

"Cmon!" Kidomaru taunted while twirling the knife in his hand.

Gritting his teeth Naruto pulled out his knife from his waist and attacked Kidomaru. Naruto slashed at his chest but had his blade deflected and narrowly managed to dodge a swipe at his neck. Kidomaru attacked again by slashing at Naruto's chest and after that was dodged he kicked him twice in the ribs before trying one more slash at his neck. Naruto rolled out of the way and kicked Kidomaru's legs out before using an axe kick down onto his throat. Kidomaru coughed and started to writhe in pain. Naruto rolled back to his feet and started to back-up towards his gun.

"Take back your fuckin' knife!" Kidomaru wheezed.

He threw the blade back with great accuracy and stuck into Naruto's shoulder. Naruto fell back from the impact and held his wound.

'Oh now it is on!' Naruto thought.

Gritting his teeth he pulled the knife out of his shoulder and jumped back to his feet. Wincing as he rolled his shoulder he waited for Kidomaru to get back up.

"So, now that we're both hurt let's get down t-Puaw!" Kidomaru spat.

Naruto's fist connected with Kidomaru's cheek and he followed it up with a knee to the body then another and another... and another. Soon Naruto was going to town on Kidomaru like a good old fashioned street brawl. Kidomaru had blood dribbling from his lip, flowing out of his split eyebrow and lip. Kidomaru cracked his one usable eye and yanked the knife from Naruto's boot again and tried to slash his throat but Naruto beat him to it by kicking Kidomaru in the head which sent it to the side with a vicious snap. Going down carefully Naruto checked Kidomaru's vitals and found him dead. Standing up he let out a sigh and walked over to his gun and kept going until he reached the wall. Looking up he found a first-aid kit.

"... Well that's convieniant." Naruto said.

Taking off his shirt he sprayed his knife wound with antibacterial spray then pressed a guaze pad to the wound tightly before finally wrapping up his shoulder with a bandage. Putting his shirt back on he made sure all of his knives were properly placed and his gun securely holstered. Looking around the room he spotted an elevator, walking inside he pressed the top floor button...

"Sheesh, two-hundred floors in this place. Good thing I spotted this elevator, now I can sit down and more or less relax." Naruto sighed out.

After four minutes of nice relaxtion the doors opened on the 150th floor. Groaning, Naruto stood up and walked out of the elevator. Pulling out his gun he walked into the room and prepared himself for another pointless fight to the top.

"Alright who ever you are. Just show yourselves and let's get this over with." Naruto ordered.

"Okay." Someone said.

Naruto looked over and saw a man with silver hair that drooped down to cover his right eye. The man dropped into his fighting stance and taunted Naruto forwards.

"What's to stop me from just shooting you huh?" Naruto said.

"What's stopping you is me." Someone from behind said.

Naruto spun around and was decked by another man with silver hair only this one's hair drooped over their left eye.

'Two huh? Well this should be interesting.' Naruto thought.

Just as Naruto got back to his feet the man that hit him kicked his gun away. Smirking Naruto pulled out two of his knives and flipped them upside down.

"Let's go." He said.

The two twins were standing back to back and both had a mocking smirk on their lips. The two rushed at Naruto, who in turn charged at them too.

Short chapter yes but I really didn't have much of an image for the fight against Kidomaru. But the next chapters should be longer so... yeah